DJI AirWorks 2019: FLIR Launches Industry’s First Multi-Gas Detector for Unmanned Aerial Systems

FLIR has unveiled the MUVE C360 – the industry’s first multi-gas detector specifically built for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

It will transform how emergency response teams approach chemical, industrial, or environmental incidents by providing a new level of safety, dramatically reducing time to action, and delivering a more complete assessment in situations where every second counts.

Before putting the health and safety of response teams at risk, drone pilots will be able to fly the new MUVE C360 into a scene for initial assessment.

The C360 houses a photoionisation detector, plus a suite of advanced electrochemical sensors that provide real-time continuous monitoring of chemical hazards such as chlorine, carbon monoxide, and other combustible gases.

This capability will enable emergency response teams to assess situations remotely and select the proper personal protective equipment. Fire crews will be able to monitor air quality surrounding active scenes before entry, and industrial experts can perform inspections in hard-to-reach areas with relative ease.

The MUVE C360 will allow operators to understand the flow of hazardous vapours, both at the source and in the air. It bypasses difficult terrain and enables response teams to quickly draw a perimeter and map known hazards, while preset alarm thresholds help scene commanders or security operators make quick decisions.

FLIR says that the MUVE C360 provides more coverage than a typical hand-held gas metre.

The C360 is currently compatible with the DJI Matrice 210 UAS platform and can be used along with the thermal XT2 camera.

The C360 was unveiled on the opening morning of DJI’s AirWorks 2019 conference in Los Angeles.

Chris Bainter, of FLIR, said: “This is an industry-first multi-gas detector and will give more coverage than handheld gas metres. The C360 is the first line of defence and will help to reduce response times dramatically. This will help with more informed decision-making and will ultimately save lives.”

Jan Gasparic, Director of Strategic Partnership at DJI, said: “I am excited to get the C360 in the hands of our customers.”

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