How does a Operating Safety Case (OSC) help me as a drone pilot?

To put it simply, having an drone operating safety case (OSC) enables pilots to fly in more places and more situations. It enables them to push the boundaries of their drone operations.

This can open up new avenues of business and provide a competitive edge. After all, there's not many operators with an OSC, so this shows another level of industry expertise and can potentially lead to more lucrative job contracts as a result.  

For instance, an OSC enables pilots and organisations to operate in some of the most unique locations available and in ways that those operating under a Standard Permission can only dream of.

There may also be occasions where you have been restricted by the standard limitations and were forced to employ expensive contractors to facilitate the requirement. Having an OSC can stop this happening.


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How does a Operating Safety Case (OSC) help me as a drone pilot?

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