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UK Drone Registration Announcement 22/07/2017

UK Drone Registration Plans Announced

The UK government has announced that it has put plans in place to enforce registration for all drones over 250g. This will apply to every drone currently available from DJI. In addition to the registration of the drone, there are also plans to introduce a ‘safety awareness course’ for drone owners to ensure that they’re aware of all current regulation surrounding their use. DJI have come out in support of the move. So what does this mean for our customers? When will done registration be enforced in the UK? As... Read More


Heliguy Snapshot – Andrew Bryson

  Heliguy had the chance to meet with their long-time customer, Andrew Bryson, on a shoot in Druridge Bay Country Park, Northumberland. Andrew is a photographer and videographer based in the North East of England who has had the opportunity to shoot in some fantastic locations including Alnwick Gardens, Bamburgh Castle and at the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta in Blyth. Interview We spoke with Andrew about his career as a photographer, the benefits of using a UAV and advice on for potential future drone users. See our interview below... Read More

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Five Reasons to Choose Heliguy for your CAA Drone Training

  Heliguy are a CAA approved NQE who offer nationwide training courses. Their course guides pilots through the process of obtaining a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) from the CAA.   What’s Included in Heliguy’s Training? Our course is split across three different sections: Three Day Ground School – The theoretical section of the course that gives students the understanding of equipment used, safe aircraft operations and a variety of aviation knowledge.  A theory exam is completed at the end of this section. Operations Manual – The OSC (Operating Safety... Read More


Heliguy’s Guide to the DJI GS PRO App

  DJI GS PRO, also known as the Ground Station Pro, is an iPad app designed to control and plan automatic flights for a DJI aircraft. The GS Pro has a clear and concise interface allowing complex missions to be planned in just a few taps. GS Pro will automatically take pictures at pre-set waypoints, providing precision mapping with accuracy. The GS Pro can be used for aerial imaging, architecture, precision agriculture, electrical inspections, search and rescue, safety control, and many more applications.   Features See some of the great... Read More


Introducing the DJI XT Pro App

  DJI has released the new DJI XT Pro iOS app, giving Zenmuse XT users, a much quicker and more simple way to capture thermal imagery. The app has been given a new, simplified design, with a focus on thermal settings, allowing users to quickly obtain their thermal data. DJI and FLIR launched the Zenmuse XT thermal camera in December 2015, a product that quickly became the staple aerial thermal imaging camera for firefighters, farmers, inspectors and more. The launch of the DJI XT Pro app aims to help users... Read More


Introducing The SLANTRANGE 3P NDVI Camera

  Heliguy is now able to offer professional surveyors the SLANTRANGE 3p NDVI solution for agriculture. Read on to find out how this impressive sensor array can fit into your surveying workflow and also how it integrates with DJI’s product ecosystem. First off, let’s look at the specifications.   Spectral Channels (Vegetation Sensor) 4 Channels Spectral Channels (Ambient Illumination Sensor) 4 Channels Processor Type Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Processor Speed Quad-Core 2.26GHz On-Board RAM 2.0 GB Detector Type Si CMOS Available Spectral Range 410 – 950 nm Band Positions Selectable Shutter Type... Read More


The Ultimate Freefly MoVI Comparison Guide

  In the professional gimbal market, there are few companies that can rival the output of Freefly. Cornering the filmmaking sector, it’s not uncommon to see one or more of their products make their way onto big budget TV and movie sets. Their central line of gimbals is the MoVI series which offers versatility and quality through a number of distinct models. Some are primarily handheld whilst others are able to reap the benefits of an aerial view via compatibility with Freefly’s ALTA drone range meaning that whatever your needs as a... Read More


Heliguy’s Drone Flight Test: A Visual Guide

  Heliguy is a CAA approved NQE and runs drone training courses in three UK-locations: Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough. Our expert in-house training team are there to guide you through every step of the process. This article takes a look at the final step you’ll take before the CAA submission, a test of your piloting skills and ability to adapt under pressure in real-world scenarios. Read on to get and inside track on our practical drone flight test.   Training with Heliguy There are three main sections to the training you... Read More


DJI CrystalSky VERSUS Phantom 4 Pro+ RC, iPad Pro & NVIDIA Shield

Being able to clearly view what your drone’s camera can see from the ground is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can prevent this from low-quality monitors to overly bright weather conditions. This makes choosing the right device a priority, as a solid monitor can make the difference between capturing great footage or winging it. This comparison guide takes a look at some of the most popular models of monitors used by drone pilots and seeks to provide you with the information you need to choose the right... Read More


Heliguy Interviews An Air Traffic Controller

Heliguy’s Insider Blog recently had a chance to sit down with Steven Curtis, an air traffic controller who has just completed the ground school section of our PfCO drone training course. This interview has been put together to give our readers an insight into the way drone usage is monitored by air traffic control and an alternative viewpoint on the industry. The Interview Read on to find out how drones are having an effect on the jobs of air traffic controllers in the UK including opinions on how the CAA’s regulations... Read More