DJI DropSafe Coming Soon?

DJI Dropsafe - the new multicopter parachute system from DJI. Protect your DJI product with the new safety feature that can be added to bigger drone builds.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

1 minute read

Well we got wind from our South African distributor that DJI were requesting commodity codes for CO2 propulsion system, which sounds like DJI DropSafe is coming online very soon. We are really looking forward to fitting the DJI Dropsafe as standard on all our bigger builds, as well as retrofitting our existing clients.  We think the CAA, FCC and insurers will love it as it adds a layer of safety to the operation of the heavier aircrafts.

Take a look at DJI Dropsafe

The drop safe is a drop speed reduction system, compatible with A2 and WKM flight controllers. Weighing less than 550 grams, it deploys in less than 0.5 seconds and is designed to be easily reused. It supports automatic and remote deployment and incorporates automatic power cut-off.

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