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DJI Battery Station
DJI Battery Station
DJI Battery Station
DJI Battery Station
DJI Battery Station
DJI Battery Station

DJI Battery Station

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Full Description

Battery Station for the Inspire 2

The Battery Station is a large storage, charging and transport case for the DJI Inspire 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries, designed for film crews and commercial drone pilots.  

Simultaneously charge up to eight TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries as well as other devices including the Inspire 2 remote controller, CrystalSky and Cendence Intelligent Battery as well as mobile devices via USB ports.

The Battery Station can store up to 12 TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries, two CrystalSky or Cendence Intelligent Batteries, and one CrystalSky or Cendence Battery Charging Hub.

Battery information can be viewed on the Battery Station’s LCD screen such as battery charge, remaining charge time, battery voltage and the firmware details. Battery firmware can also be updated when the Battery Station is connected to DJI Assistant 2 via a computer.

Safety measures are available such as a built-in cooling fan and automatic charging and discharging cancelling to prevent overheating.  

Transport the station with ease using its built-in wheels and telescopic handle.

Charging Modes

The Battery Station features three charging modes, Normal, Quick and Silent.

Normal Mode – Charge eight TB50 batteries simultaneously until all batteries are fully charged.

Quick Mode – For situations where batteries are required urgently, four TB50 batteries with the highest charge level will be charged to 90%. This can take just 35 minutes.

Silent Mode – Charging is slowed to provide quieter charging for onset or night charging.


TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery

CrystalSky Intelligent Battery

Cendence Intelligent Battery

CrystalSky Battery Charging Hub

Cendence Battery Charging Hub

Inspire 2 Remote Controller

Ronin 2 Remote Controller

Matrice 200 Remote Controller

USB Mobile Device

What’s in the Box? 

Inspire 2 Battery Station × 1

AC Power Cable × 1

Remote Controller Charging Cable × 2


Is the Battery Station waterproof?

Yes, when closed and sealed the case has an IP43 rating.

Do I have to leave the Battery Station open when charging and discharging?

Yes, the Battery Station must be open to ensure the built-in cooling fan can regulate the heat.

Product Specification

DJI Battery Station

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