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M300 RTK Firmware Update: FlightHub 2 Compatibility And L1 Optimisation

Firmware updates have been released for the DJI M300 RTK and L1 payload. Highlights include M300 RTK compatibility with DJI FlightHub 2 and DJI Pilot 2, added support for the H20N night-vision sensor, and improved efficiency of Terrain Follow missions with the L1.

Heliguy Partners With Emlid To Offer GNSS Surveying Solutions

heliguy™ has partnered with Emlid to offer affordable and highly-accurate GNSS solutions to empower surveying workflows. The Emlid ecosystem includes the Reach RS2 multi-band and Reach RS+ single-band RTK GNSS receivers. Emlid technology can be used by traditional land surveyors and drone operators.

DJI Mini 3 Pro: Which combo is best?

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is available in three combos: Featuring the new DJI RC smart controller; the DJI RC-N1 controller; or drone only. Find out the key differences between these options and which Mini 3 Pro combo is the best for you.

DJI Mini 3 Pro vs Mini 2 vs Mini SE vs Mavic Mini

In-depth comparison between the DJI Mini 3 Pro, Mini 2, Mini SE, and Mavic Mini drones. Find out the difference between the camera, flight performance and controllers, among other key features, and decide which Mini drone is best for you.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Review

DJI unveil the Mini 3 Pro, with rotating gimbal to switch between landscape and portrait content capture. Key features include 1/1.3 inch sensor, 4K/60fps video, 48MP RAW imagery, 34 minutes of flight time, tri-directional obstacle sensing, DJI O3 transmission, and new DJI RC controller.

DJI M30T Review: Top 10 Functionality Features

Hands-on review of the DJI M30T and the CZI LP12 loudspeaker and searchlight. This review focuses on the top 10 functionality features of the drone and controller which make missions more streamlined, practical and safe.

heliguy™ Shortlisted For Training Award at Airwards

heliguy™ is in the running to win a prize at Airwards after being shortlisted in the Training and Certification category. This category recognises companies and organisations who are delivering world-class training and certification. Airwards is a global awards programme championing the drone industry.

GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon LiDAR Scanner: Hands-on Review

Data sets collected by heliguy™ show the capabilities of the GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon LiDAR sensor and the GeoSLAM Connect and Draw software suite. The ZEB Horizon is versatile, accurate, portable and efficient and can be deployed inside, outside, underground and from the sky by drone.

CAA Proposes Extension To Drone Provisions In Open Category

The UK CAA has launched a consultation, proposing to extend the Legacy and Transitional drone provisions in the Open category. An extension would be good news for drone operators, especially those flying Transitional aircraft in the A2 subcategory with an A2 CofC.

DJI Zenmuse H20N Vs H20T

Comparison between the DJI Zenmuse H20N and H20T payloads for the DJI M300 RTK drone. Find out which is best for your drone operations.

Heliguy Partners With Venari To Develop Drone Support Vehicle

heliguy™ partners with industry-leading emergency vehicle manufacturer Venari to develop a dedicated drone support vehicle. The custom modified Ford Ranger is specifically designed for enterprise drone operations with a suite of integrated features and space for a DJI Dock drone in a box solution.

DJI M300 RTK: Still The Go To Drone For Multiple Enterprise Operations

The DJI M300 RTK is a powerful and versatile enterprise drone. It is ideal for high-precision drone surveying, including LiDAR, and can carry a range of payloads, such as thermal, zoom, spotlights, speakers, gas detection units and agricultural sensors.

DJI Dock: An Innovative Drone In A Box Solution

The DJI Dock is a revolutionary drone in a box solution. Learn about its key features which enable drones to fly with greater autonomy.

Key Features Of DJI FlightHub 2 Drone Management Software

In-depth guide to DJI FlightHub 2, including key features, how it improves real-time team-wide communication, why it is good for public safety and inspection drone missions, and how it compares to the original FlightHub.

DJI M30 Series vs M300 RTK vs Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

In-depth comparison between the DJI M30 Series, M300 RTK and Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, including flight time, IP rating, safety features, controllers and design. Find out which DJI Enterprise drone platform is best for your operations.

DJI Release M30 And Drone In A Box

DJI releases the DJI Matrice 30 drone and drone in a box solution. The M30 has multi-camera capabilities while the DJI Dock enables autonomous drone deployment and charging. DJI also releases FlightHub 2 - a cloud-based flight planning and fleet management solution.

H20N Night Vision Camera For DJI M300 RTK

DJI has unveiled the H20N - a new payload with night vision. The sensor, for the M300 RTK drone, also has thermal, zoom and laser rangefinder capabilities. It is ideal for search and rescue, public safety and security missions in low-light environments.

How Drone In A Box Will Transform Autonomous Deployment

How the drone in a box concept will transform autonomous drone deployment. A drone deploying automatically from a docking station has major benefits for the commercial and enterprise drone industry.

Drone Mapping With DJI Terra

DJI Terra is an easy-to-use drone mapping software, developed to help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into digital assets. See our exclusive data sets to see how powerful DJI Terra is.

Drone Spotlight Comparison: GL60 Plus Vs Z15

In-depth comparison between the CZI GL60 Plus and Wingsland Z15 drone spotlights, with sample footage and imagery. Find out which one is most effective in our in-depth comparison.