DJI Dropsafe Fitting Service

DJI Dropsafe Fitting Service

DJI Dropsafe drop speed reduction system has finally been released by DJI. "The DJI Dropsafe is designed to slow your aircraft in the event of emergency."

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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DJI Dropsafe has been released and this really does look like a good product for the industry. This will allow all existing rigs to have a managed response to the risk of failure, by deploying a parachute to bring the vehicle safely to ground. The big question that needs answered first is how does it interface and work - this is critical to whether or not it should be added to your Drone / Multirotor. What are the big issues with regard to this? 1. DJI have said it only works with A2 and not Wookong M or other autopilots. We are currently liasing with DJI about how the autopilot outputs commands to drop safe.  I am going to hold fire on further information being added here until we get more technical data from DJI BUT let me say there are a lot of issues that need to be considered first. We will elaborate on this soon and provide further information whether a separate control system for DJI Dropsafe is feasible. 2. If your autopilot has failed will or can it even deploy DropSafe correctly and safely? Relates to the point above and we plan on elaborating on this soon. 3. What do the major insurers think about this system? Heliguy has already discussed informally and is meeting with a major insurer in Jan 2015.   DJI Dropsafe Larger images coming soon.   We advise do not make a move until we update this article.

The DJI Announcement

"The DJI Dropsafe is designed to slow your aircraft in the event of an emergency." DJI say in the Announcement. DJI Dropsafe Larger images to come soon. It also states that is deploys in less that half a second and needs to have at least an altitude of 6 meters. The good news is that is a reusable design and you can buy DJI Dropsafe gas canisters from DJI dealers along with you drop speed reduction system. The Dropsafe system itself weights only 550g.

DJI Dropsafe Safety

To ensure there is never any accidental deployment the system comes with electrical safety and also mechanical safety. The electrical safety will prevent the Dropsafe from deploying within 9 seconds of powering on the system. Whereas the mechanical safety includes a removeable safety pin prevening the triggering pins from making contact with the firing mechanism. Remove the pins for each flight, ensuring you return them after each flight too. DJI Dropsafe Larger images coming soon. There is also a self-checking LED that indicates the DJI Dropsafe system status. Once green the system has completed a full system check and is good to go. Any other colour and you will need to investigate.

What Is The DJI Dropsafe Compatible With

We are advised from DJI that the DJI Dropsafe is fully compatible with the DJI S1000, S1000+ and S900 Spreading Wings platforms. It is also fully compatible with the Freefly Cinestar and heliguy™ Heavy Lift. DJI Dropsafe compatible with S1000, S1000+ & S900 DJI Dropsafe compatible with S1000, S1000+ & S900 DJI Dropsafe compatible with S1000, S1000+ & S900 DJI Dropsafe compatible with S1000, S1000+ & S900 We are also told that is is not compatible with the S800 and S800 EVO if the system is fully loaded with gimbal and camera. Only if the system is without a full payload can it be used.

DJI Dropsafe Gas Canisters

The DJI Dropsafe needs only one canister to deploy. These are not included in your dropsafe and are bought separate as spare parts. dji-dropsafe-gas-canister-1 Larger images coming soon. dji-dropsafe-gas-canister Larger images coming soon.

DJI Dropsafe Fitting Service

As you know, we have built many large multirotor systems where this can now be applied. heliguy™ can fit this to new and previous systems upon request.

Call Us on 0845 838 8652 or +44 (0)191 296 1024 to get set up.

As already mentioned, we are working with the DJI technical team to expand the compatibility of the DJI Dropsafe to other flight control autopilots.

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