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XGRIDS Lixel K1 handheld 3D scanner.
XGRIDS Lixel K1 handheld 3D scanner.


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Lixel K1

Compact 3D scanner

The XGRIDS Lixel K1 is a compact handheld scanner for professional-level 3D reality capture and modelling.

Weighing 1kg, this lightweight device is capable of 360° scanning, featuring a 56MP camera for true panoramic views, and a SLAM-based laser module with a 40-metre scanning range.

Generate centimetre-level coloured 3D models in real-time and deploy the K1 indoors, outside, or in complex operating scenarios.

Tailored for professionals, small to medium-sized businesses, and 3D enthusiasts, the K1 offers a convenient solution for 3D capture and modelling.

Use the K1 with the LixelStudio data processing software and the LixelGO app for a complementary end-to-end workflow.

Lixel K1 Key Features

  • Lightweight And Easy To Use: The K1 weighs 1kg (with battery) for mobile mapping. It offers a convenient way of creating 3D models. Pick it up, walk, and scan.
  • Panoramic Camera: 56MP, 360*360 True Panoramas.
  • LiDAR Module: 40 channels, 200,000 points/s; Accuracy 1.2cm; Scanning distance 40m; 360° horizontal FOV.
  • True-colour Point Clouds: Generate finely-detailed true-colour point clouds in real-time.
  • Updated Multi-SLAM: Multi-sensor data fusion, including laser, vision, GNSS data, and high-performance computing, ensures stable scanning with enhanced scene adaptability.
  • Complex Operations: Collect data indoors, in the dark, and in complex environments. The Lixel K1 is also IP54 rated.
  • Detachable Battery: Fast-lock: magnetic buckle.
  • Versatile: Integrates with numerous accessories, including RTK module.


The XGRIDS Lixel K1 benefits multiple industry applications and scenarios.

These include:

  • Real estate surveying
  • Topographic mapping
  • Agricultural and forestry survey
  • Engineering survey
  • Digital twins
  • Smart city
  • Media and gaming
  • Culture and tourism. 

Lixel CyberColour

Lixel CyberColour (LCC) is a groundbreaking advancement in 3D content generation.

Based on multi-SLAM algorithms and 3DGS technology, it uses Gaussian Splatting to enable the creation of true-to-life, vast 3D models and overcomes the challenges associated with modelling large spaces and complex environments.

Key features include:

  • End-to-End 3D Content Generation Solution: Spatial camera collection, automated model generation, multi-platform application.
  • Ultra-realistic Model Generation: Create vast, lifelike scenes with movie-grade effects.
  • Enhanced 3DGS Algorithm: Realistic rendering in diverse environments, reducing model sizes by 90% (compared to open-source 3DGS algorithms) through proprietary data-compression technology.
  • Infinate-scale Rendering: Supports large size 3D scenes for various platforms.
  • Seamless Integration: Combine with professional 3D software and platforms. LCC plugins and SDKs will be available for platforms such as Unity, UE, Web and Mobile.
  • Immersive Experience: Unparalleled virtual-real interaction experiences.
  • LiDAR Integration: Use in conjunction with the XGRIDS K1 scanner for cm-level model precision.
  • AI-powered Dynamic Object Removal: Reconstruct highly-detailed digital twins.


LixelStudio is an intelligent 3D processing software, independently developed by XGRIDS.

It is included in the cost of the Lixel K1 and provides viewing, editing, and one-stop processing services for laser point clouds and other data, along with industry plugins.

  • Massive Data Loading: Load large point clouds simultaneously, with no pressure on clipping, measuring, and rendering.
  • Data Vectorisation: CAD, BIM, 3D white model and other data can be more compact and user-friendly.
  • AI Spatial Understanding: Monolithic and semantic segmentation, and dynamic object removal truly help the space information.
  • Industry Plugins: Abundant and expandable plugins meet the data needs of various industries.
  • Remote Sync: 5G network for real-time viewing and downloading make remotely command job dynamics in real-time possible.

LixelGo App

LixelGO is a companion app enabling easy control and one-click operation on-the-go via a mobile phone.

View camera images, elevation information, and true-colour point clouds in real time to avoid missing or incorrect data collection.

The app displays a range of status information, such as battery power, network, memory, and range.

Please note that at this time, the LixelGo App only supports Android devices.

Product specification


Device Performance
Power Input14.4V
Power Consumption<20W
Data InterfaceUSB3.1 Gen2
Storage CapacityTF card 256G (replaceable)
Connection ModeWifi/Bluetooth
Operating Temperature-20°C to 50°C
Protection LevelIP54
Product ShellNavigational Aluminium
Power SupplyFast-lock battery/external power
Operating Time1.5 hours
Battery Capacity28.8wh
Number of Cameras4
Visual-aided PositioningSupported
APP WiFi Distance20m
RTK ModuleSupported
Scan Performance
Laser Lines40
Laser ClassClass1/905nm
Relative Accuracy1.2cm
Absolute Accuracy3cm
Repeat Accuracy2cm
Horizontal Accuracy0.015°
Working Range0.1m-40m@10%, 70m@80%
LiDAR FOV360° -7 to +52°
Scan ModeMobile
Scan Speed200,000 points/s
Resume Scanning from BreakpointSupported
Visual Module
Camera FOVColour panorama HDV 360°x360°
Camera Resolution56MP
Data And Storage
Calculating ModeReal-time calculating/mixed calculating
Calculating SoftwareLixel Studio post-processing software for Win
Point Cloud Format.Las
Colour Point CloudSupported

What's in the Box


XGRIDS Lixel K1 scanner x 1
Battery x 1
Charger and Converter x 1
Lixel Studio Dongle x 1
Dongle Box x 1
GCP Collection Plate x 1
USB Cable x 1
Product Suitcase x 1
K1 Protective Cover
Transparent Plastic Seal Bag x 1
Shipping Carton Box x 1
256GB SD Card