DJI Announcements - CES 2017

DJI Announcements - CES 2017

Learn what DJI have in store at the 2017 CES expo in Las Vegas with Heliguy's Insider Blog.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

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We've been following DJI's appearance at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and will be updating this post as they make announcements. Read on to find out what we know so far.


The new ‘OSMO Mobile Silver’ offers the quality as previous entries in the handheld gimbal series offering you high levels of stabilisation for images and footage captured with your mobile device. Paired with DJI’s GO app, you’re able to track subjects, shoot motion timelapses, capture long exposures, stitch together nine-image panoramas and livestream straight to your preferred social media account. osmomobilesilver DJI have announced that improvements have been made for the release of the Silver version such as the new Beautify mode which utilises intelligent processing and automatic identification technologies through the DJI GO app which allows for touch up editing to maximise the quality of your footage. The OSMO Mobile Silver also reportedly works with the FiLMiC Pro app, to give users more options to get the most out of this new gimbal. There’s more news on the OSMO front as DJI have also announced the Zenmuse M1. This gimbal is available as an add-on accessory which is compatible with OSMO, Plus, Pro and RAW grips; allowing you to use your mobile device with your existing handle. zenmusem1 You can find out more about these products and how to pre-order them from heliguy™ right here:


DJI also provided more information about their Ground Station Pro app for the iPad. This software allows professional operators to plan autonomous flight paths for their DJI drone. The Shenzhen manufacturer has stated that a concise, easy to use interface allows users to map out complex flight missions in just a few taps. Designed to streamline workflows and upscale efficiency for professionals in wide-ranging industries (e.g. mapping, agriculture, inspection and construction). A ’3D Map Area’ feature allows the aircraft to calculate its own optimised flight path based on the operator’s required zoning and camera parameters and follow this route until the task is completed. The result, after the data is input into reconstruction software, is a detailed 3D map. These ‘missions’ can also be saved for repeat use. gspro There’s also the Tap and Go Waypoint functionality which enables operators to input up to 99 waypoints for a specific job, with each allotted 15 ‘actions’ i.e. aircraft rotation, gimbal pitch, autonomous recording and image capture and hovering. DJI’s implementation of a ‘Virtual Fence’ offers increased safety by locking the drone’s height and speed within a pre-designated area. When it reaches the edge of this limit, the aircraft will brake to ensure it doesn’t leave this boundary. Reportedly compatible with the majority of DJI’s aerial platforms and Zenmuse sensors, Ground Station Pro is geared firmly towards professional operators. The iPad app is currently free and available for download.


The most interesting information from CES so far concerns the CrystalSky series. While there isn’t yet a price or release date (as of writing) there’s plenty to be excited about with these ultra-bright monitors. Designed specifically for outdoor aerial imagery, DJI’s CrystalSky works in tandem with the DJI GO app to provide high-quality imaging straight from your aircraft without the inconvenience of glare. The maximum brightness is an astounding 2000 cd/m² which makes the CrystalSky upwards of four times brighter than a standard mobile device. crystalsky This clarity means that on-screen details are easily readable, colours retain their vibrancy (allowing for tweaks to image composition) and the addition of optimised video decoding offers a low-latency real-time feed from your aircraft. The monitors support H.264 and H.265 decoding and allow playback at 30fps and 60fps respectively. An integrated HDMI port means that 4K video can be output into FPV goggles or other, similar devices. Micro SD Cards can also be used to increase the CrystalSky monitor’s storage for playback and footage backup. DJI’s GO app has been embedded allowing easy access to the full suite of features. Powered by an external two-cell 4920mAh battery, the monitor can operate for longer than comparable mobile devices. Other benefits include a ‘quick charge’ feature and control over the discharge rate (even in colder climates). Able to operate in temperatures as low as -20°C and, thanks to an internal cooling system, as high as 40°C, there’s plenty of scope for use in a range of environments. DJI have stated that the CrystalSky monitor will be available in two sizes (7.85" and 5.5"), and can operate for up to 4-5 hours (7.85”) and 5-6 hours (5.5”).


We’ll be keeping an eye on what else DJI gets up to at CES 2017 so keep checking back to Heliguy’s Insider blog for all the latest news.

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