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RC Helicopters

Above shows a great beginners purchase, Ready To Fly and nothing else to purchase.

The only custom built heli with expert assembly FREE when complete electronics bought as well. Setup is KING!
We recommend Helivol electronics - with a 2 year gurantee! Fully compatible with future 450 machines. Buy your parts once only!


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  • 1. Dedicated Technician
  • 2. Subsidised Service at Low Cost
  • 3. We also custom build
  • 4. SUAV builds/projects welcome
  • 5. Pickup and delivery arranged



heliguydotcom Heliguy Titans (SuperSize CoAx) getting closer to shipping.... about 07:12 PM Sep 23rd reply

heliguydotcom We are looking to recruit a part time picker / packer to work in our warehouse in Alnwick. Initially this will be... about 04:52 PM Sep 18th reply

heliguydotcom Trex 800E brought in as an offering for Aerial Photography Pilots wanting the benefits a single rotor higher... about 09:46 AM Sep 13th reply

heliguydotcom Thanks to Allan and Mikey for the first customer video footage of the Firefly...... about 11:21 AM Sep 8th reply

heliguydotcom Get your FREE flight sim here (other options available on this link) about 08:09 PM Sep 7th reply

heliguydotcom 5500 spare parts for ESky arrived - updating the site now. about 04:20 PM Sep 7th reply

heliguydotcom I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "Heliguy Firefly" about 07:26 PM Aug 27th reply

heliguydotcom Phoenix Sim Winner: Gareth Edwards. We will contact you shortly to arrange sending the sim out. Well done. NEXT... about 01:20 PM Jul 26th reply

heliguydotcom OK we have gone 50 over our next milestone, sorry for this oversight. We will announce the winner of the next... about 12:40 PM Jul 25th reply

heliguydotcom Hornet- 3D Trainer RC Helicopter Hornet production was initiated today. This is designed for someone who has... about 03:13 PM Jul 17th reply

heliguydotcom Morning All, The new DJI firmware came out and we have been doing some flight tests with the NEW features, we... about 12:20 PM Jul 16th reply

heliguydotcom WKM new firmware 5.10 release news DJI remains the forefront in providing the best platform in multi-rotor AP... about 09:56 AM Jul 6th reply

heliguydotcom Apologies for the delay on the Firefly, they are actually ready we just have delays resulting from box, header... about 01:06 PM Jun 29th reply

heliguydotcom FREE Phoenix Flight Sim offer (full version) with every Spektrum DX7S. Please select from drop down menus.... about 08:59 AM Jun 29th reply

heliguydotcom Highly anticipated Trex 250 PRO DFC (Flybarless) now in stock:... about 09:58 AM Jun 22nd reply

heliguydotcom Highly anticipated Trex 250 PRO DFC (Flybarless) now in stock:... about 09:56 AM Jun 22nd reply


ESKY is a Chinese firm that has been established in making rc helicopters for the last 15 years.

They are constantly striving to produce rc helicopters that are innovative and accessible. They specialise in Ready To Fly rc helicopters.

esky heli The ESKY KOB is a great example of an rc helicopter that is perfect for beginners.

The Co-axial means that the rc helicopter remains stable throughout its flight and with 4 channels you can retain control in all directions.

We sell remote controlled helicopters, spares for remote control helicopters and related equipment.

You can navigate via the menus on the left (Product type or brand), use the links at the top for more information and advice or search by type, brand and price range.

The one thing that is paramount when you start a remote control helicopter hobby is support.

We are more than just a retail outlet, we are a support directory for helicopter related issues.

You can also visit our Forum for more information and to ask over 30,000 of our members any question you like.

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you need any advice or support. Thats why we are here!


ALIGN are a Taiwanese firm that are market leaders in rc helicopter innovation and development. The T-Rex rc helicopter range are high quality products that deliver extreme performance.


The T-Rex 600 is a large rc helicopter innovation and development. The T-Rex rc helicopter that is available in either electric or nitro powered versions. These machines are capable of amazing 3D displays due to their large size and massive power capabilities.

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