What Qualifications Are Needed To Apply For An OSC?

An operating safety case (OSC) is available to single operators, all the way through to large commercial drone programmes.  

However, before an OSC proposal can be submitted to the CAA, the individual or organisation must be issued with either:

  • CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO)
  • Operational Authorisation, via a General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) certificate.
  • Equivalent training qualification and Operational Authorisation from a National Aviation Authority (NAA), other than the UK CAA, which is recognised as the same standard by the CAA.

Applicants who are not in possession of the above will be limited in their ability to apply for certain types of OSC, as remote pilot experience is a significant factor in the assessment of the eligibility to be granted an OSC. 

Anyone in this position can still work with heliguy™ for an OSC, undertaking a GVC course prior to applying for an OSC. 


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What Qualifications Are Needed To Apply For An OSC?

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