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Approved Used DJI RC Plus
Approved Used DJI RC Plus

Approved Used DJI RC Plus

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A revolutionary DJI flight control experience.

DJI RC Plus is the new 7-inch widescreen remote control designed with commercial drone pilots in mind.

The DJI RC Plus ensures maximum environmental adaptability with an IP54 waterproof and dust-proof rating and improved internals allowing the remote to operate in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C.

The RC Plus is compatible with the DJI M30 Series, DJI M350 RTK, and DJI M300 RTK.

Increased Range and Battery Life

Extra range and 4G functionality

DJI RC Plus can be extended with the DJI Cellular Module to add 4G connectivity to supplement OcuSync 3 Enterprise.

Four Antenna OcuSync 3 Enterprise allows for increased transmission range and 2 removable dual-antenna allow for maximum portability when extended range is not required.

6 hours of battery life from the internal + external battery configuration, which also allows hot-swapping for seamless uninterrupted operations.

New RC, New DJI Pilot 2 App

Revamped flight interface to improve pilot efficiency and increase flight safety.

The new redesigned interface for DJI Pilot 2 allows for one-tap access of drone and payload controls and clear presentation of flight details and navigation information allows for an improved user experience and increased flight efficiency.

Pilot 2 works seamlessly with the DJI RC Plus.

New RC Plus Interface

Screen-side and function buttons are all within reach and enable quick operations and the tap of a button, such as adjusting camera views and dropping PinPoints.

A new comprehensive pre-flight checklist helps you quickly confirm your aircraft and flight parameters, allowing you to take off with confidence.

New optimised interface displays home points, PinPoints and nearby obstacles to improve situational awareness and provide a complete picture of your operation.

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Approved Used DJI RC Plus

DJI Matrice 30 Series
DJI Matrice 350 RTK

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Hairline fracture above right analog stick. Does not affect functionality.