Drone Mapping With DJI Terra

UPDATE (August 17, 2020): A new update has been released for the DJI Terra drone mapping software, making it 400 times faster than before, and increasing map and model accuracy.

DJI Terra is a drone surveying software tool that transforms drone data into digital 3D models and maps for easy analysis and decision-making.

DJI Terra allows you to capture, analyse and visualise your environment

This package enables businesses and organisations using DJI drone technology to capture, visualise and analyse aerial images for a variety of applications across the public safety, construction, infrastructure, agriculture and film industries.

Three licences are available for DJI Terra – Advanced, Pro, and Electricity. The Electricity License was added in 2020 to provide new optimisations for powerline modelling, helping enterprise users create detailed 3D reconstructions of thin powerlines. Scroll to the bottom of this blog to see the differences between the three licenses.

As an all-in-one mapping and modelling solution, DJI Terra makes it simple and efficient to extract value from drone data, generating conclusions and recommendations across multiple use cases from crash reconstructions to critical infrastructure inspections as well as agriculture field mapping and construction site modelling.

Sunny Liao, Director of Enterprise at DJI

The Terra tool will allow organisations to carry out real-time mapping and generate high-quality 2D and 3D reconstructions and measurements, among other things.

Make annotations and edit labels of measurements on existing models.

DJI Terra is an easy-to-use mapping software tool developed to help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into digital assets

The following DJI drones are compatible with DJI Terra: 

DJI Terra: New Update (August 2020)

DJI has released a new update for DJI Terra, making it faster and more accurate than ever before.

The upgrade has increased DJI Terra’s data processing ability for large-scale reconstruction. In fact, it is now 400% more efficient than before.

Previously, you needed 1GB RAM to process 100 images from the Phantom 4 RTK. But now, Terra can process 400 images from the P4 RTK using the same memory power.

The comparison below gives you an idea of the increased speed of Terra.

  • Before Update: Terra would need 64GB RAM to convert 22,744 images into a high-quality 3D model in four days
  • After Update: Terra needs only 12GB RAM to perform the same task.

The update ensures that Terra can process more data on a single device than most of its competitors today.

New Update – Increased Accuracy

DJI Terra is now also able to produce maps and models with even greater accuracy. Some of the key functions unlocked in the update include:

  • Support for third-party camera or third-party PPK data processing where images are separated from position and orientation system (POS). With the new update, the original POS data can be converted to the coordinates system before data processing to solve the problem of inconsistency in height.
  • Exporting Aerotriangulation results in XML or DJI Terra format to third-party photogrammetry software is now possible. This includes support for applying external parameters to images for distortion correction.
  • 3D model reconstruction now supports the 5-camera oblique system. So, you will be able to plan 5 flight routes to capture the same amount of data as you would have attained using 5 cameras simultaneously on a drone. The routes will correspond to the 5 camera headings – downward, forward, backward, leftward, and rightward.
  • Semantic segmentation and automatic flight route generation have been enabled for 2D field reconstruction. And for those using multispectral sensors, support for generating semantic maps, prescription maps, and flight routes with varied spraying amounts has been added in 2D multispectral reconstruction.
  • Support for SuperMap point cloud reconstruction in S3MB has been added.
  • The Fruit Tree reconstruction scenario now supports manual planning, semi-automated planning, and Terrain Follow Accuracy adjustment.
  • All-new capabilities have been added for energy industry users, focusing specifically on automatic mission planning and 3D reconstruction for powerline inspections.

Features In More Detail

Obtain coordinate information

Automatic Flight Planning and Data Capture

DJI Terra helps commercial drone pilots quickly plan automated flights with several easy-to-use options based on the area or objects they’d like to capture and the type of map or 3D model they’d like to create.

Powerful and easy to use, DJI Terra has three mission planning options to help you design flight paths and recreate your own 2D and 3D models

It features three mission planning types:

  • Waypoint: Create dynamic custom flight paths through an area or around objects using waypoints and adjustable parameters like aircraft altitude, speed, heading, gimbal pitch and angle. For more complex missions that require high attention to detail, the 3D Flight Visualisation feature enables the design and simulation of missions on existing 3D models.
  • Area: Capture a specific area quickly and easily by drawing a custom polygonal flight zone on a map. DJI Terra automatically generates efficient flight path options based on the area selected.
  • Oblique: Capture a rich data set by automatically flying the same route multiple times. Each flight automatically adjusts the angle of the camera to capture new details, giving an extra crisp 3D model of the object or asset from multiple angles.

Digitise the world with Terra – DJI’s new mapping software designed to help professionals plan flight missions, capture data and act on insights

Real-time Mapping and Detailed 3D Models

With real-time mapping capabilities, DJI Terra allows drone pilots to quickly generate 2D orthomosaic maps as the drone flies, ideal for time-sensitive missions where situational awareness is critical and decisions need to be made in minutes.

Achieve real-time mapping.

DJI Terra’s fast processing capability also creates sharp and realistic representations of any environment through detailed 2D orthomosaics and 3D model reconstructions used for industrial applications like reconstructing vehicle crashes, tracking progress on construction projects or conducting large-scale critical infrastructure inspections on bridges and roadways.

Easy Data Analysis

In addition to map and model creation, DJI Terra helps users analyse data and generate instant insights with easy-to-use analysis tools that provide a variety of measurements, including linear distance, surface area and volumetric estimations (pictured below).

Carry out a range of measurements, including accessing volume data.

To improve team communication and reporting throughout ongoing projects, annotation labels can be edited and shared.

Make useful annotations which can be used for communication throughout the team. 

For detailed site inspections and accident reconstruction situations, DJI Terra’s photo inspection tool lets users closely examine every photo used to create the model so they can pinpoint and highlight critical elements.

The photo inspection tool.

How Can DJI Terra Help Me?

Here’s a look at which industries can benefit from DJI Terra and how it will help them.

  • Public Safety: Achieve rapid turnaround time for gathering on-site critical information.
  • Infrastructure: Easily perform detailed inspections on complex assets and structures.
  • Agriculture: Get an in-depth understanding of your field to help you generate greater yields.
  • Construction: Collect, measure and analyse data with accuracy across projects.
  • Filming: Optimise pre-visualisation to improve planning workflows across your team.
  • Energy: Safely inspect vertical assets and structures, with special optimisations for power lines.

DJI Terra allows you to harness the power of AI-driven mapping solutions to help you take your industrial projects to the next level. Whether it’s object classification, site inspections and more, you can start developing task-specific mapping solutions to seamlessly carry out missions.

Here is a quick guide to making the most of this next-gen mapping tool.

  • Data Acquisition: Define mission objective, plan desired flight plan, and with a tap of a few buttons, autonomously collect critical data so you can achieve the required outcome.
  • Processing Data: Utilise refined image recognition technology to generate 2D and 3D data, resulting in a more realistic representation of your assets, objects, surroundings and more.
  • Data Application: Implement tools and machine learning techniques, which can be used across a variety of different industries – like classification algorithms for identifying trees, objects, and other scenarios.
  • Execution: Take the required action, and enjoy more efficient processes with machine control – be it automated crop spraying, monitoring work sites, transporting materials and more.

Terra License Plans

Three license plans are available for DJI Terra – Advanced, Pro, and Electricity. This is what they offer:

Real-time 2D mappingYesYesYes
Agricultural applicationYesYesYes
KML file importYesYesYes
2D Reconstruction (Field)YesYesYes
2D Reconstruction (Urban) YesYesYes
2D Multispectral Reconstruction YesYesYes
Output Coordinate SystemYesYesYes
3D ReconstructionYesYes
3D Mission planningYesYes
Electricity applicationYes

For pricing details, contact Heliguy by calling us or sending us an email.

DJI Statement

DJI is proud to unveil DJI Terra.

As the leader in the commercial drone industry, DJI continues to develop accessible and easy-to-use hardware and software solutions that help organisations transform their operations with drone technology and gain a competitive advantage in their industries. As an all-in-one mapping and modelling solution, DJI Terra makes it simple and efficient to extract value from drone data, generating conclusions and recommendations across multiple use cases from crash reconstructions to critical infrastructure inspections as well as agriculture field mapping and construction site modelling.



DJI Terra is available for purchase through authorised DJI Enterprise re-sellers worldwide, including Heliguy, and is compatible with Windows PCs and all current DJI Phantom 4 Series drones. For details, visit the Heliguy website.

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