DJI Launches New Weatherproof Drone Motors

DJI Launches New Weatherproof Drone Motors

A weatherproof motor for drones has been announced by manufacturer DJI. The E2000 has enhanced protection from dust and water.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Drone manufacturer DJI has launched a new weatherproof motor designed for use in a wider range of conditions. The E2000 has been developed for industrial applications and for film making. The motor's bearings are sealed to prevent fluids like sea water causing corrosion and a surface coating has been added to the stator. This also improves the kit's ability to resist rusting. E2000 weatherproof motor The motor also has a built-in centrifugal cooling system which not only keeps the motor's temperature down, it also help to keep dust and small particles out. Cooling on the E2000 weatherproof motor The cooling system on the E2000 The E2000 consists of a 6010 motor, 1240S/X Field Oriented Control ESC and 2170 propeller. It's designed to produce extra power to lift add-ons such as advanced imaging sensors and computing equipment. It will carry payloads of 1800 to 2500 gms per axis with a maximum thrust of up to 5100 gms/rotor. The ESC has a silica thermal pad and heat sink for efficient heat dissipation. DJI E2000 Standard and Pro Click to enlarge The E2000 is available in Standard and Pro versions. The E2000 Standard has an IP56 rating. The 5 means it's protected against dust (not totally protected) and the 6 means it's protected against strong jets of water (but not against immersion). It has a separate ESC. The Pro version has the ESC incorporated in the motor unit. It's designed to fit on any aircraft with a 28mm diameter tubular arm. This would make it suitable for the DJI S900 or S1000+. The new motors will be released shortly. IP Ratings table IP ratings explained. The first number refers to solid objects; the second to water.

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