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Drone OSC Consultation

Drone OSC Consultation

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Drone Operating Safety Case

Operate outside Standard Permissions

An Operating Safety Case (OSC) is a complex, three-volume operations manual that is submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and enables pilots to operate outside of the confines of a Standard Permission - formerly a PfCO, now an Operational Authorisation.

An OSC enables drone operators to push the boundaries of their operations to expand the potential and effectiveness of their missions and provide competitive edge.

The heliguy™ OSC consultancy streamlines the process of preparing an OSC, offering expert support, advice and client involvement throughout, reducing the chances of requiring costly rewrites, and helping applicants achieve an ambitious but compliant OSC.

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Specialist OSC Consultant

Expert support with CAA OSC experience.

The heliguy™ OSC consultancy will help operators achieve these special permissions to expand the potential of their drone flights.

Our heliguy™ OSC specialist was a UAS Technical Surveyor at the CAA, responsible for the evaluation, development and approval of OSC applications. This means he is well versed in the process and requirements of building this document.

This will save time in creating an effective and compliant OSC and should stop the need to go through potentially costly reviews and rewrites with the CAA - saving you money in the process.

Applicants will have access to constant support and advice - including a mentoring and review service prior to submission, as well as a project manager to provide updates.

"The demand for OSCs has exploded and it is growing year after year, so the time was right to add OSCs to Heliguy’s comprehensive range of services.

Our intention is to help our applicants build tailored and effective OSCs which will expand the scope of their operations and push the boundaries of what they can do with their drones.

It may be more cost-effective to develop your own internal drone programme and maintain organisational governance. Obtaining an OSC can be a crucial and prudent part of this process."

Josh - heliguy™ OSC Specialist

What is an OSC?

Three-volume Operations Manual for complex operations.

An OSC (Operational Safety Case) is a complex, three-volume operations manual that is submitted to the CAA and enables pilots to operate outside of the parameters of UKPDRA01 within the Specific Category.

An OSC is required for numerous operational procedures, such as:

  • Flying less than 50m from uninvolved people.
  • Flying less than 50m from uninvolved buildings / property.
  • Flying less than 50m horizontally of crowds of people.
  • Flying more than 400ft in altitude.
  • Conducting EVLOS missions with multiple pilots.
  • Flying beyond visual line of site (BVLOS)

The aim of the OSC is to present sufficient evidence that all relevant hazards and resultant safety risks have been identified within an operation and that these safety risks have been reduced to a Tolerable and As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) level.

This ensures that the required operational safety requirements have been met and best practice is adopted by drone operators in the UK.

How to get an OSC from UK CAA.

Prerequisites and required volumes.

Operators are required to submit a bulk of information to the CAA to obtain an OSC.

For the majority of applications, this information needs to be presented across three volumes.

These volumes are:

  • Operations Manual:Comprehensive summary covering aspects such as the type of operation, emergency response plan, operational procedures and company safety policy.
  • UAS Systems: In-depth submission about the aircraft(s) being used.
  • Safety Risk Assessment: Submit detailed information about the safety risks associated with the operation.

4 Step OSC Process

Multi-step process with support throughout.

Talk to us about your OSC

The OSC consultancy has a multi-step approach – with support throughout the process – to help you build an in-depth, bespoke, and compliant document.

Once an OSC is submitted to the CAA, it can take around 6-8 weeks to be processed, although this can be extended depending on CAA workload.

Your OSC specialist's experience, should streamline the process as much as possible and support your application throughout the process.

#1 Free Consultation

Your OSC specialist will discuss your aspirations and expectations – ensuring they are realistic and achievable.

Honesty and transparency are key: If you don't need an OSC for your operations, we won't tell you to pursue this route.

#2 Statement Of Work

After the initial discussion - and if an OSC is deemed appropriate for your operational requirements - you will receive a free no-obligation quotation and a statement of work.

Once you are happy to proceed with the proposal, you can move onto step three - building your OSC with heliguy™ by your side.

#3 Build Your OSC

We'll help you build an OSC which is tailored to your operations, making it as flexible as it needs to be.

Each applicant will be assigned a project manager, to keep you updated on the progress of your project. Also, access regular contact with your OSC specialist.

#4 Submit to CAA

We will review your OSC proposal before it is submitted to the CAA.

This final review, combined with the experience of your OSC specialist, should reduce the need to go through multiple rewrites/reviews. But if this is needed, we will offer support to get you over the line.