Heliguy to exhibit at major Security and Policing expo

Heliguy to exhibit at major Security and Policing expo

Heliguy will showcase drone-detection solutions, the new M200 Series V2, commercial drones and R&D department HECTIC.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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heliguy™ is proud to announce that it will be showcasing drone-detection solutions, the new M200 Series V2, enterprise UAVs and our recently-launched research and development service HECTIC at the prestigious Security and Policing exhibition.

The major Home Office event is being staged at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, Hampshire, from Tuesday, March 5, to Thursday, March 7.

Security and Policing 2019 gives guests the chance to view the latest developments in the UK security market with almost 400 companies - including heliguy™ - exhibiting under the one roof.

The unique three-day event incorporates live demonstrations, immersive experiences and keynote briefings. It is free to attend, but there is no general admittance. All visitors are subject to Home Office approval. Attendees will include:

  • Key providers of national infrastructure and their security managers in the UK
  • Chief Constables and their force representatives
  • UK and international Police Officers and staff
  • Emergency services and First Responders
  • The Home Office and other Government Departments
  • Prisons and correctional facilities professionals
  • Customs, immigration and border agencies
  • Government security agencies
  • MOD departments and procurement heads
  • Major event security professionals

Award-winning heliguy™ will be exhibiting a range of products during the event. Organisations and personnel wanting to speak to our expert team are invited to book 30-minute slots.

What will heliguy™ be exhibiting?

During the show, heliguy™ will be exhibiting:

The event will give heliguy™ the chance to share its knowledge and promote various pieces of kit and services which will be useful to the emergency services and security personnel.  

New M200 Series V2

heliguy™ is aiming to display the new M200 Series V2 at the event. This latest enterprise drone platform was released by DJI yesterday.

The M200/M210/M210 RTK V2s will be invaluable tools for a number of industries, including public safety, forensics, inspection and construction.

Improvements over the V1 Series include enhanced security, anti-collision beacons and compatibility with the powerful X7 camera.

Drone Detection

heliguy™ is an expert in drone detection, specialising in DJI's AeroScope solution

Following the disruption at Gatwick last December, heliguy™ has been a key drone-detection partner, installing and testing AeroScope at a number of major UK airports, as well as putting the sites’ existing defence systems through their paces.

This vital work with leading airports comes on the back of heliguy™ showcasing the specialist AeroScope system – a state-of-the-art UAV monitor - at Operation Zenith, which was a world-first demonstration to test how drones and traditional aircraft can safely share the same airspace.

During the security exhibition, heliguy™ will be displaying the AeroScope G8 antenna - a stationary drone-detection solution.


We will also be bringing a portable unit with us. This type of drone detection can be set up quickly and easily anywhere it's needed. It is perfect for use at temporary events, mobile deployments or other instances where you need to protect the airspace around you at short notice.

As part of our drone-detection display, heliguy™ will also be on hand to talk about a layered solution - harnessing the power of multiple systems to incorporate AeroScope with a sophisticated interface, various cameras and Robin Radar. This layered defence can be offered thanks to our partnership with Operations Solutions. 



During next month's event, Heliguy's expert team will be on hand to discuss our new research and development service - HECTIC

HECTIC - which stands for heliguy™ Electronics and Custom Technology Integration Centre - is our specialised R&D arm and consultancy to provide custom solutions, tailor-made bespoke products and hardware and software integrations for commercial drone applications.

The service has already had some outstanding results. Examples include:



Phantom 4 Parrot Sequoia

This unique sensor was mounted to the DJI Phantom 4. Including custom mount, power solution utilising the drone's battery and solution to GPS interference.



Slow-Mo Camera Matrice 600 Build

HECTIC created a custom mount, triggering system and live video transmission solution for this advanced slow motion camera on the DJI Matrice 600.



Custom Build for Newcastle University

HECTIC completed a custom-build for Newcastle University - integrating a DJI Matrice 600 Pro with a LiDAR system by designing a custom-mounting solution.

This was done thanks to HECTIC’s rapid in-house prototyping.



Integrating a Hyperspectral Camera with a DJI M600 Pro

Our team integrated a hyperspectral camera onto a DJI M600 Pro.

We designed a custom power supply utilising the power output of the Ronin-MX gimbal alongside an intelligent trigger system allowing the camera to take sophisticated and high-tech images autonomously and manually. 

We also integrated an ambient light sensor and GPS to the top of the drone, allowing the camera to encode GPS information into the images.

To find out more about HECTIC, click here.

Enterprise Drones 

There's no doubt that drones are a game-changer for policing and security. After all, UAVs can help many missions, including:


There are numerous enterprise drones and equipment available which have been designed to help the work of the emergency services and heliguy™ will be bringing along the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise or the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual to the event. Benefits are:

Password protection
Light and easy to carry
Self-heating batteries
Over 30 minutes' flight time
24GB internal storage

Three useful accessories can also be attached to both drones:

These accessories can be crucial in life-saving missions. Imagine how beneficial it would be to use the bright spotlight in a nighttime search or to provide vital information for afar via the speaker.

Both of these drones come with cameras. The Mavic 2 Enterprise has a 2x optical, 3x digital zoom camera.


The Dual has side-by-side visual and thermal cameras. And it's the latter which is the real string to the Dual's bow. After all, infrared is a really useful tool to have, especially for surveillance and search missions.

The thermal camera on the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual is a reliable performer, as these pictures below show.

Speaking of thermal, heliguy™ will be bringing the powerful Zenmuse XT2 camera to the roadshow.

The XT2 thermal camera is an extremely reliable tool and can be integrated with a range of DJI drones.


On the camera front, heliguy™ will also be showing exhibition attendees the Zenmuse Z30 - a top-notch zoom camera capable of 30x zoom.


Both the XT2 and Z30 can be attached to the DJI Matrice Series of drones, giving emergency-service personnel a very effective UAV solution - flying a heavy-duty M200 for instance, armed with a thermal camera and a 30x zoom camera. heliguy™ will be exhibiting the Matrice Series at the event.


Elistair Tethering Systems

heliguy™ is selling Elistair's tethering systems and will be displaying them at the Police and Security Expo.

The state-of-the-art systems can keep drones airborne 24/7. Due to this extra-long flight time, these sophisticated pieces of kit are ideal for persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and high-bandwidth communications.

Two options are available. These are the Safe-T Tether and the Ligh-T Tether, and they are compatible with a range of DJI drones, including the M200 series.



Safe-T Tether

Safe-T is a smart tethered station for commercial drones.

Fully-automated and thanks to its micro-tether providing unlimited power and high speed data transfer, the solution enables unlimited access to an aerial view, in real time and in a secure manner.



Ligh-T Tether

Ligh-T is a compact and rugged tethered drone solution for small UAVs.

Designed for the field, Ligh-T provides access to several hours of continuous flights for emergency event management.


Teradek Bond Backpack

During the exhibition, heliguy™ plans to stream footage by using a Teradek Bond Backpack.

The Teradek Bond is a complete solution for professional streaming suitable for broadcasters. It provides the very best in signal reception and video quality.

Come and see us

During the Security and Policing exhibition, heliguy™ will be on stand A29. Attendees are invited to come over and talk to our expert team. To book a slot, click on the calendar here

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