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DroneDeploy VERSUS Pix4D

With intuitive software solutions taking the commercial drone world by storm, Heliguy has decided to take a look at two of the market leaders to display what they can offer to businesses considering the implementation of drone services. Read on to find out what DroneDeploy and Pix4D can offer and how they could benefit your commercial UAV plans. There’s a lot of information available about these solutions so we’ve distilled it down to the key points you’ll need to make a decision. We’re available to chat on 0191 296 1024... Read More

Ft Image News 21/03/2017
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NEWS: Yuneec Layoffs & DJI’s Lifesaving Drone Study

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the drone industry. DJI has shown that drones are a real force for good, Yuneec has had to let a large quantity of its U.S. division go and the UK is about to be home to a 24-hour drone unit. That isn’t even taking into account what’s been going on at Heliguy in terms of our Enterprise expansion. Read on to get yourself caught up with the latest edition of Insider news. Yuneec Announces Huge U.S. Layoffs Intel-funded drone manufacturer Yuneec International... Read More

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Comparing The DJI Matrice 200 Series

DJI’s Matrice 200 series has proved instantly popular with those looking to undertake commercial work with SUAs. With three available models offering various levels of modular functionality and positioning support, there’s a decent amount of choice for those interested in these stellar rigs. Before you settle on which M200 is right for you, it’s worth taking a look through our comparison so that you’re clued up on all the necessary specifications, features and varied levels of performance so that you make the right decision for both yourself and your business.... Read More

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The Definitive DJI OSMO Comparison Guide

The success of DJI’s OSMO range has proved that they’re more than just a drone manufacturer. A line of high-quality, handheld gimbals designed to provide both professional filmmakers and enthusiastic amateurs with a shake-free solution to videography – their enduring popularity is a testament to the quality of the OSMO series. Heliguy has put together a comprehensive guide to help you choose the model that’s right for your needs. But before we delve into the specifics of each model, let’s take a look at how their specifications line up side... Read More


Guest Post – Drones For Humanitarian Missions

Nicholas Mellor, Heliguy customer and founder of The mCubed Initiative which provides community-based mapping, modelling and monitoring of endangered heritage sites, has provided us with a guest blog outlining the work that he has been carrying out in Mali. The scanning and preservation of landmarks and historical sites have become critical issues as the continued conflict in the Middle East leads to ancient structures of great significance being destroyed by extremists. As part of our continued look at drones as assets in commercial and practical settings, this guest blog is a... Read More

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Is ADS-B The Future of Drone Safety?

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) uses GPS information to track aircraft in real time with a view to improving situational awareness in an increasingly crowded airspace. The idea behind this solution is that pilots should, in theory, be able to fly safely with less assistance from air traffic controllers. This also benefits air traffic control, enabling them to manage airspace more efficiently than they can, using current infrastructure. The key things to bear in mind about the ADS-B system are that: It’s Automated: ADS-B transmits location data, as well as other pertinent... Read More

ftimgfalcon8m200 07/03/2017
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DJI Matrice 200 Series VERSUS AscTec Falcon 8

With DJI’s recent release of the Matrice 200 Series taking the commercial drone market by storm, it can be easy to forget that other manufacturers are thriving in this growing ecosystem. One of the main competitors of the M200 in terms of intended usage is the AscTec Falcon 8. We’ve covered the M200 series’ core functionality alongside DJI’s other high-end commercial aircraft, the Matrice 600 and Inspire 2, in a previous article which you can read here. Comparably AscTec’s Falcon 8 is already popular aircraft for inspection work on offshore... Read More

lipobatterytravelftimg 03/03/2017

Travelling With Drone LiPo Batteries

Despite what you may have heard, travelling abroad with a drone isn’t too difficult if you’re prepared. Before we get into the basics it’s important to note that regulations may differ from airline to airline and country to country so make sure you do your homework and contact the appropriate authorities to ensure a hassle-free travel experience. Travelling with LiPo Batteries The one constant you will find when you’re looking to travel with your drone is that LiPo batteries need to be carried on as hand luggage. Due to their... Read More

aerialmappingftimg 01/03/2017

Geospatial Mapping, Data and Software for Drones

The idea of using a drone for mapping work is nothing new but recent advances in technology have made it so that you can now use almost any DJI drone for professional quality geospatial mapping and data capture. Geospatial mapping involves taking a large number of overlapping, GPS tagged images while flying a pre-planned route over a location with a multi-rotor or fixed wing drone. Once you’re sure you have enough accurate data it’s a question of handing it all over to your computer and one of the many pieces... Read More

m200 featured image 27/02/2017

DJI Matrice 200 Series VERSUS M600 Pro & Inspire 2

DJI has released an all new quadcopter series for industrial professionals, the Matrice 200 range. Allowing users to mount multiple gimbals on an aircraft which folds away for convenient transport, the M200 is the next big step in commercial drone manufacture. There are three versions of the Matrice 200 available, the details of which are listed below: Matrice 200: This is the basic version of the quadcopter which features an FPV Camera, FlightAutonomy and a Dual Battery System. Matrice 210: The 210 configuration features the FPV Camera, FlightAutonomy, a Dual... Read More