Terrasolid UAV Bundle

Terrasolid UAV Bundle

Lifetime subscription includes a mandatory 15% year 1 maintenance fee (an optional extra after this period).
Annual subscriptions include maintenance and upgrades for that year.

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Terrasolid UAV Bundle

Terrasolid has a range of UAV drone bundles, to help you pick a tailored solution for your aerial surveying missions.

Among the drone packages, the TerraScan UAV + TerraModeler UAV bundle replicates the functionality of the free Terrasolid UAV bundle, including a highly-automated Wizard for processing L1 aerial survey data.

Terrasolid is sensor agnostic, but it is particularly effective for processing data captured from the DJI Zenmuse L1.

Purchasing the software through heliguy™ has numerous advantages:

  • We are experts in the L1 and Terrasolid platforms - providing supply and support for each;
  • Our in-house surveying division has used the L1-Terrasolid workflow for project-based data collection and processing;
  • Our surveying specialists have produced an L1 LiDAR workflow course - including point-cloud optimisation and classification in Terrasolid - which DJI subsequently distributed for global roll out.

Licence Types

Select a dedicated package, including bundles suited to drone mapping

The Terrasolid product family consists of numerous products, including TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraPhoto, and TerraMatch. These can be purchased separately or combined to fit your particular needs of point cloud processing.

For drone surveying, heliguy™ recommends the TerraScan UAV + TerraModeler UAV bundle. This is important for mapping missions and replicates the functionality of the free Terrasolid UAV bundle with a highly-automated Wizard for processing L1 aerial survey data.

Licences are available as an annual subscription or perpetually.

Single (Full) Licences
Ideal for Drone or Handheld Scanning

  • TerraScan: Process your point clouds from beginning to end in a highly-automated mode.
  • TerraMatch: Unrivalled calibration and strip adjustment tool for improving data accuracy.
  • TerraModeler: Versatile tool for many design and surface modelling tasks.
  • TerraPhoto: Take the best out of images captured together with laser data.

UAV Bundles
Tailored to Drone Data Processing

  • TerraScan UAV + TerraModeler UAV
  • TerraScan UAV + TerraPhoto UAV
  • TerraScan UAV + TerraMatch UAV
  • TerraScan UAV + TerraModeler UAV + TerraPhoto UAV
  • TerraScan UAV + TerraModeler UAV + TerraMatch UAV
  • TerraScan UAV + TerraMatch UAV + TerraPhoto UAV
  • TerraScan UAV + TerraModeler UAV + TerraPhoto UAV + TerraMatch UAV


TerraScan is the main application in the Terrasolid Software family for managing and processing all types of point clouds. It offers import and project structuring tools for handling the massive number of points of a laser scanning campaign as well as the corresponding trajectory information. Various classification routines enable the automatic filtering of the point cloud. It is particularly effective for LiDAR data.


Create, edit, and utilise surface models. TerraModeler creates surface models (TINs) from various sources, such as LiDAR points stored in binary files or loaded in TerraScan, XYZ ascii files and graphical design elements. The software offers versatile visualisation options including coloured shaded surfaces, contour lines, grids, coloured triangle nets, elevation texts, slope directions and textured surfaces (in combination with TerraPhoto).


TerraPhoto is specifically developed for processing images captured together with laser data during a survey mission. The software enables the production of rectified images and ortho mosaics based on the ground model that has been extracted from the laser data. The positioning of the source images can be refined by using tie points for image-to-image adjustment while ground control points can be involved for improving the absolute accuracy of the image block. TerraPhoto lets you create ortho photos of good positional and colour-coordinated quality.

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