Case Studies & Uses


Drone Mapping With DJI Terra

UPDATE (December 2020): A new update has been released for the DJI Terra drone mapping software, adding support for offline operations and generating a camera calibration file for photos taken with the Zenmuse P1 camera. UPDATE (August 17, 2020): A new update has been released for the DJI Terra drone mapping software, making it 400 times faster than before, and increasing map and model accuracy. DJI Terra is a drone surveying software tool that transforms drone data into digital 3D models and maps for easy analysis and decision-making. DJI Terra... Read More

CSM Radar integrated with the M300 RTK. 18/12/2020

New CSM Radar Collision Avoidance System For DJI M300 RTK

CSM Radar for M300 RTK can detect thin obstacles, such as wires and branches; System can detect objects up to 30 metres away and has 360° coverage; Radar functions at night and has IP45 rating, providing safer flights across a larger range of missions; Augments the drone’s built-in sensors to enhance situational awareness; The drone will brake if it gets too close to obstacles. The M300 RTK is DJI’s safest enterprise drone to date – and it is just about to get even safer, thanks to the imminent release of... Read More

Using the Phantom 4 RTK for city asset management. 09/12/2020

Asset Management With DJI Drones

The City of Henderson Engineering Department, USA, is using drones for easier asset management and to collect topographic data for future facilities improvements; DJI Phantom 4 RTK deployed for a range of projects, including cemetery land management, a waterline installation, and mapping Downtown Henderson; Department describes drones as a ‘critical tool for managing city assets’ and the P4 RTK as being ‘valuable for accurate and efficient’ data collection; Department says P4 RTK can achieve 1.5cm horizontal and 2cm vertical accuracies, with ground control points; Heliguy has helped the Department start... Read More

Heliguy is selling the WingtraOne BVLOS drone. 02/12/2020

WingtraOne Fixed-wing Drone Available At Heliguy

WingtraOne VTOL fixed-wing drone added to the™ product portfolio; The WingtraOne is ideal for large-area surveys and can provide absolute accuracy down to 1cm;™ demonstrated the WingtraOne to client RUAS, a drone services company; RUAS praised the capabilities of the WingtraOne, and said it will complement its fleet of DJI drones; Buy the WingtraOne from™ by clicking here. Drone specialist™ has added the WingtraOne to our product portfolio – offering a BVLOS-ready, VTOL drone solution to aerial mapping clients. This state-of-the-art UAS is ideal for large-area... Read More

SUEZ using DJI drones for waste management. 13/10/2020

SUEZ Using DJI Drones For Waste Management

World-renowned utility firm SUEZ is using drones on its UK landfill sites;™ is helping SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK grow its drone programme, and has supplied a Phantom 4 RTK surveying aircraft; SUEZ says drones replace ‘time-consuming and costly surveying methods’; Read the blog to see P4 RTK data set, collected by SUEZ; Drones collect data for landfill cell management and monitoring and help to streamline project management. Global utility giant SUEZ is deploying drones across its UK waste management sites to replace ‘time-consuming and costly surveying methods’. Drone... Read More

How a drone with a thermal camera can help you. 06/10/2020

Five Ways A Thermal Camera Drone Can Help You

Drones with a thermal camera are helping to increase efficiency, improve safety, and maximise return on investment; Professionals are benefiting from drones and thermal cameras across a range of sectors, such as public safety and industrial inspection; Key tools include the M300 RTK drone, integrated with a H20T camera; Read success stories which highlight the benefits of this technology; Find out how DJI Gold Partner™ can support your enterprise drone program. From finding missing people to helping firefighters tackle a blaze, a drone equipped with a thermal camera has... Read More

Drones for accident reconstruction. 05/10/2020

Drones For Accident Reconstruction

Drones are an important tool for crash-scene investigation; Unmanned aircraft collect accurate data quickly and easily, helping to clear the crash site quicker and improve safety; Drones gather evidence in less than 30 minutes, compared to multiple hours using traditional methods; Learn how to drone map an accident site, including how to create point clouds and 3D models; Use DJI drones for accident reconstruction, including the mapping drone, the Phantom 4 RTK. Drones have become a key tool for crash-scene investigation, helping to collect accurate data quicker and easier than... Read More

Drones for solar panel inspections. 28/09/2020

Drones For Solar Panel Inspections

Drones are a powerful tool for solar panel inspections, collecting data more than 50x faster than manual methods. Solar panel installations have grown massively – up by 81% in 2019, compared to 2018. More installations mean more inspections. Harnessing the DJI ecosystem, the M300 RTK and H20T payload is a great solution, offering expanded flight time and thermal, zoom and wide-angle capabilities. “Drones increase data quantity and quality and reduce costs and hazardous man-hours,” says DJI. Drones have become a vital tool for solar panel inspections, collecting data more than... Read More


M300 RTK In Commercial Drone Programmes

User-success stories: Find out how the DJI M300 RTK is transforming commercial drone programmes; The drone saved global oil giant Shell $100,000 on a single job; Valmont Utility has seen 30% efficiency savings since using the M300 RTK; The thermal capabilities of the H20T camera ‘are amazing’, superior to the XT2 – says HazMat personnel; Power-line inspection company describes M300 RTK and H20 Series as powerful tools; Police officer says department has ‘fallen in love’ with the laser rangefinder on H20 Series, and the M300 RTK is ‘outstanding’; Buy M300... Read More


DJI M300 RTK drone solution ‘is a must-have’

Drone services company FoxFly deployed DJI M300 RTK and H20T camera at major fire. Watch the footage; FoxFly describe DJI M300 RTK and H20T – supplied by™ – as an ‘unbelievable bit of kit’; FoxFly has scaled its commercial drone fleet using™ and has praised the service it has received and the expertise of the™ staff. A drone services company which deployed the DJI M300 RTK and H20T camera at a major fire has described it as ‘an unbelievable bit of kit and a real innovator’. UK-based... Read More