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Excelerate UAV Streamer

Excelerate UAV Streamer

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Full Description

excelerate uav streamer

Real-time drone footage beyond the pilot.

Safe and Secure Data Transfer - When You Need It

The Excelerate UAV Streamer makes real-time drone footage more accessible beyond the pilot, helping to improve situational awareness, incident response, and operational outcomes.

By simply plugging the solution into your existing UAV system, live footage is streamed over public or private networks securely via Excelerate's ExStream Video Application.

Footage can then be accessed securely anywhere via any authorised device with an internet connection.

Key features of the Excelerate UAV Streamer are:

  • Portable: Small, lightweight, and easily portable, weighing only 5.4kg.
  • Durable: Rugged outer casing designed to be used in high-pressured and hazardous environments. 
  • Easy Set-up: On/off button for simple one-touch deployment.
  • Battery Life: Eight hours of battery life with visual of battery status.
  • Compatibility: Utilise the SIM Slot for compatibility with all networks. And as long as your drone's controller has a HDMI slot, it can be integrated with the streamer.
  • Touch-screen display: Bright touch-screen display.
"Our UAV streamer solution makes real-time footage accessible beyond the pilot to other responders whether they are in the field or back-office location. The solution is simple to use and can be integrated in to any UAV system with a HDMI port. You just plug it in and away you go. Feedback so far has been great and I’m very excited to launch this innovative product which can add value to your UAV investment by improving operational outcomes."

Nicola Savage, Group Marketing Director, Excelerate.

Easy Set-up

The UAV Streamer can be set up quickly and easily for rapid deployment. Here's how:

  1. Plug your UAV controller in to the UAV Streamer solution via a HDMI cable.
  2. Access footage from any authorised device whether desktop or mobile or on a vehicle via the ExStream video application.
  3. Stream real-time footage to any authorised location via 3G/4G.
  4. Control and manage viewing of footage with two separate streaming groups.

User-friendly Interface

The Excelerate UAV Streamer benefits from a simple touch-screen interface and one-touch button for easy deployment.

Using our patented DDMI technology, all systems are integrated in to one user-friendly interface so functIons can be controlled with ease.

The interface layout has been designed to be simple and efficient. So, you don’t have to go through numerous steps or systems to use the streamer, just ‘plug and play’.

ExStream Video Streaming Service - Access Footage Anywhere

The ExStream video streaming service brings multiple feeds together from drones (or other cameras) into one easy to use application and includes the ability to securely manage user settings and access.

ExStream can simultaneously display, record, review and export images and remote streams from multiple locations and devices, meaning that recording will not stop if the content needs to be reviewed at an incident.

To enhance decision-making and tactical response, the footage can be viewed in real-time by numerous people on any authorised device with an internet connection, and this footage is stored so that it can be accessed in the future.

ExStream is a safe and secure system. Footage or information streamed through ExStream is fully encrypted to protect sensitive data.

UAV Streamer use cases

Find out how the solution can benefit your application.

Excelerate's UAV Streamer and ExStream Video Service is benefiting a diverse range of markets and applications.

Below are examples of how various industries are utilising the solution:

  • Police and Security: Surveillance, Special Operations (Firearms, CT etc), Mobile Policing, Public Safety & Crowd Monitoring, Border Control, Events, Secure units (eg Prisons) and Perimeter Control.
  • Emergency Services: Command & Control – Incident Management, Connected Healthcare, Search & Rescue, Environmental protection, Joint Operations and Interoperability
  • Commercial:  Water, Oil & Gas, Construction, Agriculture, Site Surveys, Transport and Maritime.
"Excelerate’s UAV streamer is very simple to use, which is ideal in our line of work. You turn on the power button and press the stream button, then away it goes - a great aspect of the product. 
“The easy deployment really works for us and getting access to the footage via Excelerate’s app is great and the stream quality is very good, so those commanders who aren’t with us can also view it. 
“The ability to set up a restricted stream if required is beneficial to us as if you need to ensure only a limited group of people see the footage, then this can be done very simply. It is a brilliant bit of kit."

PC Tom Gee, of Derbyshire Police™ and Excelerate Announce Partnership™, one of the world’s leading drone specialists, has partnered with Excelerate, the global market leader in resilient communications technology, to provide a comprehensive solution for real-time incident response and data acquisition.

Designed to benefit the emergency services and major infrastructure firms, the alliance is based around Heliguy’s renowned model of drone supply and support, and Excelerate’s innovative UAV Streamer.

To develop the partnership,™ and Excelerate will build on their experience of working with the emergency services and other top-level enterprise clients at home and abroad. Examples between them include Greater Manchester Police, London Fire Brigade, National UK and Middle East Ambulance & Resilience Services and Thames Valley Police.

Both companies will leverage each other’s complementary technology experience and capabilities and will join forces on product development projects.™ will add the UAV Streamer, and other Excelerate solutions, to its product portfolio, while Excelerate will extend the™ business model to their own customers who require drone hardware and services.

Thanks to Excelerate’s hybrid approach to connectivity, through the use of both cellular and satellite networks, the company has become a trusted partner to deliver solutions to support emergency services, government organisations, maritime operations, the oil and gas sector, and national infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Further information to help you utilise the UAV Streamer. 

How much is the UAV Streamer?

The UAV Streamer costs £6,995 (+VAT), and that includes a five-year streaming licence.

What drones can I use with the UAV Streamer?

As long as the drone controller has a HDMI slot, the UAV Streamer is compatible, so this includes drones in the DJI range.

How many SIM cards can the UAV Streamer hold?

The UAV Streamer can hold one SIM card. You can provide your own SIM card to be installed prior to delivery, or you can speak to™ and Excelerate Technology about unsteered SIM cards. They allow you to utilise multiple network carriers in your country, rather than being tethered to a single provider.

How long does the battery last?

During testing, the UAV Streamer operated for 8 hours.

How many people can download the viewing application, and how many people can view the live stream at the same time?

Included in your purchase of the UAV Streamer is a 5 year streaming licence, which allows your organisation to download the viewing application onto as many different devices as you like. There is also no limit to the number of users who can view the live stream at the same time.

How many different drone feeds can the UAV Streamer take?

The UAV Streamer can take one feed from your drone controller.

Can footage be recorded using the UAV Streamer?

No. To ensure that your data is as secure as possible, there is no recording equipment either in the UAV Streamer or at Excelerate's servers.

How secure is the UAV Streamer and the viewing application?™ and Excelerate Technology take your security very seriously and that is why we have ensured that the live stream coming from the UAV Streamer is encrypted, and our servers are held within UK-based ISO270001 teleports. Further accreditation and documentation can be supplied on request.

Product Specification

Dimensions: 34.6 x 15.9 x 30.8cm 

Battery Powered: Yes  

Battery Life: 6-8 hours 

Inputs: 1 x 240-volt charger, 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB, 1 x LAN 

Outputs: None 

Max Stream Resolution: 1920 x 1080 

Operating System: Excelerate Proprietary Streamer DDMI  

Modem Network: Open 

SIM Slots Internal:

SIM Slots External: 1 (available via USB dongle)  

Internet Connection: 4G 

Video Encryption: Vemotion V-TX transmission protocol 

Video Encoding: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC 

Video Protocol: RTSP 

Charge Time: 8-hours 

Operating Temperature: -10° to 60° C 

Weight: 5.4 Kg 

Modem Speed: LTE FDD: Cat4 DL: 150 Mbps / UL: 50 Mbps @20 M BW. UMTS: DCHSPA+: 42 / 5.76 Mbps; 21 M / 5.76 Mbps; 14 M / 5.76 M. HSUPA: 7.2 M / 5.76 M. 2G: EDGE packet data service of up to 236.8 kbps

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