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How Much do Drone Repairs Cost?

Every repair is different - but here are some examples of what our clients have paid for recent work.

Mavic 2 Pro Arm Repair


Replacing both front arms on a Mavic 2 Pro after a heavy crash with all props also replaced.

Inspire 2 No Camera Feed


Replacing the vibration board on an Inspire 2 and fully reconnecting camera feed cabling.

Matrice 210 Crash Damage


Replacing two complete arms, motors, entire top shell and saving a drone from being a write off. 

In-House DJI Repair Center

Drone specialist heliguy™ offers an in-house DJI-approved UK drone repair centre.

Drone specialist heliguy™ offers an in-house DJI-approved UK drone repair centre.

Operating from our headquarters in North Shields, on the edge of Newcastle, our expert technicians provide industry-leading, unbeatable support and invaluable consultancy.

As a DJI Gold Partner, we possess an unparalleled understanding of the DJI eco-system to provide a comprehensive DJI drone repair service.

Our technical staff - certified by DJ in the Netherlands & China - have conducted more than 3,000 repairs on drones across the industry, catering for hobbyists, commercial drone users, and large enterprise clients.

We mend all drones as quickly as possible, but a fast-track repair service is available to ensure a rapid fix. For an additional £75, your repair can be turned around in just 72 hours.

Our speedy maintenance programme is perfect for UAV operators who need to get their damaged aircraft back up into the sky as quickly as possible. Call our tech team on 0191 296 1024 or email for confirmation on whether or not your repair is eligible for fast-track.

As with every other aspect of our business, heliguy™'s technical department is held to the highest professional standards and will expend the same level of time and care on every aircraft that comes through our build and repair service.

For those looking at longer term support, we offer care packages such as heliguy™'s Repair Refresh drone crash cover, letting you fly your aircraft with the peace of mind that we have you covered should anything go wrong.

What's Covered Under Warranty?

Simply Put - Warranty Covers Damage NOT Caused By User Error or Reckless Flights

heliguy™ offers a full warranty with all their DJI drones.

Many repairs that are submitted to us are covered by the official heliguy™ backed warranty.

Examples of circumstances where you will be covered by warranty:

  • My drone has lost functionality after a software update - Covered by warranty.
  • My drone has started to develop cracks around screws - Covered by warranty as this is a manufacturing defect.
  • I have received my drone and there is an error on screen - Covered by warranty subject to diagnosis call.
  • My drone was not following my inputs on the remote and crashed - Covered subject to data analysis.

Examples of circumstances where you will NOT be covered by warranty:

  • Drone was in a no-fly zone - Reckless Flight.
  • All obstacle avoidance features were deactivated - Reckless Flight.
  • I kept flying even though the battery was low and I was warned to land - User Error.

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Drone Repair FAQs

Where do I send a DJI drone for repair?

If your DJI drone is broken, you can send it to heliguy™ for our in-house, DJI-trained technicians to carry out the required repairs. heliguy™, the UK’s leading drone specialist, has repaired thousands of drones and offers a fast-track repair service.

Is there a drone repair shop near me?

heliguy™ is based at Unit 9, Jupiter Court, Orion Business Park, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE29 7SE, United Kingdom. You can send us your drone for repair from anywhere in the UK and we will fix it as quickly as possible. Our experienced technicians have been approved by DJI and know the product range inside-out.

How can I repair my DJI drone?

The simple answer is don’t try to do it yourself. For safety, efficiency and the required expertise, send your broken drone to an authorised dealer, such as heliguy™. As the UK’s leading drone specialist, and with in-house technicians trained by DJI, we can repair your drone quickly and properly. Our experienced team will always be available to offer you ongoing support and consultancy.

How much does it cost for heliguy™ to repair my drone?

The cost of the repair depends on the severity of the damage to the drone. But, as standard, we charge £15 for return postage and £15 if we organise collection (if it is non-warranty). heliguy™ also charges a £55 per hour labour charge. We do offer a fast-track repair service. For an additional £75, your repair can be completed in just 72 hours.

How long will it take for heliguy™ to repair my drone?

We aim to repair your drone as quickly as possible, but the standard turnaround time is five working days.

We do offer a fast-track repair service. For an additional £75, your repair can be completed in just 72 hours.

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Our Clients and partnerships...

Here are a selection of the calibre of clients heliguy™ work with.

Drone Servicing

heliguy™ is an authorised DJI Drone service centre.

Why Service Your Drone with heliguy™?

Quite simply because we're the experts in drone maintenance.

Our DJI-trained technicians will ensure that your equipment is in perfect condition to ensure you can continue your aerial work as effectively as possible.

  • Expert In-Depth Drone Service
  • Certificate of Service Issued
  • Free Return Postage
  • Courtesy Email for Service Results
  • DJI Trained Technicians

To put your mind at ease, and to ensure your aircraft is in prime condition, we offer a comprehensive DJI drone servicing package, conducted by our experienced technical team.

Our experts will perform a number of in-depth service checks on your aircraft to ensure it is fully operational and in tip-top shape. If any faults are found, we will contact you, and as soon as you’ve approved any necessary work, we’ll book your equipment in for repair.

As standard, we perform a flight test to ensure the drone works under operational conditions. Flight tests will vary for each aircraft, however, they will involve a general stress test to confirm the performance of your drone.

Once we are happy, and the drone has undergone a thorough assessment, we will issue a Certificate of Service.

Small Drone Service

Book Small Drone Service


Suitable For:

DJI Mavic Range
DJI Phantom Range
DJI Spark Range

Medium Drone Service

Book Medium Drone Service


Suitable For:

DJI Inspire Range
DJI Matrice 200/210

Heavy Lift Drone Service

Book Heavy Lift Drone Service


Suitable For:

DJI Matrice 600 Range
DJI Matrice 210 RTK
DJI Matrice 300 Range
*Only available for Heavy Lift Drones purchased from heliguy™

Booking a service is simple - just click the button on the right to view the three types of drone service and buy the one you need on our website to start the process.

How Does a Drone Service Work?

  1. Book a Service Ticket - You'll book a service ticket using our heliguy™ Support system.
  2. Send Equipment Using Prepaid Label - We'll send you a pre-paid postage label that will cover courier postage of your equipment to us. Simply arrange a time that suits you to have the equipment collected by the courier.
  3. Equipment Inspected by our Tech Team - Our tech team will perform a number of in-depth service checks on your equipment to ensure it's in full working order.
  4. Necessary Repairs Performed - If there have been faults found with your equipment, the team will be in touch to let you know. As soon as you've approved any necessary work, we'll book your equipment in for a repair through our standard process.
  5. Drone Flight Tested - If you're sending us a drone of any kind, we'll perform a full flight test to ensure that the drone works under operational conditions.
  6. Certificate of Service Issued - Once our tech team are satisfied that the equipment is fully operational and that no repairs are required - they will issue a certificate of service.
  7. Equipment Returned to You - Your equipment will then be safely repackaged by our warehouse team, and sent back to you free of charge via Next Day Courier.

What Parts of my Drone will you Service?

The following areas will be checked if applicable on your aircraft:

  1. Structural Checks - Your aircraft will be meticulously checked for cracks and damage that could result in issues with its operation.
  2. Battery Health Checks  - Battery cell variance, physical battery state and other checks are completed.
  3. Cable Health Checks - Some drones may require additional cable checks to ensure that all internal cabling is secure.
  4. Motor Functions - Each motor on the aircraft will be assessed for defects that could lead to a failure. Propellers will also be checked for damage.
  5. Software Updates - The software on your drone, remote controller, batteries and camera will be updated to the latest available version.
  6. Calibrations - All hardware on the aircraft is checked to ensure it’s within DJI’s tolerance levels and working appropriately. This includes the compass, IMU, etc.
  7. Camera Functionality - Standard testing is completed to check the camera functionality for images and video.
  8. Landing Gear Checks - Landing gear is assessed to ensure functionality is within DJI’s tolerance level with appropriate lubrication.

Drone Servicing FAQs

Do I have to pay to send my drone to heliguy™ or return delivery?

No - Shipping to and from heliguy™ is included in the price of your service!

How long does a service take?

We aim to turn around all services within 10 working days. If there is an issue found with your equipment during the course of the service, it will be changed to a repair and the 10 day turnaround will be extended to 28 working days.

Do I get a service certificate for my drone after the service?

Yes - our DJI trained engineers will issue a Certificate of Service after completing their checks. This is not a certificate of airworthiness, as these can only be supplied by the relevant authorities.

How often should my drone be serviced?

At least once every 12 months. The more often you're using the equipment, the more often we'd recommend a service. For those using drones commercially, we'd suggest a service at least once every six months to ensure that your equipment is up to the job.

Do I have to get my drone serviced as a PfCO holder?

There's no legal requirement to have your equipment serviced as a commercial operator - however, it's important to remember that this equipment is at the heart of your businesses - our servicing will help reduced downtime by ensuring that all your equipment remains fully operational at all times.

Does this service come with a warranty?

We do not offer a warranty on the servicing itself, however, a three-month warranty will be supplied with any required replacement parts.

Will my drone be cleaned as part of the service?

No - this service offering is designed to ensure that your equipment is fully functional and safe to use - not to keep it looking great.

What qualifications do heliguy™ technicians hold?

heliguy™ technicians have been trained by DJI themselves in the Netherlands and China. This ensures that any work undertaken on your DJI equipment is done professionally, thoroughly and in-line with DJI's official policies.

If I buy a drone second hand (e.g. eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Group), can you service it for me before I pay the seller?

Unfortunately not - we would only be able to service the equipment once it's in your hands.

If a fault is found on the service, will it automatically be repaired?

No - you will be consulted and given a quote before any repairs are undertaken. This ensures you know exactly what issues have been found and how much it's likely to cost to resolve them.

heliguy™ Repair Refresh

Learn more about heliguy™ Repair Refresh policies that can save you thousands!

Why do I need a Repair Refresh policy?

In short, heliguy™ Repair Refresh means you'll get a free repair or replacement drone if your drone is damaged in a crash.

  • Peace of Mind - Get your equipment repaired or replaced with no hidden fees.
  • UK Repair Center - Get telephone and email support from our UK based, DJI trained technicians.
  • Free UK Return and Delivery - We'll arrange return and delivery of your working drone for free in the UK.
  • Parts and Labour Included - Covers the cost of parts and labour.
  • No Excess when Claiming - There's no extra fees to pay when you come to claim.
  • 12 Months of Cover - A full year of cover with each policy.
  • Covers Pilot Error - We all make mistakes, we'll cover you if pilot error causes a crash.
  • Covers Water Damage  - heliguy™'s Repair Refresh policy covers water-damaged drones.
  • Automatic Activation - Repair Refresh automatically activates and links to your drone details once you purchase your cover.

heliguy™ Repair Refresh is a no-hassle drone crash cover policy, giving you peace of mind if you damage your UAV.

Repair Refresh is only available on items purchased from heliguy™. Each specific Repair Refresh policy must be bought within 7 days of purchasing the corresponding product from heliguy™.

heliguy™ Repair Refresh is valid for a year and is available across the DJI product range. You will also be able to take advantage of easily-accessible advice and support from the heliguy™ team, either over the phone, via email, or face-to-face at our UK HQ.

As an added bonus, heliguy™’s Repair Refresh service covers the remote controller as well as the drone, whereas the DJI Care Refresh only covers the drone.

heliguy™ does also offer DJI Care Refresh.

Read our in-depth blog Heliguy Repair Refresh Vs DJI Care Refresh to find out the difference between the two policies. 

Repair Refresh FAQs

Am I covered for water damage?

Yes coverage is valid for water damage

Am I covered if my equipment is damaged during transit?

Yes the item will be covered if damaged in transit.

Am I covered if my aircraft is lost or stolen?

No - there is no cover offered for loss or theft.

We suggest contacting your insurance company for this kind of cover.

Am I covered if I crash my drone on holiday?

Yes - you're covered if you crash your drone on holiday.

However, please note that free shipping for your Repair Refresh claim only applies when claiming from the UK.

I have more than one drone, does my Repair Refresh apply for my other drones?

No - Repair Refresh only covers one drone that is logged against the drones serial number from the original time of purchase with heliguy™.

Can this plan cover drones not purchased at heliguy™?

No - the drone/product must be purchased from heliguy™ in order to purchase the cover.

Will my drone be covered if accidental damage has occurred?

Yes - the drone will be covered if accidental damage has occurred.

What example of an incident that might occur with my drone would leave the cover invalid?

If a drone suffers a crash, and flight logs show that the pilots stick maneuvers indicate an intentional or reckless crash, then cover will not be valid on this occasion.

Does Repair Refresh include accessories used at the time of the crash?

You're only covered for the drone itself.

If you have a camera on the drone it must be covered by a separate Repair Refresh policy.

E.g. Inspire 2 with an X5S camera fitted.

Will I have to pay any additional fees when making a claim such as shipping?

No - the price you see when purchasing Repair Refresh is all you’ll pay.

Shipping to and from heliguy™ for return or replacement is all covered under the low price of your Repair Refresh policy.

Do I get a temporary drone while mine is being repaired?

No - but we will work hard to get your drone repaired or replaced within 10 working days.

If you’re interested in a policy that includes instant loan drones to ensure service continuity, please contact us on 0191 296 1024, or email

Will my drone be tested before it is sent back?

Yes - if your drone has been repaired it will be bench and flight tested before being returned to you.

Does the Repair Refresh include free shipping?

Yes - Repair Refresh includes free shipping for your equipment to and from heliguy™.

Please note this only applies to the UK mainland, international shipping must be paid at the rate provided at point of claim.

If my drone is replaced, will I also receive a new remote controller, charger, etc?

If a drone is exchanged for a like for like unit, or in some cases replaced for a new replacement unit.

Only the item damaged will be replaced.

Will my drone be replaced if it’s only a minor crash?

No - the first attempt will always be to repair your equipment.

We are a DJI-approved repair center using official parts and supported by DJI-trained technicians.

If for any reason a repair cannot be successfully completed, a replacement will be provided.

How many times can I claim using my Repair Refresh?

You are eligible for one claim during the 12 month period, beginning when you purchase Repair Refresh.

Do I need to activate my Repair Refresh somehow once I’ve purchased it?

As soon as the Repair Refresh is purchased the time and date are automatically logged and activated by heliguy™.

Can I renew Repair Refresh after the policy period ends?

No, unfortunately the maximum period is one year.

Can I purchase Repair Refresh after my purchase?

Yes - you’ll have 7 days after your purchase to buy the corresponding Repair Refresh policy.

What’s the difference between Repair Refresh and warranty?

Repair Refresh protects you against pilot error, as well as product failure.

The warranty that comes with your DJI drone will only be used in the case of product failure.

In addition, you’ll get all your support and replacement parts from the UK - significantly reducing the turnaround time for repairs or replacements.

Will I be notified when my cover runs out?

No - the policy will lapse once the 12 month period has passed.

Can I renew my cover once it goes beyond the 12 month period or if I’ve claimed?

No - a new policy cannot be taken out after the 12 month period passes or after a claim.

Can Repair Refresh be used instead of drone insurance?

No - Repair Refresh is not a substitute for commercial drone insurance.

Can I cancel my Repair Refresh for a full refund?

Yes - you have a 14 day cooling off period, you can cancel the cover for a full refund up to 14 days after the cover has been purchased.

You must inform us in writing to that you wish to cancel the policy.

How long does my Repair Refresh period last?

Your Repair Refresh period lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase.

If you make a claim within the 12 months period, the cover immediately expires at the point of successful repair or replacement.

Can I get Repair Refresh if I’m buying from outside the UK?

You can get Repair Refresh if purchasing from outside the UK, but international shipping is not included in the cover.

Shipping must be covered by the user for all units that need to be shipped to and from countries outside the UK.

Is the equipment repaired/replaced by heliguy™?

Our policy states that we will repair or replace, whichever is most viable, and, on most occasions, this will be done by us in-house.

However, in some cases, we may need to send the damaged product to DJI to complete the repair. If we do need to send it to DJI, this process can take up to 3-5 weeks to complete.

How do you make a Repair Refresh Claim?

Simply follow the steps below if you've purchased a Repair Refresh policy and your equipment has been damaged:

  1. Book a claim ticket -  Following your drone crash, you’ll need to book a ticket using the heliguy™ Support system. Or, give us a call or send an email and you will be instructed to complete a repair claim form.
  2. Send your equipment to us - We'll send you a pre-paid postage label within 48 hours to cover your courier postage. Arrange a time that’s convenient for you for the equipment to be collected by the courier.
  3. Equipment assessed by the technical team  - Once received, our DJI approved technicians will evaluate your equipment to see whether it can be repaired or if a replacement is required.
  4. Repaired or replaced  - If possible, your aircraft will be repaired as per our standard repair process. If a replacement is required, we will locate an appropriate like-for-like replacement.
  5. Drone flight tested - Following a repair or replacement, the Technical Team will complete a flight test to ensure complete functionality of your equipment.
  6. Aircraft returned - Your aircraft will be returned to you via courier next day delivery.

dji drone trade-in

Upgrade your drone or camera.

Swap your drone for e-credit

Trade-In Is Temporarily Closed

We are currently not accepting new trade-ins.

Fancy a change? Want to trade up your drone for the latest model? Then heliguy™ can help, through our comprehensive drone trade-in service.  

You can trade-in your DJI drone or Zenmuse camera and receive e-credit on your account to put towards a purchase on the heliguy™ website, including the latest range of drones and CAA-approved training courses.

We will inspect your equipment at our UK headquarters and offer you credit dependent on its condition. Once the value is agreed, you can redeem your store credit.

Trade-In Restrictions and Policies

We only accept trade-ins of DJI Products that are listed below. We can't accept Yuneec, Parrot, 3DR or any other brands.

We do not accept trade-in on extra cases, filters, chargers, charging hubs or other accessories

How Does The Drone Trade-in Process Work?

A Step-by-Step Guide 

  1. Follow the link at the bottom of this section to make an inquiry.
  2. heliguy™ will provide you with a shipping label (UK mainland only, except Northern Ireland) so that you can send your equipment to us for inspection.
  3. Allow up to 14 days for your drone to be inspected, tested, and have a grade assigned to it.
  4. We will then formally confirm the trade-in value.
  5. You have up to 10 days to confirm that you accept the value that heliguy™ has assigned. 
  6. Once the offer is confirmed, we will assign the relevant value to credit on your account.  
  7. You're then free to spend this credit as you wish on the heliguy™ website.  


Trade-in Price Guide.

Typical DJI trade-in values are displayed below. These are average prices and will vary dependent on the condition of your drone. Prices also indicate drone as received in original box with peripherals. Your trade-in value will only be confirmed after inspection and modified drones not accepted.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Trade-in Value Estimates


Grade A

Grade B

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone



DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Bundle



DJI Mavic Air 2 Battery (Max 25 Charge Cycles)



DJI Mavic Mini Trade-in Value Estimates


Grade A

Grade B

DJI Mavic Mini Drone



DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo



DJI Mavic Mini Battery (Maximum 25 Charge Cycles)



DJI Mavic 2 Trade-in Value Estimates


Grade A

Grade B

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone



DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone



DJI Mavic 2 Pro + Smart Controller Bundle



DJI Mavic 2 Zoom + Smart Controller Bundle



DJI Mavic 2 Fly More Combo Kit



DJI Mavic 2 Battery (Max 25 Charge Cycles)



DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 Trade-in Value Estimates


Grade A

Grade B

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 with Standard Remote Controller



DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 with Plus Remote Controller (inc screen)



DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 High Capacity Battery (Maximum 25 Charge Cycles)



DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse Camera Trade-in Value Estimates


Grade A

Grade B

DJI Inspire 2 Drone



Zenmuse X4S Camera



Zenmuse X5S Camera (Without Lens)



Zenmuse X5S Camera (With Lens)



Zenmuse X7 Camera (Without lens)



Zenmuse X7 Lens Set (Complete)



DJI Inspire 2 TB50 Battery (Max 25 Charge Cycles)



Drone Trade-In FAQs

Common Queries About DJI Drone Trade-In With heliguy™

What can I trade-in?

You can trade in a range of DJI drones and Zenmuse cameras. Click here for the full range.

Please note that modified drones are not accepted and we do not accept trade-in on extra cases, filters, chargers, charging hubs or other accessories.

What price will I get for my trade-in drone?

The price will vary on the model and is dependent on the condition of your drone/camera. Prices quoted are subject to inspection and a flight test. For a list of estimated prices, click here.

What condition does the drone have to be in?

The drone must be fully-functional and working. It must be free from stickers, skins, wrap packs or permanent marker, this includes the drone batteries and controller. The trade-in items must also be free from stains caused by nicotine and cigarette smoke smells. When submitting a trade-in request, you will be asked to describe the general condition of your equipment and any visible defects; this could impact your credit value. 

What do I need to send in?

To ensure you receive the highest credit value possible, the drone must come in its original case or packaging with all ancillaries that the product was supplied with inside the box when new, including any cables, chargers, all props (8), on the go cable if applicable, and micro SD card if applicable. 

We do accept drones that are unboxed, or are missing accessories, but this will affect the trade-in value. 

How long will it take for you to inspect my drone?

Due to how busy our tech department can get at times the trade-in process can take up to 14 days to complete.

Do I have to pay shipping fees to send in my drone for inspection?

Shipping is free for UK mainland customers (except Northern Ireland) and heliguy™ will provide you with a shipping label so that you can send your equipment to us for inspection.

If you are sending your drone from Northern Ireland, or outside of the UK mainland, then a shipping fee will apply.

What happens if my drone fails to meet the inspection criteria?

A £15 return postage fee will apply to any items that are sent to us that cannot be classified as A or B grade condition.

What happens if I decide not to go ahead with the trade-in?

A £15 return postage fee will apply if we've inspected the equipment, but you decide not to go ahead with the trade-in.

What happens if the drone I want to trade in isn't mentioned in the table above?

If your drone isn't mentioned in the table above then we cannot accept that drone for a trade-in. Please note that a £15 return postage fee will apply to any items that are sent to us that don't appear on our trade-in table.

How do I trade-in my DJI drone?

If you want to proceed with the trade in please fill out and submit the Heliguy Book a Repair/Trade-In form making sure to choose the help topic Trade-In.  If you want to chat further please get back in touch.

Do I need proof of purchase?

Proof of purchase is not usually required, although in some cases a proof of purchase invoice might be required.

Payment is made in the form of e-wallet credit on your account with heliguy™. You can use this e-credit to go towards the purchase of anything on our website, including the latest drone or booking a place on our CAA-approved drone-training courses. 

Do I need a heliguy™ account to receive e-credit?

Yes, you need a heliguy™ account to receive e-credit.

Do you buy drones for cash?

No, we do not. Payment is made in the form of e-credit, which will be added to your heliguy™ account, which you can use to go towards purchasing anything on our website, including the latest drone or booking a place on our CAA-approved drone-training courses.   

What is the difference between the heliguy™ trade-in service and DJI Trade Up?

Both heliguy™ trade-in and DJI Trade Up are drone trade-in services. However, the big difference between the two is that DJI Trade Up is currently only the United States of America (excluding the states Hawaii and Alaska) which offers the DJI Trade Up service. heliguy™ offers a drone trade-in service in the UK and to customers based outside of the UK mainland.  

Custom Drone Design & Development

H.E.C.T.I.C - heliguy™ Electronics and Custom Technology Integration Centre


HECTIC is a drone design and development service by heliguy™, creating bespoke items and offering custom solutions for commercial drone applications.

Using our many years of experience and expertise in the UAV industry, our dedicated and knowledgeable technicians have launched this invaluable consultancy to provide tailor-made products and hardware and software integrations.

HECTIC - which stands for heliguy™ Electronics and Custom Technology Integration Centre - is our specialised research and development arm, which can be used to turn people’s ideas into reality.

Our in-house R&D lab focuses on drone design, custom drone builds, custom drone cameras and custom drone gimbal attachments.

So, if you have a solution to a problem in mind, but do not know how to produce it, that’s where HECTIC comes in.

HECTIC Case Studies


M600 Sony Sensor Integration

World-renowned engineering and design company Atkins is benefiting from a Sony RX1R II sensor and a DJI M600 Pro - integrated by heliguy™’s R&D team.

We created a solution which involved a custom cable to trigger the camera and power the Sony device from the gimbal’s power supply.

"Heliguy was able to integrate our chosen sensor which, when combined with our high-precision GNSS, enables us to capture and generate accurate, repeatable data."
"Heliguy’s design and development focus was a big part of why we chose them to assemble our chosen drone"

James Fleming - Atkins

Read Case Study

Newcastle University

M600 Pro LiDAR Integration

HECTIC completed a custom build for Newcastle University, integrating a DJI M600 Pro with a LiDAR system by designing a custom-mounting solution.

This was done thanks to HECTIC’s rapid in-house prototyping.

"The Heliguy employees have shown high expertise and great willingness to design mounting solutions of different sensor payloads."
Maria-Valasia Peppa - Newcastle University

Read Case Study

CG Labs

DJI M600 Pro with a Canon EOS 5DS

Global drone services provider CG Labs turned to heliguy™ for a custom drone build for a challenging mapping mission in the Middle Eastern desert.

heliguy™’s in-house technical team integrated the DJI M600 Pro with a Canon EOS 5DS DSLR, as well as built a GPS module on top of the aircraft to allow full GPS tagging.

"We knew that Heliguy could carry out the work having used them before on other projects."
"They fully understood the brief and delivered a product that we required"

Mike Hibberd - CG Labs

Read Case Study

Custom Drone Sensor Integration Examples

Custom Drone Sensor Integration Examples

HECTIC has experience of creating custom gimbal mounting solutions and custom drone cameras to help their client's maximise the use of their sensor technology.

The team at HECTIC has helped various companies overcome issues with sensors being mounted incorrectly, interfering with other sensors and creating unique power or firing solutions to help use different sensors while in the air.

Some of these integrations have been completed in as little as five days for urgent applications.

Phantom 4 Parrot Sequoia

This unique sensor was mounted to the DJI Phantom 4. Including custom mount, power solution utilising the drone's battery and solution to GPS interference.

Matrice 210 Parrot Sequoia

The Parrot Sequoia was mounted to the DJI Matrice 210 drone using a custom 3D-printed mounting case and custom power solution.

Multi-camera Solution

We helped the James Hutton Institute – an interdisciplinary scientific research institute in Scotland – by integrating a drone with a Sony A7R, thermal and MAIA multi-spectral camera. The multi-spectral camera also has a triggering system, which allows users to begin triggering the camera from the drone controller. 

If you have a specific sensor that you think would supercharge your Aerial operations - but an integration for that sensor doesn't exist - contact the HECTIC team for advice.

heliguy™ HECTIC Original R&D Products

HECTIC has been hard at work for a number of years here at heliguy™.

These are just an example of some of the original products that have been created by the team and have received some incredible feedback from industry partners.

DJI Mavic 2 Drone Cage

heliguy™ has built a lightweight and robust cage for the DJI Mavic 2 drone series, ideal for internal inspection, accessing hard-to-reach areas, and enhancing flight safety.

Designed by our expert in-house team, this new product is a collision-proof solution to maximise data collection and missions in hostile places and confined areas.

It is an affordable entry to the market, offering a more cost-effective solution compared to other caged drones.

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Canine Head Camera

Our expert team has also created a dog camera, which has been designed for the police and is ideal for a range of missions, including house clearances, firearms operations and search and rescue.

This ultra-light bespoke tool features a high-definition camera which is attached to the dog and rapidly transmits footage back to a 4K screen which can be worn and monitored by police officers. The camera is mounted directly onto the dog’s head with two adjustable straps. The soft helmet holds the camera steady in place without causing discomfort to the dog.

The camera allows the handler to work behind the dog from a position of safety but still gain a picture of what is happening ahead. The search and footage can be viewed by the dog handler who can identify changes in the dog’s behaviour or the operational firearms commander.

We demonstrated the heliguy™ Canine Head Camera with Durham Police's Dog Support Unit and officers were pleased with what they saw.

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Need a Non-Disclosure Agreement for your Project?

HECTIC is working on a number of exciting projects which are under NDA.

While we can’t disclose too much about them at the moment, we can say that our research and development team is creating bespoke builds for a variety of sectors, including construction, security and the emergency services. 
At HECTIC, we know how sensitive some projects can be, so we are happy to enter into NDAs to ensure our clients’ ideas are kept secret. We won’t say a word to the outside world, until we are instructed otherwise.

Drone Insurance

Find out if you need - and where you can find - insurance for your drone and aerial work.

Drone insurance is well worth having, giving you peace of mind that you are protected should something go wrong.

Drone insurance covers you for damage to your drone, or against claims made by someone whose property your drone may accidentally damage.

heliguy™ have partnered with Coverdrone to offer the most comprehensive, specialist drone insurance in the UK. 

All policies are compliant with the EU regulation EC785/2004. 

Drone Insurance as a Hobbyist

If you are flying a drone for fun or as a hobbyist, you don’t technically need drone insurance. However, it still might be worth taking out a policy, just in case something does happen. A number of options are available, but a pay as you fly policy may well be prudent.

Drone Insurance as a Commercial Pilot

If you are operating your drone for commercial purposes, then you are required to have drone insurance.

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