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CAA Drone Training: Full Course (PfCO) - Online Delivery
CAA Drone Training: Full Course (PfCO) - Online Delivery
CAA Drone Training: Full Course (PfCO) - Online Delivery
CAA Drone Training: Full Course (PfCO) - Online Delivery
CAA Drone Training: Full Course (PfCO) - Online Delivery
CAA Drone Training: Full Course (PfCO) - Online Delivery
CAA Drone Training: Full Course (PfCO) - Online Delivery

CAA Drone Training: Full Course (PfCO) - Online Delivery

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The Unique heliguy™ Training Ecosystem

Advanced Online Learning

Flexible and on-demand online learning - any time, any place. Learn at your own pace, replay and rewatch content to reinforce learning, and access live support from our expert training team.

Work With The Best

Hone your skills with a drone training industry leader. Our experienced CAA-qualified instructors have taught 3,000+ candidates, including staff from Network Rail and UK emergency services.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Unlike some, we won't surprise you with extra exam fees or extra costly modules to get qualified - what you see is what you pay.

Ongoing Advice and Support

Your qualification is just the start. Receive lifetime support with dedicated aftercare, partner discounts, added-value learning courses, and professional advice to further your drone pilot credentials.

Full Description

Commercial drone training courses

PfCO course no longer available. It has been replaced by the GVC course - available now.

Until November 2020, candidates will be taught a hybrid syllabus, comprising the current and future drone regulations for the UK.

Upon successful completion of the GVC course, candidates can apply to the CAA for Standard Permissions to operate commercially.
From November 2020, holders can continue to operate under the terms of their current permissions, but on renewal, these will convert to an Operational Authorisation.


Why Choose Heliguy?

No Hidden Costs

The three-day course costs £999 and includes guidance on night-time permissions, an unlimited amount of post Ground School support, expert consultancy and module re-sits.

Trusted & Experienced

We are a trusted NQE and have delivered PfCO courses for years. Our trainers have decades of combined industrial experience and a wide background, such as commercial manned aviation and the military. 

Stunning Venues

Our five stunning training venues help you learn in comfortable and spacious surroundings. The easily-accessible locations are based in the North East, Manchester and Farnborough.

Drone Training Video Overview


"Heliguy were exceptional throughout the process of Ground School, Testing and Flight Assessment."

PfCO Drone Certification Timetable

Our 3-day ground school covers all the essential information you'll require to become a confident commercial drone pilot.

Lunch is included on all three days of the course, at all our training venues.

Day 1

  • Introduction and Registration - Photo ID Required .
  • Airlaw.
  • Maps and charts.
  • Airspace.

Day 2

  • Human Factors.
  • Aircraft systems.
  • Airmanship principles.
  • Risk management.
  • Meteorology.

Day 3

  • Theory Examination.
  • Operations manual overview.
  • Practical planning exercise.
  • Flight test preparation.
  • Closing address and dispersal.

We've trained pilots from a range of major companies including Balfour Beatty, the BBC, Silverback and Team Rubicon.

How do I Become a Qualified Drone Pilot?

In order to obtain a PfCO, you must first complete Ground School, unless you have a valid aviation qualification.
After Ground School, you will compile an Operations Manual which details your organisation, operating procedures and the technical specifications of your aircraft.
Throughout the production of your Operations Manual, you can expect continued support from our dedicated team of instructors, as well as informative online guidance material to enable you to expeditiously produce a quality document. We ensure you understand how to update, manage and renew your documents as required.
Once the Operations Manual is complete and approved by our instructors, you will then be required to conduct a practical flight assessment to ensure that you are competent and confident operating your aircraft.
On successful conclusion of the practical flight assessment, you are then eligible to apply for a PfCO from the CAA.

"The PfCO Course gives candidates the chance to learn the ins and outs of commercial drone operations from our experienced training team. They have the added bonus that our venues are beautiful and serve exceptional food."

Expert Drone Training Team

Our expert commercial drone trainers have a wealth of experience to help deliver a course that reflects the demands of a real-world commercial drone operation.

Tom Anderson

Andrew Elliott

Ben Shirley

"I’m happy I chose Heliguy - it is the best training available. Heliguy made the course fun and easy to understand, which got me through the theory and practical examinations."

Ashley Wiggins

PfCO Drone Training Locations

We offer a range of locations around the UK for PfCO Courses.

The Elvetham

The Elvetham
Fleet Rd
Hartley Whitney
RG27 8AS

Shrigley Hall

Shrigley Hall
Shrigley Rd
Pott Shrigley
SK10 5SB

Village Hotel

Village Hotel
10 The Silverlink North
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE27 0BY

Heliguy Drone Training Reviews

Robert Hansom

"Professional, helpful and friendly training team. I had a great time at ground school, which was intense but made manageable due to the experience and confidence of the training team. I have learnt a lot about flying drones safely and have completed the practical assessment."

Aldo Kane

"Heliguy were exceptional throughout the process of ground school, testing and flight assessment. The course work was relevant and ensured a thorough knowledge of the subject before examination. Would thoroughly endorse Heliguy for any would-be drone operator."

Mark Stansfield

"Our group completed our PfCO training with the Heliguy team. Their guidance, know how and ability to adapt to any situation was unbelievable. I myself have dyslexia and the team would happily go over things a couple times and add extra guidance if needed. For that I am so grateful." 


Drone Training FAQs

What are the lead times on Heliguy's drone training from start to finish?

The average candidate takes 1-2 months to complete the whole process. 

Can I take my drone flight test the same week as my Ground School?

You can as long as your Operations Manual has been approved by us in advance. However, it's recommended that you take some time to absorb the information and use this opportunity practice what you have learned over the course of the week.

Are there any other costs after the Ground School?

The CAA charges £250 for the initial application and then £190 on renewal annually.

What if I fail my drone flight test?

There are no additional charges – you can re-sit the flight test with our instructors for free.

Can I fly a drone without gaining my PfCO from the CAA?

You can as a hobbyist, but not as a commercial operator in the UK.

Do I need to retrain or annually retake a drone flight test?

No, you simply need to renew your PfCO with the CAA annually. We can provide you with assistance when the time comes.

Does passing Heliguy's training course get me a drone license?

No, you simply need to renew your PfCO with the CAA annually. We can provide you with assistance when the time comes.

Do I need to take a test to fly drones at night?

Not at all. Night permission can be added to your PfCO for no additional charge. We will provide guidance on the process for integrating this into your Operations Manual, whilst outlining the risk mitigation and human factors aspect of flying at night.

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