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DJI L2 vs DJI L1: Comparison Datasets And Accuracy Reports

In-depth comparison between the new DJI Zenmuse L2 and its predecessor, the L1. View sample datasets collected exclusively by Heliguy, showing the enhanced capabilities of the L2, including its ability to better capture fine details, like powerlines, and for creating denser DTMs.

Best 10 Features Of The DJI Zenmuse L2

DJI has released the Zenmuse L2 LiDAR and photogrammetry drone surveying payload. Find out about its key features and how they benefit mapping workflows.

Major Firmware Update For DJI Enterprise Drones

DJI releases Firmware 7.1: A major update for DJI Enterprise drones. Update covers drones such as Mavic 3 Enterprise Series, M300 Series, M30 Series, and DJI Dock and offers improved flight safety, enhanced data-capture capabilities, and better collaboration tools.

Emlid Launches Reach RS3 GNSS Receiver With Tilt Compensation

Emlid launches the Reach RS3 GNSS receiver. Key upgrades include IMU tilt compensation, enabling survey-grade accuracy at large tilt angles and a faster stake out. Reach RS3 has expanded connectivity with UHF radio support and is a multi-band base and rover with an IP67 rating and up to 22 hours of battery life.

REVIEW: 10 Best Features Of DJI Mini 4 Pro

Review of the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Find out about the top features of this compact camera drone, including its upgraded imaging system, 10-bit D-Log M and HLG colour profiling, new ActiveTrack 360, omnidirectional vision sensing, and flagship O4 transmission for improved signal strength and up to 1080p/60fps FHD live feeds.

DJI Mini 4 Pro vs DJI Mini 3 Pro vs DJI Mini 3

In-depth comparison between the DJI Mini 4 Pro, Mini 3 Pro, and Mini 3. Find out about the Mini 4 Pro's key upgrades.

'Don't Wait For BVLOS Drone Regulations. Adopt The DJI Dock Now'

Drone programmes should adopt the DJI Dock now, instead of waiting for BVLOS laws to catch up, says the CEO and Founder of drone autonomy software platform FlytBase. He says this will provide the time needed to integrate the Dock into workflows and start collecting data to build a safety case for more complex operations.

DJI Dock Installation: In-depth Guide

In-depth guide to DJI Dock installation. heliguy™ shares tips and advice after installing the DJI Dock drone in a box at Komatsu UK Smart Construction. Find out how heliguy™, with in-house DJI-accredited Dock technicians, can help your organisation install the DJI Dock.

Heliguy And Venari To Unveil New Drone Command Unit

Coming soon...a first-of-its-kind drone command vehicle will be unveiled at the Emergency Services Show in September. Developed in partnership between heliguy™ and Venari, it features a dual command station, remote satellite connectivity, DJI Dock drone-in-a-box integration, and other innovative features.

Heliguy Stages UK's First DJI Dock Demonstration

heliguy™ has staged the UK's first official demonstration of the DJI Dock. Key takeaways include: The DJI Dock has industry-leading capabilities; drone in a box software has robust flight safety and data security; the Dock can benefit a range of industries; and organisations should adopt the drone in a box early to integrate it into their workflows.

DJI FlyCart: UK Permissions and Drone OSCs

In-depth guide to permissions to operate the DJI FlyCart delivery and heavy-lift drone in the UK. Find out why an Operating Safety Case would be required and how the heliguy™ OSC consultancy can support submissions to the UK CAA.

New Localisation Feature Added To Emlid Flow

A new localisation feature has been added to Emlid Flow. This enables surveyors to adjust their coordinate system to fit control points and helps find or adjust missing or outdated local coordinate system parameters.

SLAM vs GNSS For LiDAR Surveying

Comparison between SLAM and GNSS for LiDAR surveying. Find out the differences and advantages of using either of these methods for surveying, and how solutions from GeoSLAM and DJI can collect accurate and reliable LiDAR data.

Heliguy Offers AirHUD Augmented Reality Software For Drone Pilots

heliguy™ is offering the AirHUD augmented reality solution. AR technology overlays digital information onto real-world environments and helps drone operators benefit from improved navigation capabilities and enhanced situational awareness. It also provides additional drone training benefits, such as flying in simulated environments.

Firmware Update Streamlines Access Of Emlid GNSS Receivers In A Browser

Firmware update provides a range of upgrades for surveyors using Emlid GNSS receivers. This includes simplified access to a Reach receiver in a browser.

Cloud-Based Software vs Local Desktop Processing for Drone Surveying

Comparison guide between cloud-based software and local desktop processing for drone survey data. Find out which is best for your operations and learn about the industry-leading software solutions for drone mapping.

10 Best Features Of The DJI Air 3

Review of the DJI Air 3. Find out about the top features of this compact camera drone, including its dual imaging system and 46 minutes of maximum flight time, and discover how the DJI Air 3 can benefit aerial content creation.

DJI Air 3 vs DJI Air 2S vs DJI Mavic 3 Pro

In-depth comparison between the DJI Air 3, DJI Air 2S, and the Mavic 3 Pro. Find out which DJI camera drone is best for you.

DJI Terra Firmware Update: Automatic GCP Marking, LiDAR Ground Classification, And Model Size Reduction

Comprehensive guide to the new features in DJI Terra. Firmware upgrade V3.7.0 brings with it automatic GCP marking, ground classification for LiDAR data, and a feature to reduce model sizes for shorter loading times. This update improves workflows when processing drone LiDAR and photogrammetry data.

DJI Terra LiDAR Ground Classification Workflow

New firmware update enables DJI Terra to conduct LiDAR point cloud ground classification. In-depth workflow guide to ground classification, using sample data collected with the DJI Zenmuse L1.