DroneControl FirstResponder

DroneControl FirstResponder

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DroneControl FirstResponder

DroneControl FirstResponder is a real-time live streaming and remote drone control software.

Tailored primarily to public safety and search and rescue organisations, the platform is designed to improve emergency response.

Benefit from secure Peer-to-Peer streaming and two-way audio communications, providing real-time insights from the scene of an incident to any command centre in the world.

Incident commanders can remotely access control of the drone and gimbal to enhance their situational awareness and improve decision-making.

DroneControl FirstResponder offers highly-secure peer-to-peer best-in-class ultra-low latency for live streaming and remote control under 200ms latency.

It is compatible with DJI enterprise drones, and there are two licence types (12 months/36 months) to choose from, with a free two-week trial also available.

While DroneControl FirstResponder has been built for the emergency services, it can be deployed across other sectors, such as AEC, inspection, and security.

Drone Live Streaming And Two-way Audio

Live stream HD drone video from the incident site to a command centre or other onsite responders with ultra-low-latency, measured in milliseconds.

Team members can watch your stream in real-time without any noticeable delay using just a web browser or the customised app.

Also benefit from a two-way secure audio feed from the incident pilot to the command centre to enable real-time response.

Remote Drone Management And Shared Controls

DroneControl FirstResponder enables command centre personnel to take control of the drone/gimbal remotely.

Control the aircraft via virtual joysticks that support either touch, mouse or gamepad input. The camera gimbal can also be controlled via touch/mouse movement.

The remote flight and camera control can be accessed using any smartphone, laptop or PC.

Take control to prioritise resolution or frame rate based on bandwidth priority.

Intuitive App Design

DroneControl FirstResponder is compatible with any DJI Enterprise drone operating on SDK5, such as the DJI Matrice 30 Series, DJI M300 RTK, and DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series.

As such, the app is designed to mimic the DJI Pilot 2 app with the same features: Delivering identical functionality on Smart Controllers or Android devices and removing additional re-training and familiarisation.

The app interface is specifically designed for first responders and several customisable features are included to enable crews to protect lives better every day.

A new feature is the integration of laser rangefinder technology to pinpoint precise location coordinates using what3words and postal addresses using Mapbox. This delivers real-time and accurate location data to emergency service teams.

Safe and Secure

DroneControl FirstResponder utilises Google’s WebRTC to provide highly-encrypted data channels to deliver hi-res video and clear audio streams from the drone to the viewer and ultra-low latency remote control from the viewer to the drone.

Developed with security in mind, WebRTC is based on Peer-to-Peer communication and allows users to share data such as voice, video, and files, in real-time without the need for plug-ins or external software. It is an encrypted alternative to cloud-based systems.

DroneControl FirstResponder Use Cases

DroneControl FirstResponder has been built with public safety in mind, but it can benefit a range of other enterprise drone operations, too.

Public Safety

Combine drones and DroneControl FirstResponder to equip emergency personnel with live situational awareness for law enforcement and search and rescue missions. Benefit from remote control, live streaming/audio, and manage operations from a central hub.

AEC & Mining

Utilise live video streaming and remote management to obtain real-time insights on AEC and mining projects. Monitor earth/vehicle movements, keep track of progress, and conduct inspections for enhanced project management and greater team-wide collaboration.

Site Security

Obtain real-time situational awareness to better protect sensitive sites and critical assets. DroneControl FirstResponder can be deployed for surveillance, security patrols, perimeter guarding, and aerial monitoring.

Critical Infrastructure

Monitor and inspect high-value assets in utility, infrastructure, energy and other industrial sectors. Benefit from real-time insights to make data-driven decisions and unlock remote asset inspection.