Rental Elistair Light-T Tether System

Rental Elistair Light-T Tether System

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Full Description

elistair Safe-T

The Smart tethering station for drones

What is the Elistair Safe-T?

Safe-T is an industrial grade, smart tether station for drones, offering real-time persistent observation capability with a range of compatible UAVs and payloads.


DJI M200 Series

DJI Inspire 2

DJI M600

Key features

Smart tether-management system, computer controlled, fully programmable and remotely actionable
  • Outstanding performances (power, weight, data rate and ease-of-use)
  • Safety features and monitoring via T-Monitor smartphone app
  • Compatible with a range of DJI drones
Safe-T has been designed for the most demanding missions and is approved for tethered flights by France’s Civil Aviation Authority; the DGAC, and has been successfully deployed by governments, public services and industrial companies in more than 30 countries.


Safe-T is a powerful tool, enabling drone operators to widen their perspectives by bringing unlimited autonomy, safety and real-time high-resolution data transfer. The solution supports a range of applications:

  • Surveillance
  • Pop-up Telecommunications
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Traffic Management
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Air quality monitoring
  • TV Broadcast
  • Lighting systems
  • Anti-drone systems
  • Impact and Battle Damage Assessment

Rugged and field-proven

Safe-T is truly field-proven and this powerful tool is rugged, compact, easy to use and quick to deploy in the field by a single operator. The system is designed to be easily and securely transported.
Safe-T incorporates a proprietary software, with fine-tuned control laws limiting the impact of the micro-tether on the drone flight and preventing entanglements or wear on the cable.