How to use Panorama on DJi Mini 4 Pro

The Panorama shooting modes include: 

  • Sphere 
  • 180°
  • Wide Angle
  • Vertical

To activate Panorama mode

  1. Fly the aircraft to a suitable position for shooting. Tap the shooting mode icon on the right side of the app, select Pano. 

    Pano mode icon
  2. After selecting the panoramic photo type, tap the Shutter/Record button on the screen or the remote controller. 

    Shutter/Record button
  3. The aircraft will automatically take several photos and compose one panoramic photo.

    Once shooting is complete you can tap the Playback icon to preview the composed photo. 

    Playback icon
  4. During shooting tap the shutter/record button on the right side of the camera view. 

    Shutter/record button

    Flight pause button
  5. The aircraft will exit Panorama immediately and hover.

    If control stick is accidently moved shooting will immediately stop.  

    Panorama stopped


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