Rental Teradek Bond Backpack Streaming System
Rental Teradek Bond Backpack Streaming System

Rental Teradek Bond Backpack Streaming System

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Teradek Bond Backpacks

Teradek Bond Backpack

The Teradek Bond is a complete solution for professional streaming suitable for broadcasters.

It provides the very best in signal reception and video quality.

Built from Professional Parts

The Teradek Bond is an all in one solution, crafted from existing Teradek products that combine to create a portable experience for the user.

The H.264 or H.265 Cube encoder can stream in 4K and has a professional feature set including adaptive streaming and closed-captioning.

A Bond expansion module is the link between any Cube 600, 700 or 800 encoder and up to 4 extra modem connections.

Node 3G/4G/LTE modems provide industry-leading connectivity and weatherproofing to ensure your stream is stable and high quality.

Core is the cloud-based video management system with a built in Sputnik server that gives you complete control over your stream. It also allows archiving, remote configuration, transcoding and delivery to unlimited destinations simultaneously.

Key Features

  • High Gain Antennas - The Teradek Node modem used in the Bond has two high gain antennas, meaning wireless reception is massively improved.
  • V Mount or Gold Battery Plate - Have the choice of Gold, V or no battery plate at all. While changing batteries, the Cube utilised in the Bond backpack has an internal battery, giving you 5 precious minutes of runtime while you're swapping batteries out.
  • Node Modems - The Bond can support up to 5 USB or Teradek Node modems. This ensures a consistent connection wherever you are.
  • Integrated Locking Cables - Locking cables included with the Teradek Bond mean that cabling is always tidy and functional, even after being moved from person to person or being dropped between uses.
  • HEVC/AVC Bonding Codec - The Cube encoder used in the Bond is a high quality HEVC encoder supporting up to 30 Mbps bitrates. It also features HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and boots in just 20 seconds.
  • Active Cooling - Stay comfortable and keep your equipment running smoothly with the integrated fan to keep the Bond cool in operation.
  • Ergonomic and Weather Resistant - The Bond is lightweight, ergonomic and weather resistant. This gives the operator time to focus on what they're shooting, without being uncomfortable or having to worry about the weather conditions around them.

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