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IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Spotlight
IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Spotlight

IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Spotlight

Night-vision payload with 70x optical zoom and 1,000m effective distance, ideal for stealth operations and to see through smoke and haze.

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Full Description

IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Spotlight

Powerful infrared laser fill-in light for DJI drones

The IR10 infrared laser zoom spotlight is a powerful night-vision payload from CZI.

It uses the latest laser fiber generator to offer 70x optical zoom, a maximum infrared supplementary light distance of 1,000 metres and emits light power up to 12W.

Using infrared as a light source, it is perfect for stealth operations or to see through smoke and haze.

Directly mount the payload to the DJI M300 RTK and M200 Series V2, via DJI SkyPort V2.0.

Working in conjunction with the DJI Zenmuse H20/H20T payloads, and other pan-tilt cameras with night-view mode (IR mode), the IR10 fills in the light clearly with superb image quality and outstanding transmission. It automatically follows the PTZ camera’s rotation.

The infrared light is invisible to the human eye, providing a new level of discretion beyond visual range.

Dustproof and waterproof, the IR10 offers reliable performance in harsh weather conditions.

CZI IR10 Key Features

Advantages of deploying the IR10

  • Fibre laser generator
  • IR invisible to the human eye
  • 70x zoom
  • 1,000m effective distance
  • Up to 12W rated power
  • Linear zoom, flexible dimming
  • Flexible control of brightness
  • Precise tracking
  • Sharp and clear light fill-in
  • Water-dust proof
  • Use in conjunction with primary payload, such as H20/H20T
  • Support starting at -35°C
  • Compatible with range of drones, including DJI M300 RTK and M200 Series V2

IR10: Versatility for different missions

Two models of the IR10 are available

IR10 808nm

Nearly IR exposure free.

Suitable for stealth surveillance and taking photos in the dark.

IR10 940nm

See through smoke and haze.

Provides clear IR fill-in light for photo taking for smoke scenes in fire rescue, maritime patrol and highway patrol.

IR10 Use Cases and Applications

The IR10 is a versatile tool that can be used for a range of applications in low-light environments or during nighttime missions.

Suitable use cases include:

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