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Coding with the Ryze Tello

The new Tello drone from Ryze is a one of a kind, toy drone that puts the fun back into drone flying. It’s packed with features unlike any other at this low price point. One of the most notable is its compatibility with the MIT-developed coding software, Scratch, that allows users to control the Tello with a computer and input pre-planned flights. In this post, we will be walking you through how to use Scratch with the Tello and showing you some examples of this unique feature in action. Keep... Read More


Hands-On with the Ryze Tello

Heliguy have just received our first shipment of the new Tello drone from Ryze Robotics. This smart and fun little toy drone has a wealth of features and includes some impressive hardware from DJI and Intel. Considering the Tello’s low price point, it’s likely to be a popular little quadcopter for both adults and children. We got our hands on one of the available units to test out its features and see how it compares to the DJI drones we’re used to flying Keep reading for more information on the... Read More

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Heliguy Hosting DJI Event – Discover Aerial Photography

Heliguy are please to announce, that we are hosting a DJI Aerial Photography Workshop, on the 27th April 2018. The event will cover aerial photography and videography, providing a wide range of tips from Heliguy and DJI, as well as two guest speakers. The event is available for all experience levels with or without a drone, so if you’re interested in finding out the best drone to start out with, or just want to improve your skills, please register to attend here. Keep reading to find out more about the... Read More


DJI Announce Master Wheels and Force Pro

At this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, DJI have announced two advanced gimbal controls for high-end cinematography; the DJI Master Wheels and DJI Force Pro. Both products are designed to offer precision control at a professional level. These two new products allow users to capture complex shots using the existing DJI ecosystem, the Ronin 2 and upcoming Ronin-S gimbals. Additionally, some third-party integration has also been announced by DJI. Keep reading to find out more about these two impressive gimbal controllers and how they will push filmmaking possibilities even... Read More


Tips on Flying Drones Indoors

We’ve all been there; waiting excited for the delivery of a brand-new drone, looking out of the window and checking the door every five minutes for the delivery company. After what seems like hours because you’re so excited, there’s finally a knock and you’re handed the drone you’ve been not so patiently waiting for. You rip off the packaging and marvel at your new bit of kit, pack it all away and head for the door to take it out for its first flight. That’s when you discover it’s raining.... Read More


Heliguy Interviews Archaeologist – David Connolly

Heliguy Insider have been talking to David Connolly, an Archaeologist and long-time Heliguy customer. He uses drones in a unique way, as a tool to support his work as an archaeologist, and has created a niche business by incorporating drones. David recently located a lost World War II bunker, on the East Lothian coast whilst undertaking an aerial survey with his drone. We spoke to David about how he located the bunker as well as his use of drones in his capacity as an archaeologist. Keep reading to find out... Read More


DJI Announce Zenmuse XT2 and Payload SDK

DJI have just announced two new products for the Enterprise market; the Zenmuse XT2 and a new Payload SDK (Software Development Kit) for the Matrice 200 Series. These products were announced at an event in Menlo Park fire department headquarters in California. The Zenmuse XT2 thermal camera features an all-new dual sensor will provide enterprise operators with better results and even more accurate data than ever before. The XT2 builds on the strong partnership between DJI and FLIR, increasing the quality and usability of the payload. The Payload SDK opens... Read More


Heliguy’s Ground School: A Visual Guide

Let’s face it, the process of commercial drone operator training can be pretty confusing. Even for those who have plenty of experience piloting drones, gaining your permissions isn’t as straightforward as it may initially seem. Here at Heliguy, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you to follow and help you understand what’s required at every stage. We have created the third and final visual guide to the CAA PfCO process through Heliguy to help you understand what’s required in the three stages of the process.... Read More


The Definitive DJI Osmo Comparison Guide

Since its release, DJI’s Osmo series has gone from strength to strength, improving the capabilities and usability across the various iterations of the handheld gimbals. Versions of the gimbals are available for vloggers and amateur videographers looking to capture stabilised footage with their smartphone, through to professional filmmakers who need a simple to use, lightweight gimbal with 4K RAW capabilities. Heliguy Insider have put together a comprehensive guide of each of the Osmo series to help you decide which gimbal could be right for you. We’ll be looking at the... Read More


A Week in the Life of Heliguy’s Technical Team

In our latest post on the teams in Heliguy, we have been looking at the Heliguy Technical Team and their role within Heliguy and the wider drone industry. We spoke to Ross, the newest member of the team, who has been with Heliguy since the start of August in 2017. Heliguy’s Technical Team are a DJI approved repair centre who offer custom builds for a variety of different industries. The team are trained by DJI in the repairs of consumer and enterprise drones. They also have a huge range of... Read More