How Do I Obtain an A2 CofC?

You can obtain an A2 CofC by completing a one-day Ground School course with heliguy™, via our Learning Management System. This enables you to complete the modules remotely in your own time and at your own convenience. heliguy™ instructors will be available though to assist if you need help or advice along the way, via our live messenger feed.

Once you have covered the syllabus, you can sit your exam remotely.
Unlike the GVC, there are no requirements to undergo a Practical Flight Test or complete an Operations Manual for the A2 CofC.
However, there is a requirement to complete self-guided practical flight training.

The self-practical flight training must be completed before the ground school course, and it is important that you have registered with the CAA and obtained a Flyer ID before conducting the practical flight training.

Before conducting the self-practical flight training, you must successfully complete the CAA’s Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service free online competency test, and be in possession of the Flyer ID number associated with that test.


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How Do I Obtain an A2 CofC?

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