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XGRIDS 3D Laser Scanners

Unlock the limitless potential of 3D data with XGRIDS 3D scanners and software ecosystem, powered by innovative multi-SLAM and 3DGS technology.

Rapidly create next-gen 3D content with XGRIDS go-anywhere mobile mapping solutions.

Deploy in complex environments and benefit from real-time colour point cloud generation.

The XGRIDS Lixel CyberColour (LCC) platform revolutionises 3D reconstruction, enabling users to automatically create ultra-realistic large-scale 3D models.  

XGRIDS solutions can be deployed across a range of industries, including public safety, smart cities, mining, and Metaverse.

XGRIDS Ecosystem

XGRIDS provides integrated, end-to-end hardware and software solutions for fast 3D content generation and applications.

  • The Lixel L2 and Lixel K1 are handheld scanners engineered with proprietary multi-SLAM algorithms and multi-sensor data fusion.
  • The Lixel L2 can be mounted to a drone for aerial data capture.
  • Lixel CyberColour is a fully-integrated 3D content generation solution, enabling the creation of vast, like-like 3D scenes and overcoming challenges with traditional 3D modelling. 
  • LixelStudio is an intelligent 3D processing software, providing services for viewing, editing, and processing laser point clouds.
  • Pair the Lixel L2 and K1 with LixelGo companion app, for a mobile-controlled operational workflow, real-time preview of scan results, and one-screen monitoring of device status.

    Lixel CyberColour

    Lixel CyberColor (LCC) represents a groundbreaking advancement in 3D content generation.

    It utilises a combination of a self-developed multi-SLAM algorithm and optimised 3DGS technology, allowing users to automatically create ultra-realistic large-scale 3D models.

    This technology enables unprecedented immersive experiences across various spatial computing devices and can be seamlessly integrated with professional 3D software and platforms.

    Benefits include:

    • Automated generation of ultra-realistic models.
    • Fully-integrated 3D content generation solution.
    • Infinite-scale rendering.
    • LiDAR integration for precision.
    • AI-powered dynamic object removal to reconstruct detailed digital twins.
    • Open development ecosystem. LCC plugins and SDKs will be available for platforms such as Unity, UE, Web and Mobile, Empowering unprecedented boundless reproduction of 3D content.

    XGRIDS Applications

    • Geomatics: Real-world 3D, DEM/DSM and land-air fusion.
    • Smart City: Grid management, urban renewal, and BIM/CIM.
    • Public Safety: Real-time reconstruction, AI recognition, and enhanced situational awareness.
    • Energy and Mining: Digital mine, stockpile measurement, and power inspection.
    • Metaverse: Realistic space, virtual and real combination, and multimedia presentation.
    • Tourism: Online viewing, tourist attraction management, and virtual and real interaction.
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