DJI Launches Zenmuse H30 Payload Series

DJI Launches Zenmuse H30 Payload Series

DJI has launched the Zenmuse H30 series, comprising the H30 and H30T, each with an IP54 rating. Featuring five major modules and double the zoom camera capabilities of its predecessor. It caters to diverse sectors with advanced features like live streaming, thermal imaging, and AI spot checks.

Last updated: May 16, 2024

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  • DJI has launched the H30 camera series, featuring the H30 and H30T;
  • H30 and H30T support wide-angle camera, zoom camera, laser range finder, and NIR auxiliary light. H30T is also equipped with a thermal sensor.
  • It takes all features of H20 Series - including H20N - and puts them into one payload;
  • H30 Series is a weather-proof and versitile payload with an IP54 rating. 
  • H30 Series has advancements over the H20 series, including double visual zoom, extended laser rangefinder distance, and higher thermal resolution.

Presenting the DJI Zenmuse H30 series, the newest addition to the Zenmuse Payload series, consisting of the H30 and H30T, robust payloads capable of withstanding poor weather conditions with its IP54 rating. 

The H30 series is ideal for sectors like public safety, energy inspection, and forestry. The H30T is available to buy as combo with the DJI M350RTK or if you just want the payload with no thermal features you can buy the H30 induvidually. 

Its features include live streaming, a highly accurate thermal camera with night vision, SMART capabilities like multi-photography and recording for side-by-side thermal and regular views, AI spot checks for precise tracking of moving targets, and more.

This collection has made incredible advancements from its predecessor, the H20 series. 

Key Upgrades: 

  • Higher Integration: H30 Series now has night vision capabilities.
  • Increased Visual Zoom: H30 Series offers a superior visual zoom experience, with 34x max optical zoon and 400x max digital zoom. 
  • Larger Lens: The H30 features a 1/1.8-inch CMOS with 40MP effective pixels, meaning you can capture wider shots in better detail. 
  • Extended Laser Range: The H30 series' laser rangefinder has a distance of up to 3,000m, compared to H20 Series' 1200m range. 
  • Enhanced Thermal: H30T has a thermal resolution of 1280 x 1024 for enhanced clarity. 


DJI Zenmuse H30 and H30T


Night Vision Camera

The zoom and wide cameras on the H30 Series offer Night Scene Mode.

This feature is especially useful for carrying out missions in dark environments without compromising the quality of your data.

It is also ideal for evening / nighttime inspections, law enforcement, and wildlife monitoring, as this mode ensures clear visibility without disturbing the environment. 

The NIR Auxiliary Light features an 850nm wavelength, invisible to the human eye. It provides essential illumination for the zoom camera, covering an 8m diameter circle at a range of 100m.

Night vision also has settings to control how bright the NIR light will be and, in turn, how illuminated the environment you are inspecting will be. Noise reduction options are available to further improve your image quality. 

By default, the laser range will assist your missions. When Night Scene mode* and IR are enabled, the laser spot is visible at the centre of the black-and-white camera view, helping you track your target accurately. You can turn off the laser module in On-Demand Mode, which will remain off when the RNG function is not used. 

*It's important to note that in Night Scene mode, photo and video resolution will be reduced to one-quarter of the maximum.


H30T Camera grounded


Thermal Camera

The H30T features three thermal modules in which you can capture data in exceptional quality.

  1. Live View Mode for law enforcement and wildlife monitoring.
  2. High-Gain Mode for inspections.
  3. Low-Gain Mode for fire monitoring missions.

Capture high-quality data with the H30T, offering a 4x improvement in resolution at 1280 x 1024 when the zoom ratio is 2x or above. Choose from a vast colour palette of 10 settings, including White Hot, Black Hot, Lava, Tint, Iron Red, Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2, Medical, Arctic, and Fulgurite. 

In Photography Mode, the H30T supports split-screen photos, while video recording allows for a split-screen view at 1920 x 1080 resolution. Alongside temperature alerts which will inform you when the temperature exceeds the threshold, allowing real-time monitoring of changes.

The Linked Zoom feature supports simultaneous zoom and infrared display, enhancing infrared search and visible light confirmation with more accurate optical centre alignment. A great method for accurately pinpointing in real time where a heat source is coming from. 

Additionally, the new IR Density Filter accessory improves the thermal temperature measurement range, by using light absorption and reflection properties, and it is shaped into a lens to reduce light intensity.

For streamlined data collection from your H30T, the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3.0 allows you to import infrared photos for temperature measurement, adjust parameters in batches, and export analysis reports.

*Note that infrared images taken in High-Resolution Live View mode do not have temperature information and cannot be analysed in DTAT software.


H30T attached to the M350 RTK - in-flight


Photo Modes

The H30 offers three photography modes, each aimed at facilitating the capture of accurate, high-quality data and footage.

Feature How it Works
Click and Aim Control the gimbal with ease by double-clicking your point of interest on the DJI RC Plus, and the camera will, in turn, move the gimbal until the selected area is in the centre of the screen.
One-Finger Swap To adjust the gimbal angle, press and hold the screen until the cursor appears, then slide one finger on the screen.
Slide With 3 Fingers To hide all the settings, simply swipe down with three fingers to hide all the settings in the interface, allowing you to focus solely on observing the camera feed.


Smart Features

The H30 series supports four types of photos and videos: wide-angle, zoom, infrared, and split-screen. These modes use storage-friendly bit rates, dynamically compressing videos to save storage while maintaining a constant bit rate with CBR.

Smart features include: 

  • Foreground stabilisation: A critical feature that ensures easy focusing on foregrounds, providing precise and accurate inspection data for your needs.
  • Electronic Dehazing: Enhances footage quality by clarifying imagery from the zoom camera, ensuring a clearer filming environment.
  • Smart Track: Enables accurate tracking of moving objects, ensuring they remain centred in the picture.
  • AI Spot Check: Improves task accuracy by autonomously adjusting the camera's shooting angle based on real-time image comparison. 


H30T attached to M350 RTK - in-flight



The H30 series represents a significant advancement in imaging technology, offering a range of features tailored to meet the demands of various industries. With its versatile photography modes, storage-friendly bit rates, and advanced stabilization capabilities, the H30 series provides professionals with the tools they need to capture high-quality data and footage reliably.

Additionally, features such as Electronic Dehazing, Smart Track, and AI Spot Check further enhance the accuracy and efficiency of tasks, ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of applications.

Contact us to learn more about the H30 series and how it can benefit your operations. 

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