Introducing the DJI XT Pro App

Introducing the DJI XT Pro App

DJI has released a new app for use with the Zenmuse XT Aerial Thermal Camera. The XT Pro app has a number of unique features. Click here to read more.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

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  DJI has released the new DJI XT Pro iOS app, giving Zenmuse XT users, a much quicker and more simple way to capture thermal imagery. The app has been given a new, simplified design, with a focus on thermal settings, allowing users to quickly obtain their thermal data. DJI and FLIR launched the Zenmuse XT thermal camera in December 2015, a product that quickly became the staple aerial thermal imaging camera for firefighters, farmers, inspectors and more. The launch of the DJI XT Pro app aims to help users obtain thermal data in a fast and effective way.  

Key Features

View near real-time images through your DJI, Zenmuse XT equipped drone – The DJI XT Pro app will allow users to gain automated data from their Zenmuse XT equipped aircraft. Obtain on-screen temperature estimates -  The XT Pro app will quickly allow users to receive temperature estimates on the centre of their screens. With radiometric models, users can select anywhere on-screen to view estimated temperatures. Switch colour palettes to best visualise thermal data – The XT Pro app gives users 12 colour pallets, ranging from White Hot to Fusion, all with false-colour rules. This provides quick visual imagery for the thermal data. Set isotherm controls to quickly see what’s important during your flight – Users can set isotherm controls to identify the minimum and maximum temperature parameters. This allows users to quickly identify temperatures outside their desired ranges.  

Key Uses

The DJI XT Pro app is a key tool for farmers, inspectors, firefighters and more. Electrical inspections – Users can work quickly, even in close proximity to power lines and other electrical systems, when using the XT Pro app. Its isotherm controls and colour pallets help users quickly identify overheating issues and more. Photovoltaic panel inspections – Users can quickly identify underperforming panels and overheating elements in order to complete maintenance. Public safety – The XT Pro app to be used to assess growth and how a fire is spreading, or to locate people in emergency situations.


Mobile Device

The XT Pro app can be used on mobile devices running iOS 9.3 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Drone Compatibility

The DJI XT Pro app will work with any Matrice drones (M100, M200 Series and M600) and the Inspire 1. When using the Matrice 200 Series drones, please note that you will be unable to view a visual feed from the FPV camera and/or a secondary camera.  

Compatible Apps

The XT Pro app can be used as a companion to other DJI apps. It is compatible with the DJI GO, DJI GO 4, DJI Pilot and DJI GS Pro.   The app can be downloaded here:

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