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EU Drone Regulations guide. 12/01/2021

EU Drone Regulations, Licences And Training

New drone laws have started throughout Europe to help define the safe operation of UAS in European skies (EU and EASA Member States). One of the key changes is that they adopt a risk-based approach. Therefore, they do not distinguish between recreational or commercial flights. Instead, the weight and specifications of the drone, as well as the operation, are factors which shape which drone licence you need and where you can fly. This blog offers an overview of the new EU drone rules. Click the link for a more specific... Read More

New UK drone laws. 31/12/2020

UK Drone Laws: An In-depth Guide

So, you’ve bought a drone, or you’re thinking of purchasing one. Among the key considerations is how to fly legally and safely in the UK. This guide to UK drone regulations and registration will help. The article reflects the changes to drone rules which came into force in the UK and throughout Europe on December 31, 2020. UK Drone Laws: At A Glance Here are some key points to know, before reading about the rules in more depth. Three new operational categories: Open (geared to hobbyists/some commercial users), Specific (mainly... Read More


New UK Drone Laws: Can I Use My PfCO?

Valid PfCO holders will be able to operate under a special authorisation from December 31, 2020; This authorisation aligns the PfCO with the new Operational Authorisation, as part of new drone rules; The aim is to ensure that the relevant UAS operators will all hold the same privileges; The special authorisation amends aspects of the PfCO. Valid PfCOs will be amended to bring them into line with the Operational Authorisation – as part of new drone laws. The regulations are set to start in the UK and throughout Europe on... Read More

FPV drone laws. 21/12/2020

FPV Drone Laws In The UK

FPV drone flying, and the use of goggles, is legal in the UK – but certain rules need to be followed; Having a competent observer beside the remote pilot is currently an integral part of the permission; Under new drone laws – starting on December 31, 2020 – FPV flights can be conducted in the Open and Specific categories; Association members of drone and model aircraft clubs will be afforded greater flexibilities for FPV flights and drone racing, under the Article 16 Operational Authorisation. Exhilarating, exciting, and immersive – the... Read More

UK Drone Registration - Guide to the theory test. 14/12/2020

Changes To UK Drone Registration Theory Test

UPDATE (December 2020): The number of theory test questions has increased, from 20 to 40; UK drone users need to sit the competency test, as part of the UK drone registration scheme; The pass mark is 30; The test focuses on safety and how to fly legally; Find out about the UK drone registration fee, how to sticker your drone and which drones need to be registered. Drone users in the UK must pass a free online theory test before flying their aircraft – and the number of questions has... Read More

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Brexit Impacts New Drone Laws

UK drone qualifications will not be valid in the EU; UK operators wanting to fly in EU States will need to do the local version of the A2 CofC or GVC; This is the same for non-UK operators wishing to fly in the UK; CAA says this could change in the future. New drone qualifications obtained in the UK cannot be used in EU member countries, the CAA has said. Upcoming EU drone laws – due to start on December 31, 2020 – will see the introduction of the A2... Read More

Heliguy has launched an OSC consultancy. 01/12/2020

OSC Consultancy Launched By Heliguy

Heliguy launches Operating Safety Case consultancy; New team member previously worked for the CAA, evaluating and approving OSCs; His experience will help you build a compliant and tailored OSC – with the aim of saving you time and money throughout the application process; OSCs allow commercial operators to fly outside Standard Permissions, expanding mission capabilities; The number of OSC applications are on the rise. UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect new drone laws, which started in the UK and throughout Europe on December 31, 2020. Heliguy has launched... Read More

Heliguy is running a PfCO to GVC Conversion Course. 01/12/2020

Convert Your PfCO To A GVC

Convert your PfCO to a GVC to benefit from updated provisions, as part of upcoming new drone laws; Heliguy is holding a conversion course, available to book now; Complete your theory exam preparation and test online for an on-demand learning experience. Heliguy is running a PfCO to GVC Conversion Course, enabling commercial drone pilots to benefit from updated provisions as part of the new UK drone laws. Under the updated rules – beginning on December 31, 2020 – a GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) will be required to... Read More

Could DJI drones be retrospectively class marked? 24/11/2020
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Can DJI Drones Be Retrospectively CE Class Marked?

Current DJI drones could receive retrospective CE class markings to enable pilots to enjoy greater freedoms under new European drone laws. The global UAS manufacturer has hinted at the possibility of updating its existing products to make them compliant with the soon-to-be-introduced CE class identification system. If this happens, it would open up more opportunities for pilots under the new rules; for instance, allowing them to fly closer to people without needing a standard permission. New CE Markings For Drones Under the rules – to start in Europe and the... Read More

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Revised CAP 722: Updates To The New UK Drone Laws

CAA issues updates to new drone laws starting in the UK at the end of 2020; For commercial operators, new Pre-Defined Risk Assessments (PDRAs) have been issued; Changes are being made to the drone registration test – with an increased number of questions; Fresh clarity on legislation for drones with ‘Follow Me’ mode, and guidance on commercial pilot currency; Read this blog for an in-depth look at the updates, plus an overview of the new UK drone laws. New guidance issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) highlights key updates... Read More