Heliguy Selling GeoSLAM Drone LiDAR Sensor

Heliguy Selling GeoSLAM Drone LiDAR Sensor

Drone specialist HELIGUY.com™ has partnered with geospatial technology expert GeoSLAM to provide a drone LiDAR solution.

Last updated: Jul 07, 2022

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  • HELIGUY.com™ partners with GeoSLAM to provide aerial mapping solutions;
  • HELIGUY.com™ is adding GeoSLAM's drone-ready 3D scanner and laser mapping ecosystem to its product portfolio;
  • The partnership will benefit customers wanting to invest in airborne LiDAR Solutions;
  • Drones have become a key tool for surveying.

Drone specialist HELIGUY.com™ has partnered with geospatial technology expert GeoSLAM to provide professionals with sophisticated aerial mapping solutions, including LiDAR.

Combining HELIGUY.com™’s industry-leading hardware supply and support with GeoSLAM’s range of UAV-ready products will empower drone mapping missions, benefiting industries such as surveying; architecture, engineering and construction (AEC); facilities management; mining; real estate; and security and defence.

HELIGUY.com™ will be adding GeoSLAM’s 3D scanner and laser mapping ecosystem to its product portfolio, including ZEB Horizon, which can be integrated with a DJI M600 via a UAV mount and can collect LiDAR point clouds in incredible detail.

ZEB Horizon is lightweight and compact LiDAR solution, with a range of 100m and able to capture 300,000 points per second with an accuracy of 1-3cm. It can be used in remote areas with poor GPS and enables operators to capture data for 3D modelling, conduct material volume and tonnage calculations, and collect floorplan and building measurements.

This solution can be combined with the GeoSLAM Hub & Draw; a comprehensive software suite that provides an end-to-end scan-to-plan workflow, transforming 3D point cloud data into actionable information and valuable deliverables with survey-grade accuracy, which can be exported and shared with stakeholders to improve communication and decision-making.

Drones A Key Tool For Surveying

Surveying drones have become a crucial tool for collecting accurate data quickly and safely, and the partnership between HELIGUY.com™ and GeoSLAM will provide a comprehensive offering for GIS experts, combining HELIGUY.com™’s eco-system of drones - along with free hardware consultancy, drone training, and in-house repair centre - with GeoSLAM’s geospatial technology.

Mike Workman, GeoSLAM’s UK and Ireland Channel Manager, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for both GeoSLAM and Heliguy. The combined expertise from this partnership will be extremely beneficial for customers looking to invest in airborne LiDAR Solutions.

"Innovation and customer focus are core values shared by both our companies; I look forward to working with our new partner.”

Matthew Cairns, part of HELIGUY.com™’s DJI Enterprise team, said: “We are excited to work with GeoSLAM to deliver end-to-end and UAS-optimised LIDAR solutions to help our customers achieve their goals.

"For heliguy™, it is important to partner with a manufacturer whose operating principles are in line with our own. Clients should expect cutting-edge technology and robust support mechanisms from our partnership.”

About HELIGUY.com™

HELIGUY.com™ is an industry-leading supplier of consumer and commercial DJI™ drones, and drone training accreditation issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

With warehouse facilities in Dallas, Texas, USA, and the United Kingdom, HELIGUY.com™ supplies drone pilots and supports UAS projects around the world.

HELIGUY.com™ is a true one-stop-shop, with in-house DJI™-trained technicians for repairs and custom projects, alongside some innovative finance solutions to enable successful adoption and scaling of commercial drone programmes.

The company also specialises in drone defence, offering layered C-UAS solutions centered on DJI AeroScope.

About GeoSLAM

GeoSLAM is a global market leader in 3D geospatial technology solutions. Its unique go-anywhere technology is adaptable to all environments, especially spaces that are indoor, underground or difficult to access, providing accurate 3D mapping without the need for GPS.

Pioneering highly versatile and adaptable solutions using 3D SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology, the GeoSLAM family of geospatial hardware and software solutions provide rapid and easy mapping, and highly-accurate monitoring solutions

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