Heliguy Partners With XGRIDS For Next-gen 3D Model Content Creation

Heliguy Partners With XGRIDS For Next-gen 3D Model Content Creation

XGRIDS is an end to end technology ecosystem, revolutionising 3D modelling. Benefit from on-the-go mapping with multi-SLAM LiDAR to create accurate and detailed recreations of real-world environments, benefiting a range of applications, including construction, public safety, real estate, and for use in the Metaverse.

Published on: Apr 22, 2024
Last updated: Apr 22, 2024

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  • heliguy™ partners with XGRIDS to offer its end-to-end ecosystem of 3D modelling technology;
  • XGRIDS handheld scanners - the Lixel L2 and Lixel K1 - enable rapid mobile mapping and collect centimetre-accurate, highly-detailed 3D models. The L2 can also be drone-mounted;
  • XGRIDS has launched Lixel CyberColour (LCC) studio: Facilitating the creation of ultra-realistic, large-scale 3D models through the technique of Gaussian Splatting;
  • heliguy™ has an in-house surveying department to support the integration of XGRIDS technology into your workflows.        

Survey specialist heliguy™ has partnered with XGRIDS, a leading provider of 3D intelligent technology.

The XGRIDS product ecosystem unlocks the potential of 3D data, enabling professionals to benefit from detailed and realistic environment reconstruction.

XGRIDS provides an end-to-end workflow solution, comprising compact handheld 3D scanners and a complementary software suite.

At its core is the recently-launched Lixel CyberColour (LCC) studio, representing a ground-breaking advancement in 3D content generation.



Utilising a combination of multi-SLAM algorithms and optimised 3DGS technology, LCC creates ultra-realistic, large-scale 3D models through Gaussian Splatting.

This technique employs machine learning to manipulate millions of Gaussian ellipsoids, merging and/or splitting them to generate photorealistic 3D scenes.

It overcomes the modelling challenges of large spaces and complex environments and provides unprecedented immersive experiences.

LCC integrates with professional 3D software and platforms and is compatible with XGRIDS’ hardware, including the Lixel L2 32 channel and 16 channel, and Lixel K1.

The L2 and K1 are professional SLAM-based handheld scanners, providing centimetre-accuracy, real-time scanning and modelling capabilities, and instant colour point cloud generation. The L2 can also be drone-mounted.



SLAM technology enables users to deploy the Lixel L2 and K1 in diverse and complex scenarios, including underground.

They reduce operational time and cost, and can be used for applications such as construction, mining and aggregates, real estate, public safety, leisure and tourism, and Metaverse.

Richard Dunlop, survey lead at heliguy™, said: “We are delighted to partner with XGRIDS. The XGRIDS ecosystem revolutionises 3D content production, empowering on-the-go mapping across a range of industries.

“Lixel CyberColour is a particularly exciting introduction to the market and through the innovative application of Gaussian Splatting techniques, it enables users to create vast 3D reconstructions for highly-immersive experiences and the creation of detailed and ultra-realistic models.”


XGRIDS 3D Scanners.


Sunny Liao, Sales Director, International, for XGRIDS, said: “We are very excited to work with professional partners like heliguy™ to provide best in class 3D generation solutions and services to our customers.

"We aim to help our customers to improve the efficiency and quality in generating 3D contents, and look forward to seeing more use cases in different industries.”

heliguy™ has a dedicated in-house surveying department to help users integrate the XGRIDS ecosystem into their workflows. XGRIDS extends the heliguy™ product range and provides clients with technology to conduct handheld and mobile scanning for 3D modelling applications. For more details, contact us.

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