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geofencingftimg 16/02/2017

Heliguy’s Guide to Geofencing

Intelligent safety features have become a priority for drone manufacturers, especially in these times of rapidly shifting regulations. One of the most widely used features in modern SUAs to combat irresponsible usage is geofencing. This article will take you through the basics of this solution and take a look at how the biggest drone companies have implemented it into their product range. What is Geofencing? Geofencing is a virtual barrier created using a combination of the GPS (Global Positioning System) network and LRFID (Local Radio Frequency Identifier) connections such as... Read More


The Most Exciting Finalists from Drones for Good 2017

With ‘Drones for Good UAE’ ending this week, Heliguy Insider is looking at some of the most innovative and intriguing companies up for the award. With the general public still a bit wary when it comes to using drones in a commercial setting, it’s always good to see schemes which promote them as a force for good. So, without further ado, here is a list (in no particular order) of the most interesting finalists in Drones for Good and what they have achieved. Wingcopter The Wingcopter is a versatile hybrid... Read More

Ft Image News 07/02/2017

NEWS: Drones For NASA, GoPro Re-launch and the Super Bowl

February has arrived and with it comes a new set of stories from the drone industry. We may only be in the second month of 2017 but, as predicted, there are already signs that the progress into public consciousness made by both consumer and commercial drones last year is set to continue. The most refreshing thing to take away from this instalment of Insider News is that it’s all positive for a change! Read on to find out more about product re-releases, aerial showmanship and how scientists are benefitting from... Read More

ndfilterftimg 02/02/2017

Heliguy’s Guide To Drone ND Filters

ND (Neutral Density) Filters are used to reduce the amount of light which enters the camera to enable a longer duration of exposure. Think of them as a pair of shades for your drone’s lens. They are commonly used to highlight movement (i.e. taking shots of a waterfall) or to give busy images a softer more surrealist appearance. These filters can also be used to support larger apertures, producing sharper images or a shallower depth of field. Easy to use and able to produce beautiful imagery, ND Filters are a... Read More

z30 hands on featured image - Heliguy 26/01/2017

Hands on with the DJI Zenmuse Z30

The Heliguy team recently had the opportunity to test out the DJI Zenmuse Z30 in our test field. Our technicians used this powerful zoom camera to get detailed shots of various subjects such as power lines and distant structures. We were very impressed by this enterprise tool from DJI and can see it becoming hugely popular for companies in a wide variety of sectors, most notably aerial inspections. Before we delve into our time with the Z30, here are all the key details you need to know:   Key Features... Read More

harbourmediainterviewftimg 24/01/2017

Heliguy Interviews Harbour Media

Here at Heliguy, we like to stay in touch with our customers and develop a lasting relationship based on exemplary support and superior products. Recently we had a chance to catch up with Justin Glynn of Harbour Media – an aerial filmmaker who has purchased a number of aircraft from us and used them to create some spectacular reels. We asked him about the gear he uses, what his thoughts are on current regulations as well as what advice he would give to aspiring drone filmmakers. The Interview Check out... Read More

training2017ftimg1 20/01/2017
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The Drone Training Landscape 2017

Here at Heliguy, we’ve been providing holistic, machine-specific drone training courses since 2015 and have already seen the market change rapidly. Wider awareness of drones as a commercial tool has created more demand for training and, as businesses discover the true value of aerial services, the type of enquiries we receive have also evolved. With a greater knowledge of drone services proliferated by the media and savvy online marketing comes the likelihood that 2017 will be a big year for innovation as companies try to carve themselves a niche in... Read More

Ft Image News 19/01/2017

DJI Discontinues Three Phantom Quadcopters

It may have been a busy end to 2016 for DJI but they’re showing no signs of letting off with the news that some popular products will no longer be supported. Following on closely from their announcement that the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced are being discontinued, DJI has reportedly dropped the bombshell that the Phantom 4 will be facing a similar fate. After only 10 months on the market and gaining a huge following from both consumers and professional videographers, the Phantom 4 is allegedly being phased out in favour... Read More

inspire2indepthft 18/01/2017

Inspire 2 Aircraft – Part 4 Of Our In Depth Series

The fourth and final part of our In-Depth series on the DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter focuses on the aircraft itself. It’s safe to say that professional operators have a new go-to drone. The Inspire 2 is an exceptional filmmaking tool with the potential for a range of additional industrial applications.   Series Guide Part 1 – Inspire 2 Batteries In Depth Part 2 – Inspire 2 Remote Controller In Depth Part 3 – Inspire 2 Cameras & Licenses In Depth Part 4 – Inspire 2 The Aircraft In Depth   There’s no... Read More

inspire2indepthft 13/01/2017

Inspire 2 Cameras & Licenses – Part 3 Of Our In Depth Series

The DJI Inspire 2 has, from the moment it was unveiled, been aimed squarely at professional cinematographers and aerial photographers. With a launch event in the Warner Bros lot and its audience demo consisting of live scene shoot, they weren’t exactly being subtle about their target market.   Series Guide Part 1 – Inspire 2 Batteries In Depth Part 2 – Inspire 2 Remote Controller In Depth Part 3 – Inspire 2 Cameras & Licenses In Depth Part 4 – Inspire 2 The Aircraft In Depth   The good news for those considering... Read More