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heliguy™ Tactical Dog Camera

heliguy™ Tactical Dog Camera

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heliguy™ Tactical Dog Camera

Real-time situational awareness

Expand the potential of canine operations with the heliguy™ Dog Cam.

Obtain real-time situational awareness for public safety, security/surveillance, military, and search and rescue operations.

A HD camera is mounted to a lightweight impact-resistant helmet worn by the dog. Footage is instantly transmitted to a screen worn by human officers/crews.

This allows the handler to work behind the dog from a position of safety to gain a picture of what is happening ahead in real time.

The Dog Cam utilises technology from the drone sector, including advanced camera and image transmission systems.

It is tailored to meet the requirements of canine handlers from UK police forces, including HD imaging capabilities, stable long-range video link, high endurance battery, timestamped data, and optimised integration with IT systems.

A specially-developed Android app - available via Google Play store and authorised within police IT systems - enables officers to view live footage from the camera.

The Dog Cam is designed and manufactured in the UK at the heliguy™ Lab, ensuring quick turnaround times and lifetime support.

The heliguy™ Dog Cam is a cost-effective canine camera and builds on heliguy™’s experience of drone supply, support and training to public safety, search and rescue and military organisations.

Please note that the helmet must be purchased separately.

Dog Cam Key Features

Top technical specs

  • Helmet made of impact-resistant nylon 12.
  • Interchangeable nylon protective lenses, including an option to use sunglasses.
  • Comfortable for the dog to wear: Camera and helmet weigh 1kg.
  • HD camera on dog’s helmet features a fisheye lens for a wide-angle view.
  • Streamed footage to the handler is viewable on any Android-compatible smartphone.
  • Camera has a range of up to 500m and a run time of up to four hours.
  • The video receiver is placed inside a pouch that can be mounted to a tactical MOLLE vest.
  • Integrates with existing IT systems for safe and secure data storage and to complement existing workflows.
  • Dedicated app - authorised within police IT systems - enables officers to view live footage from the camera.
  • Timestamped imagery

Test Footage

See the dog camera in action

Take a look at this exciting test footage of the police dog searching room to room in this training scenario.

"The Dog Cam is exactly what we have been looking for to move our firearms support capabilities forward. The camera is light, comfortable and mounts easily to the dog's head and the footage is clear and crisp."

PC Glenn Myerscough
Cumbria Constabulary Dog Handler


The camera is an 8MP Sony IMX219 sensor - an upgraded camera board accessory, often used to equip UAS with lightweight camera functionality.

It weighs 8g and offers enhanced low-light performance, image quality and colour fidelity, and is able to capture up to 1080p @ 30fps video.

It also utilises a fisheye lens, providing a useful wide-angle view of what the dogs can see.

The camera is moulded onto an industry-leading 3D-printed Trident K9 Tactical Helmet, from K9 Helm. The helmet is designed to work in harmony with the movement of the dog.

The helmet is available separately to the dog camera.

Video Transmission

The Dog Cam benefits from the advanced video transmission technology associated with the UAV sector.

The device features a set of components that provide a long-range video link and can be easily battery powered.

This creates a better solution with enhanced capabilities.

The Dog Cam has a range of up to 500m. It can provide live transmission of 1080p 30fps and can achieve latency of <200ms. 

Enhanced Battery Life

Through the addition of a higher capacity battery, with lower power consumption, the camera has been designed to last significantly longer than the standard runtime of dog-handling operations.

The Dog Cam has a battery life of up to 4 hours.

Dedicated App

The Dog Cam benefits from the advanced video transmission technology associated with the UAV sector.

The device features a set of components that provide a long-range video link and can be easily battery powered.

This creates a better solution with enhanced capabilities.

heliguy™ Dog Cam

Powerful Imaging, Reliable Live Feed

heliguy™ Tactical Dog Camera FAQs

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Does the camera and helmet come together or do I need to purchase them separately?

The heliguy™ Dog Video Link is a wireless HD video transmitter designed to mount to the Trident tactical helmet by K9helm, which is sold separately by heliguy™. 

It is quick and simple to install on the helmet and comes in a solid HPRC carry case for secure and protected storage.


How much does the dog cam weigh?

The camera and helmet weigh a total of 1kg. 


Does the camera support automatic video recording?

Yes, automatic video recording is supported on the camera.


What is the purpose of the heliguy™ Dog Cam app?

The android exclusive app was developed fully in-house by  heliguy™ and can be found on the public Google Play store. The app will allow you to view the live camera feed from the dog’s perspective and record the feed directly to your mobile device.

Should the feed be lost, the evidence will still be captured directly on the camera unit automatically for retrieval at a later time via a Wi-Fi connection.


Which operations can the dog cam benefit?

The dog cam benefits a range of operations across law enforcement, search and rescue and military. 


How durable is the dog cam?

The dog cam is durable. It is expected that the surface of the camera unit and helmet will become scratched and scuffed during regular operation. This type of damage will not affect the normal operation of the camera unit and its presence does not constitute a need for repair.

Please contact heliguy™ if any of the following are noticed:

  • Cracks in the housing exceeding 2cm in length.
  • Dislodged heat sink.
  • Cracked or smashed glass front or camera lens.
  • Broken cables / connectors.
  • Batteries no longer charging.

heliguy™ conducts all repairs of the dog video link in-house and holds parts for fast turnaround repairs. To book a repair or replacement unit please contact  heliguy™ to arrange.

It is recommended that each unit is serviced at least once per year to ensure continued operational performance and to install any upgrades that have become available.


What is the live video transmission of the camera?

The camera can achieve 1080p 30fps live video transmission and benefits from <200ms video latency.


Is the footage captured by the dog cam timestamped?

Yes, it is. All footage is timestamped for evidential purposes.


Is the Dog Cam waterproof?

No it is not.

Product specification

heliguy™ Tactical Dog Camera

Specification Value
Weight Camera, camera housing, and Trident K9 Tactical Helmet: 1kg;
Camera and camera housing without helmet: 435g
Materials The helmet is made of impact-resistant nylon 12. The nylon protective lenses are interchangeable.
Camera Sony 8MP IMX219;
Optical Format: 1/4"
Battery Life Up to four hours
Range Up to 500m
Live Video Transmission 1080p 30fps
Latency <200ms
Video File Type MP4
Specification Value Sensor Sony 8MP IMX219 Sensor Resolution 3280 x 2464 pixels Sensor Image Area 3.68 x 2.76mm (4.6mm diagonal) Pixel Size 1.12 µm x 1.12 µm Optical Format 1/4" Frame Rate 1080p30, 720p60 and VGA90 video modes Data Format RAW8/RAW10 EFL 2.5mm/ F.NO: 2.8 /View Angle: 175(D) x 155(H) x 115(V) Interface MIPI CSI-2 2-lane/4-lane Board Size 25mm x 24mm Weight 8g
(camera and housing 435g)

What's in the Box

heliguy™ Tactical Dog Camera

Dog camera module x 1
Operator side video downlink module x1 (stored under the camera module)
Video downlink antennas
Dog camera lithium polymer 4S batteries x 2
Video downlink module battery 3S battery x 2
Battery charging station x1
UK AC power cable for charger
User manual, Helmet padding, and ancillaries x1
Hard HPRC storage and carry case

*Dog helmet with pre attached battery box and camera clip x 1. The dog helmet is available to purchase separately.