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The Firefly is the perfect cost effective choice for beginners.

The heli was designed with the beginner in mind, and design features such as the 45 degree flybar combined with patent pending ultra efficient swash plate make it extremely stable for a fixed pitch helicopter. In fact, the Firefly flies very similar to the Heliguy Atom.

Despite its Coaxial levels of stability, the Firefly still comes with the usual advantages of a fixed pitch helicopter. The greater agility and maneuverability offer more potential as you progress your flying. This in turn gives a more continual learning experience without the need to upgrade every few months.

Indoor or Outdoor use?

The Firefly has both an indoor and an outdoor mode. Outdoor mode allows for a greater swash movement and increases its suitability for outdoor use. Indoor mode has a limited swash movement for indoor use. The user can select Indoor / Outdoor by the push of a button on the radio control.

Mode 1 or Mode 2?

As standard the Firefly is supplied in Mode 2 (standard radio configuration for the UK). However, unlike most helis, it can easily be changed to Mode 1. Simply remove 4 screws from the radio and rotate the control panel through 180 degrees. No changing of wires, plugs etc .


Spares availability and support is very important when choosing a heli. This is why we stock a full range of Firefly spares (and upgrades).

How does the Firefly compare to the Honeybee V2?

We have designed the Firefly as a replacement for the discontinued Honeybee V2. Both are similarly priced, 4 channel, indoor / outdoor fixed pitch helicopters. The Firefly, however, is much more stable and beginner friendly, while still having a good level of agility and manoeuvrability for when you progress.

Whats included?

This is a fully RTF ready to fly helicopter. This means everything you need to get started is included in the package. Simply unpack the heli, charge the battery, carefully read the instructions and off you go.

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