Heliguy's Tech Team for Builds and Repairs

Heliguy's Tech Team for Builds and Repairs

Your drone deserves the best tech support. Heliguy has skilled technicians for building and repairing drones & we also offer care packages.

Last updated: Jul 04, 2022

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Drones are highly sophisticated pieces of technology which fly intelligently so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. But whether you fly your drone for business or pleasure sooner or later something will go wrong. You'll have a crash or there'll be a technical fault. Or maybe you'll need us to build a bigger, better, custom "big rig" for professional work. That's where our highly experienced technical support team swings into action. If you have problem, need an upgrade or want a new drone building then the heliguy™ tech team are the people to contact. Just imagine for a moment that you've crashed a DJI Inspire 1 and one of the arms has snapped. Check out our tech team's time-lapse video to see how much work is involved. Heliguy handles around 80 repairs a month and, as you can imagine, some just need a little TLC and a minor fix while others require a major rebuild. We also custom build about 5 larger rigs each month - so that would be a DJI S900, S1000+ or a Freefly ALTA. So what do you do if your Phantom flops or your Inspire implodes? If you have a problem you''ll need to fill in an RMA form (Return Merchandise Authorisation). The quickest way to do that is via this website. Heliguy RMA form A heliguy™ RMA form (click to enlarge) Once your drone lands at heliguy™ we diagnose the fault or assess the damage. If it's under warranty and it's crashed because of a malfunction, we send it straight to DJI Europe. DJI will look at the drone's flight logs to see what was happening at the time of the crash. For any other repairs, we'll carry out an assessment and a test flight if possible, before giving you the diagnosis and an estimate of the cost. The cost of parts can vary enormously and the time taken to fit them isn't always as short as you might think. Take the Inspire 1 arm in the video as an example. The arm takes up to three hours to swap.

heliguy™ Extra Care packages

That's why we recently launched our Gold, Silver and Bronze Extra Care packages. They give leisure or commercial pilots peace of mind in the event of crashes or breakdowns. You can buy a packages with your drone and you can even add it to a competitive finance deal. Extra Care is a great solution for business operators who need to keep their drones up in the air and who need a fast turnaround if they run into problems. Outsourcing your repairs makes a lot of sense. Crash damaged S900 prop A crash damaged prop and landing leg on a DJI S900. Our entire operation here at heliguy™ is ISO9001 certified. ISO 9001 is a way of demonstrating to everyone you deal with that you are committed to quality in all areas of your business. To get certification heliguy™ had to undergo a rigorous assessment of its quality management systems for sales, repairs, customer service, staff training, equipment, and technical support.

Big Rig Builds and Handovers

Another of the important jobs our tech team carries out is the building of large drones - usually hexacopters or octocopters designed to carry heavier payloads and specialist equipment.  Although the air-frame may, for example, be a standard DJI S1000+, there are many permutations of flight controller, camera gimbal, FPV cameras and extra sensors that a client may need. We don't just build big rigs for film makers. Organisations such as universities have unusual requirements so we often have to mount additional  specialist cameras or measuring equipment. For example we've built drones that are being used for cloud measurements and others for surveying glaciers. Once the drone's finished the tech team offer an optional handover day here at heliguy™, which most pilots agree is well worthwhile. A technician will talk them through the individual components and the operating procedures for the hardware and software before taking them for an introductory flight at our test field.

Exciting new developments

The tech team is constantly innovating too. When the Inspire 1 was launched they realised that it was lacking one important component - a first person view camera for the pilot to see where he or she is going while the camera operator concentrates on getting the shots. The team developed an FPV camera which fits into a spare nosecone and connects to a self-contained transmitter and power supply. Inspire 1 FPV camera Heliguy's Inspire 1 FPV camera They have used the heliguy™ 3D printer to make a case which attaches to back of the Inspire and houses the TX and battery. The printer's also used for prototyping new parts which are under development.

Fixed Wing

There are exciting new projects in the pipeline which will add new dimensions to Heliguy's business. We are currently working on our own fixed wing aircraft. It'll be a long endurance drone suitable for agriculture, surveying and mapping. So you can see that our Tech Room is so much more than an excellent repair centre. There are exciting times ahead so watch this space. ISO 9001 registered white

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