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GeoSLAM ZEB Vision
GeoSLAM ZEB Vision
GeoSLAM ZEB Vision
GeoSLAM ZEB Vision

GeoSLAM ZEB Vision


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GeoSLAM ZEB Vision

Colourise Your Point Clouds

The GeoSLAM ZEB Vision accessory attaches to the ZEB Horizon mobile LiDAR scanner to capture 360° panoramic photography for point cloud visualisation and colourisation.

The 4K resolution increases feature definition of objects within the point cloud.

Easily capture data as you walk through your area of interest.

The ZEB Vision uses GeoSLAM’s leading SLAM algorithm to automatically and accurately position panoramic photos on a point cloud for an interactive viewing experience, including bubble walk-throughs of point clouds.

Accurate 3D point clouds can be generated in a fraction of the time taken with traditional terrestrial laser scanning methods.

All the photos and data you capture are all owned and managed by you, keeping it safe, simple and secure.

Who Does Zeb Vision Benefit?

ZEB Vision Industry Applications

Add real-world context to point clouds for the creation of CAD/BIM models.

The ZEB Vision benefits multiple industries, such as architecture, construction, and facilities and asset management.

Paired with the ZEB Horizon, it can be used iindoors, outdoors and underground.

Colourising Point Clouds with ZEB Vision Workflow

Step One: Pair ZEB Vision with ZEB Horizon to obtain RGB colouristion by walking and scanning the area of interest. The camera captures two images per second (one from the front camera and one from the rear camera).

Step Two: The workflow is divided into four processes: Process SLAM, Image Stitching, Image Positioning, and Colourisation. These procedures can be completed within the GeoSLAM Connect interface without the need for separate geoscripts.

Step Three: The time synchronisation between the images and the LiDAR data in the ZEB Vision is accurate to <100th of a second, giving excellent alignment between the point cloud and the imagery. The result is a detailed, RGB colourised point cloud. Bolt on the Draw software for taking measurements from your data.

ZEV Vision Data Sets

Point cloud examples using the ZEB Vision.

Product specification

GeoSLAM ZEB Vision

ZEB Vision (inc. camera, ethernet cable, and ZEB Horizon hard case