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DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute
DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute

DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute


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DRS-M300: DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute

The DRS-M300 is an autonomous drone parachute for the DJI M300 RTK.

It is the lightest intelligent parachute solution available for this DJI drone, combining the highest safety standards with minimal influence on the aircraft’s performance.

A user-friendly solution, the DRS-M300 can be repacked after deployment and is ready to re-use in minutes.

The DRS-M300 - designed and manufactured by Drone Rescue Systems - has been used successfully by professionals of various industries and government authorities around the world.

DRS-M300 Key Features

  • Lightweight Design: Total system weight of 490g. Connected via onboard SDK (DJI API).
  • Automatic Failure Detection and Parachute Ejection: Intelligent electronics monitor various flight parameters, providing an independent and reliable detection of system failure and automatic parachute deployment, with no external batteries required.
  • Integrated Flight Termination: Rotors stop upon parachute activation.
  • Patented Deployment System: Parachute deployed by Drone Rescue Systems’ ultra-light and patented sling-chute mechanism.
  • Optional Add-ons: Optional geofencing and manual trigger available, plus optional IP-rated all-weather protection (coming soon).
  • Real-time Updates: Audible system status updates and warning signal after deployment, and LED-Indicator for visual confirmation of the system’s current status.
  • Reusable Design: The parachute can be repacked, meaning it is reusable within minutes following a deployment.
  • Safe and Secure: No pyrotechnical components are involved. Bayonet lock for quick and easy attachment and detachment, whenever needed.
  • Easy Transportation: Fits in the original transport case of the DJI M300 RTK.

Benefits Of A Drone Parachute

A drone parachute is a safety measure to prevent injury or damage to property in the event of a drone malfunction or loss of control.

The parachute allows the drone to safely descend to the ground. This can be especially useful in crowded or densely-populated areas where a crash could cause harm to people or buildings.

By slowing the fall, the drone parachute also prevents severe damage to the drone, saving costly repairs or the need to purchase a new aircraft. In turn, this minimises downtime, enabling the drone to be put back into operation quicker after a crash.

This improved safety - preventing damage to property or injury to people - also helps to mitigate the risk of costly legal liability.

Reliable Drone Parachute System

The DRS-M300 was specially designed for the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. It is connected via DJI’s onboard SDK and is compatible with all current DJI extensions and antennas.

Flight parameters for failure detection are specifically adjusted for the M300, based on countless hours of flight data that have gone into optimising failure detection algorithms.

Lightweight Design

A parachute is a critical safety device for drone operations and the DRS-M300 parachute is designed to be as light as possible, through intelligent engineering and the use of high-tech materials.

Comparable systems for an M300, for example, can be more than 900 grams, while the DRS is 490 grams.

Its compact design makes it less interfering with other payloads and less susceptible to wind.

The DRS also fits in the original DJI M300 RTK carrying case, so no extra box needs to be carried to the field.

Automatic Deployment And Flight Termination System

The DRS automatically detects problems and malfunctions with its intelligent algorithm and independent IMU and electronics.

Even though it can be triggered manually, automatic activation is far more reliable and significantly faster. It is also useful for BVLOS operations.

In the event of a parachute ejection, all motors are stopped immediately by the DRS. This prevents entanglement of the parachute lines and reduces the risk of harm to people on the ground when the drone descends.

Low-Altitude Deployment

The highly-responsive failure detection is combined with Drone Rescue Systems’ patented sling-chute ejection mechanism.

This ensures a quick and powerful parachute ejection, enabling a full bloom in only 9 to 14 metres, depending on take-off weight.

The parachute is never stored under pressure, for quicker inflation and safe landings - even at lower altitudes.

Simple Installation And Reusability

The DRS is essentially a plug-and-play solution which can be installed in less than 10 minutes. It requires no soldering or deeper knowledge in electronics.

Following deployment, the DRS is fully operational again within minutes by either repacking or using a spare parachute, with no expendable materials that need to be replaced.

There is no obligation to buy spare parachutes or send them back for repacking, like other systems require you to do. This saves you time and money and reduces our environmental footprint.

Safe Handling

For safety and reliability reasons, no pyrotechnical components, heavy loaded metal springs or gas cartridges are used.

This makes the DRS very easy and safe to handle.

Pyrotechnical propellants, for example, are classified as dangerous goods and limit travel and shipment with such a system. They also need to be replaced after every activation and are even prohibited to be used on drones by certain countries.

No Extra Battery Needed

The DRS does not use an external battery that needs to be charged or replaced after every couple of flight hours.

It uses the drone’s power supply but can still deploy the parachute in case of a full drone power loss.

Continuous power consumption is very low (about 0.6W) and does not affect flight time to any noticeable extent.

Real-time Updates

Audible and visual status updates confirm the system’s readiness before flight or inform the pilot if there is something to be checked. The LED colour code will tell exactly what it is and the issue can be troubleshooted by using the detailed user manual.

After deployment, a loud warning signal will be emitted to warn people on the ground about the descending drone to further prevent potential accidents.

Blackbox Storage Of Flight Data

Flight data will be continuously stored on the internal SD card.

In the event of an incident, the data can be analysed and the cause of the incident identified to try to prevent a repeat event.

Geofencing Function

An additional feature provided for the DRS-M300 is the geofencing option to ensure the UAV will not be able to leave (fly out of) a predefined geospatial area.

In case of a geospatial violation, the DRS will activate automatically and prevent the UAV from reaching the outside airspace.

Geofencing provides an additional safety measure to archive enhanced containment for flight operations as specified by JARUS (Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems) in the SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) process.

Quick-release Mechanism

The DRS comes with a bayonet lock mechanism.

The parachute container can be taken off very quickly, while the installation parts like the wires and lining can stay on the drone.

This is very practical when, for example, storing the drone in its box or for missions where no parachute is needed.

Product specification

DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute

System weight~ 490 g
Height/Diameter165 mm / 75 mm
Parachute DeploymentWithin 20–30 m
OptionalGeofencing, IP-Protection, RC Trigger
Descent velocity3.3 – 3.6 m/s
Impact energy30.15–120 J

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DJI M300 RTK Drone Parachute

1 x DRS-M300 System
1 x Parachute for DRS-M300