PfCO to GVC Conversion Course

PfCO to GVC Conversion Course

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Existing PfCO and evidence of 2 hours of flight in last three months required.

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Full Description

PFCO to GVC Conversion course

Make the transition with heliguy™ by your side.

Commercial Drone Pilot Training Course

Convert your PfCO to a GVC to obtain an Operational Authorisation to operate in the Specific Category. 

Heliguy’s PfCO to GVC conversion course makes this transition smoother.

Benefits of training with heliguy™ include:

  • Support from our full-time training team, which has taught more than 3,500 candidates and led industry-specific closed courses.
  • On-demand and flexible online learning through heliguy™ Learning Management System. Complete the syllabus with videos, quizzes, webinars and task sheets, and access live Q&A sessions.
  • Wide scope to book your theory test. Sit the exam online for a more relaxed and convenient environment.
  • Super-quick Operations Manual generation and annual renewal.
  • Access the heliguy™ ecosystem of hardware supply and consultancy, in-house repairs, R&D, on-going training support, and our industry-wide partner network.
  • heliguy™ Operations Manual framework judged to meet the highest drone industry standards, endorsed by IQ Verify against the requirements of BS ISO 21384-3: 2019. 

Why Do I Need To Convert?

Drone pilots require an Operational Authorisation to operate in the Specific Category (for the majority of enterprise flights).

Up until the end of 2023, operators with a valid PfCO could use this to obtain an Operational Authorisation. 

However, from January 1, 2024, PfCOs are no longer valid - even for operators with an existing Operational Authorisation. Instead, pilots must have a GVC to operate in the Specific Category and to obtain an Operational Authorisation.  

So, all Remote Pilots who want to operate in the Specific category, be nominated as a Remote Pilot in an Operations Manual, or apply for an Operational Authorisation, must now hold a valid GVC from an RAE, such as Heliguy.  

To sit the heliguy™ conversion course, operators must provide a copy of their existing PfCO certificate and a copy of their logbook which demonstrates a currency of two hours of flights in the last three months.


"The PfCO to GVC conversion course is a means for those individuals who have already completed the complete PfCO package to obtain the latest qualification and benefit from the provisions of the Operational Authorisation. We are advocates of back-to-basics learning to reinforce key information and ensure the fundamental principles of UAS operation are not forgotten, even after years of operating under a PfCO. Our conversion course is perfectly aligned with this ethos, giving candidates the chance to continue their professional development and further expand their professional capabilities.”  

Mark Blaney, Head of Training at Heliguy

What Will I Learn?

Our conversion course will match the pathway of our standard GVC training, following a three-step process:

1: Complete GVC course online, concluding with a multiple-choice theory exam.

2: Refresh your Operations Manual through Heliguy's streamlined creation process.

3: Practical flight assessment at UK venues, including Newcastle.

Upon completion of the GVC, apply to the CAA for an Operational Authorisation.

What Do I Need?

To sit the conversion course, candidates must hold the following documents:

1: An NQE Approved Certificate of Competence in Remote Pilot Theoretical Knowledge/ General Airmanship Syllabus;

2: An NQE Approved Certificate of Practical Flight Assessment for the weight class and type of aircraft.

3: Remote pilots must submit a copy of their log book which demonstrates a currency of two hours of flight over the last three months.

Pilots who do not have legacy NQE certificates can complete our standard GVC drone course, or the A2 CofC if this better suits operational requirements.

How Much Does It Cost?

The PfCO to GVC conversion course is priced £399. It is open to former heliguy™ candidates who obtained a PfCO with us and PfCO holders who trained with another provider. 

heliguy™ candidates from 2018 to 2020 who started a PfCO but did not finish can switch to our GVC or A2 CofC course for free.

Candidates who started but did not complete our PfCO training prior to 2018 can re-train with us, but will incur an administration fee of £99 for the GVC or £49 for the A2 CofC course.

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CPD Certified
DJI Enterprise Gold Dealer Status
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