OsmoPlusFt 22/09/2016

DJI OSMO+ (Plus) First Look Video & Gallery

Heliguy has received an OSMO+ from DJI making us the first company in the UK with access. This provided us with a great opportunity to have a play around with this new handheld gimbal and see how it stacks up in an increasingly crowded OSMO range. From our initial impressions, DJI has done a great job of building upon their previous success to develop an easy-to-use, professional quality camera solution. The OSMO+ has a range of features which make it a useful addition to a pro filmmaker’s kit as well... Read More

GoProBlogFt 19/09/2016

UPDATED: DJI Tease New Product Ahead of GoPro Karma Launch

**UPDATED TO CONTAIN DETAILS OF THE GOPRO KARMA DRONE RELEASE** With the excitement building towards DJI’s September 27th event which promises to ‘Reshape Your World’, the Chinese drone manufacturer has released a teaser video showing off the camera quality and manoeuvrability of a new aircraft. Racing through stunning scenery and available to view in 4K, this promo offers the production values we’ve come to expect coupled with enough mystery to keep anticipation peaked until next Tuesday. If you’re a fan of beautiful, challenging aerial shots we highly recommend that you take... Read More

HeliguyOpinionFt 16/09/2016

Heliguy’s Drone Video Editing Course – An Insider Look

As many of our readers will already know, to complement our existing training courses, Heliguy has identified the need for a video editing course specifically geared towards drone footage. We’re offering a beginner’s guide on how to capture and edit aerial videos into a showreel you’ll be able to present to clients. The course is located at our Newcastle HQ where you’ll have access to great facilities and the ability to chat with our dedicated team of experts between sessions. We also have a suite of dedicated editing terminals which... Read More

FtImageNewsJul1stv2 14/09/2016

World Bank Supporting UAV Technology

The World Bank has announced an opportunity to take part in a research scheme regarding the viability of UAS technology in disaster relief. This EOI has been officially titled: “UAV4Resilience – A Comparative Assessment of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Platforms’ Fitness for Use in Small Island States” The ‘UAV4Resilience’ project has been launched to investigate the usage of drones and their compatible sensors for the collection of data, information processing and scenario modelling for Disaster Risk Management. Having consulted with stakeholders in the area, the demand for raw data and... Read More

Inspirevsftimg 09/09/2016

DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 VERSUS Inspire 1 Pro & RAW

If you’re looking for an RTF quadcopter capable of tackling a range of professional use cases with ease, you should be seriously considering the DJI Inspire 1 range. As an approved DJI seller based in the UK, we’re often asked which is the best Inspire 1 to choose. From the Pro and RAW configurations to the V2.0 there are benefits to be found in all of these aircraft. Essentially, it all comes down to what you’re looking to use it for. The Inspire 1 range has proved to be extremely... Read More

FtImageNewsJul1stv2 07/09/2016
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NEWS: DJI Insights & Paris Drone Festival

We’ve only reached Wednesday and it’s already been a busy week for drone news. Read on to find out about DJI’s plans for future models, a successful drone festival in Paris and what Europe is up to in terms of centralised drone regulation. DJI to Announce New Products This Month Having recently announced the Osmo Mobile at IFA 2016 in Berlin, DJI is wasting no time stoking the fires of speculation about what’s next for the company. In an interview with Engadget, Adam Najberg, DJI’s Global Director of Communications, stated, on... Read More

MavicFtImg 02/09/2016

DJI Releasing New ‘Mavic’ Quadcopter

This content is currently unavailable. Please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media using the links at the bottom of the page for more information. Heliguy is dedicated to bringing you the latest news from the drone industry. There’s never a dull moment with DJI and it looks as though another announcement from the Chinese drone giant is imminent. August 15th 2016 saw DJI trademark the name ‘Mavic’. The description of this trademark reads as follows: “Software for the development and also operation of robot tools,... Read More

OsmoMobileFtImg 01/09/2016

DJI Release ‘Osmo Mobile’

It seems the rumours were true regarding the Osmo gimbal for mobile devices. DJI have unveiled the Osmo Mobile at the IFA 2016 expo in Berlin providing the ability to efficiently stabilise stills and footage taken with your mobile device. An All New Osmo This new version of the Osmo features a customizable joystick (for variables such as sensitivity and pan or tilt inversion), full camera control which rivals a professional setup including ISO, shutter and white balance setting, as well as an impressive battery life of up to 4.5... Read More

FtImageNewsJul1stv2 30/08/2016

UPDATED: New DJI Osmo M Gimbal Rumoured

UPDATE: We have seen numerous sources which point towards this new product being called the ‘Zenmuse M1’ – reportedly a gimbal attachment for the existing Osmo that will stabilise photos and videos on your mobile device, however, we await DJI’s announcement at the IFA expo tomorrow for full confirmation.   It looks like DJI may have some big news at the upcoming IFA 2016 expo in Berlin. If you like to keep up with the latest developments in the drone world, we highly recommend that you catch their presentation on... Read More

OSMO-PRO-RAW-FT-IMG 26/08/2016

A Closer Look at the DJI OSMO PRO / RAW

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, affordable handheld filming solution, you can’t go wrong with the DJI Osmo. This massively popular stabilised gimbal has already revolutionised professional filming on a budget and now, with the new Pro and RAW configurations, DJI are really raising their game. Read the announcement for the Osmo+ ‘Zoom‘ Already in possession of an Osmo featuring the DJI Zenmuse X3? No problem, you’re able to add or remove modules and upgraded sensors to suit the way you film. Essentially DJI is giving filmmakers the... Read More