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DJI FlightHub Enterprise

DJI FlightHub Enterprise

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Full Description

DJI FlightHub - Enterprise

The ultimate solution for managing your drone operations

DJI FlightHub software enables organisations to efficiently manage all aspects of their commercial drone operations from a single platform.

As a web-based service, FlightHub Advanced and Basic have provided the capability to oversee live operations, manage flight data, manage fleets and pilots, and effectively plan operations. The new FlightHub Enterprise has additional features that give commercial operators more control over their implementations and data security. The FlightHub Enterprise license supports 10 drones. You can purchase add-on kits for support of additional drones.

These updates make FlightHub Enterprise valuable to a wide range of commercial and industrial customers using drone technology for increasingly sensitive missions, including large-scale disaster response operations, public safety operations that require a real-time view of data by a central command for quick decision-making and relaying information to offsite engineers during inspections in the energy and telecommunications industries.


  • Private Cloud Hosting: You can now choose to host FlightHub Enterprise within a private cloud or on-premise IT infrastructure, utilising existing organisational resources and security protocols, and enabling the capability to build streamlined workflows for drone fleets.
  • Dedicated DJI Pilot app: Exclusively compatible with FlightHub Enterprise, the new DJI Pilot Private Edition app is a customised version of DJI’s flight control app designed for users with high data security requirements. By default, DJI Pilot Private Edition will not transmit any data to public networks and will only connect directly to an organisation’s FlightHub Enterprise platform hosted on their private IT infrastructure.
  • Firmware Management: Centrally manage and deploy drone firmware updates, allowing organisations to certify and update drone fleets at their own pace, ensuring security compliance and avoiding unforseen delays during critical missions.
  • Mission Planning: Schedule and oversee drone operations with the ability to send automated waypoint or mapping missions to individual pilots.
  • Device Maintenance: Track equipment usage, including aircraft and battery usage time, to ensure your drone equipment is functioning properly and aircraft maintenance is performed on schedule.
  • Flight Media Library: Save time and improve workflow efficiency with seamless video and image data transmission directly from your DJI Pilot mobile app to FlightHub.

Manage your drone operations

Live Operations

Enhance your project coordination with useful real-time information from remote drone operations.

Flight Data

Improve operations management and ensure regulatory compliance and easy flight-log recording.

Fleets and Pilots

Increase team efficiency and communication by organising your teams and records around projects.

Mission Planning

Manage operational tasks within teams more efficiently with easy-to-use missing planning tools.


DJI FlightHub is compatible with the following DJI drone platforms through the DJI Pilot and DJI Pilot Private Edition mobile apps:

  • Matrice 200 Series V2
  • Matrice 200 Series
  • Matrice 600 Series
  • Inspire 2
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
  • Phantom 4 Pro (excluding Phantom 4 Pro+) 
  • Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Advanced (excluding Phantom 4 Advanced+)

How FlightHub Works

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What system configurations do I need to install FlightHub Enterprise?

Here are the system requirements for installing FlightHub Enterprise: 
1: An Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits operating system.
2: DJI Pilot Private Edition installed on mobile devices need to have access to the TCP port 80 / 443 (http/https) and TCP port 1935 (for videos) of your server. 

How do I bind my aircraft to the FlightHub system?

You can bind your aircraft to the FlightHub system via the DJI Pilot App or DJI Pilot Private Edition App. An internet connection on your mobile device is required to carry out this process. Each aircraft is bound to one flight team only. If you receive a prompt that your aircraft has already been bound, simply unbind it on FlightHub first, then reconnect.

Which operating system does DJI Pilot/DJI Pilot Private Edition support FlightHub?

FlightHub is currently only supported by the Android version of DJI Pilot and DJI Pilot PE.

What is FlightHub WebSDK?

To maximise the full potential of your drone operations and drone management platform, FlightHub WebSDK allows users to integrate their existing systems with FlightHub or develop their own custom web applications.