DJI Video Receiver
DJI Video Receiver
DJI Video Receiver

DJI Video Receiver

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DJI Video Receiver

DJI Video Receiver for DJI Transmission System

The DJI Video Receiver features DJI O3 Pro video transmission and can recieve video signals from DJI Transmission and DJI ronin 4D. In an environment without interference or obstruction, the video receiver provides video transmission with a maximum transmission range of 6 km, a bit rate of up to 40 Mbps, and a minimum end-to-end latency of 70 ms.

It supports multiple frequency bands in both Control and Broadcast modes and simultaneously outputs multiple video signals to display devices for remote monitoring.

When used with the DJI Video Transmitter or DJI Ronin 4D, the video receiver can meet the filming requirements of mediums such as movies, TV series, advertisements, and documentaries.

DJI Transmission Combos

Available in 2 combos for different shooting scenarios

The DJI Transmission series is now available in both a High-Bright Monitor Combo and a Standard Combo.

DJI Transmission + Receiver Combo (Standard Combo)

Includes a DJI Video Transmitter and a DJI Video Receiver.

This combo delivers extended-range, low-latency transmission, making it especially suitable for use with production level monitors and outputs. It also now supports metadata transmission via SDI in addition to the output of fractional frame rates.

DJI Transmission + High-Bright Monitor Combo

Includes a DJI Video Transmitter and a DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor.

This integrated solution combines reception, monitoring, recording and control into one. Combined with the extensive DJI PRO ecosystem, it delivers a more efficient coordinated experience.

DJI Video Transmitter

1080p/60fps Wireless video Tranmsission System

DJI Transmission is DJI’s first independent wireless video solution. Developed on the heels of Ronin 4D’s advanced video transmission technology, this system combines reception, monitoring, control, and recording into one, taking your filmmaking experience to a whole new level.

O3 Pro transmission technology enables the transmission system to offer an incredible 20,000-foot on-ground transmission distance with end-to-end ultra-low latency, a massive upgrade from traditional Wi-Fi transmission. Video is transmitted in 1080p/60fps and provides live audio monitoring at 16-bit 48 kHz, offering crews an excellent remote visual and audio monitoring experience.

To cope with the demands of complicated signal and structural environments, a DFS band has been added on top of the traditional 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz settings, offering up to 23 channel options that provide crews with more compliant and interference-free transmission channels.

A built-in frequency sweeper automatically scans the current electromagnetic environment for the best wireless channel, instantly switching channels when needed. When necessary, users can also manually select an appropriate channel to avoid interference between devices.

DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor

DJI 1500-nit High-Bright Monitor with integrated receiver

DJI’s 7-inch, 1500-nit High-Bright Remote Monitor includes an integrated receiver, eliminating the need for video cables running into a monitor.

The device supports one transmitter with multiple receivers, as well as two transmission modes to address different transmission needs.

In Control mode, monitoring can be carried out from two receivers at the same time, while the gimbal and camera can also be controlled remotely.

For a large crew with various units such as lighting, art department, and props, Broadcast mode can also be enabled on top of Control mode, which will allow an unlimited number ofreceivers and elevate shooting efficiency to a new level.

On large sets like reality shows, DJI Transmission can work simultaneously with ten or more transmitters sending signals to transmit to ten devices, creating a completely synchronised experience that is hard to achieve with traditional transmission.

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DJI Video Receiver

DJI Video Receiver x1
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Ronin Video Transmission Antenna x2
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