In Depth Look at the M210 Series

Heliguy look into the features of the new Matrice 210 enterprise drones including video footage of the aircraft in flight.

Last updated: Dec 09, 2021

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In Depth Look at the M210 Series Over the past couple of weeks, the heliguy™ team have had the opportunity to test the brand-new enterprise drone from DJI, the Matrice 210. The M210 is part of the M200 series of drones released by DJI. We have tested the flight of the aircraft in different weather conditions, the various gimbal mounts, along with the compatible cameras. So far, we’re very impressed with the capabilities of the aircraft and how it can be used. The M210 builds on the features of the DJI Inspire 2, making it a more rugged, reliable and versatile aircraft that's suitable for a huge number of industries. Keep reading for the features of the aircraft, its applications and an opinion from one of the heliguy™ team.


The Matrice 210 has a maximum flight time of up to 38 minutes which gives pilots a great flight time whatever their application. The 210 has IP43 weatherproofing, resulting in flight being possible in high winds, a temperature range of between -20° to 45° C and even heavy rain. This removes the limitations of other aircraft and meant the M210 can be used whenever it's needed. There are also several options of gimbal mounts and cameras available for the M210. Gimbals can be mounted as a single downward facing gimbal, dual downward facing gimbal and upward facing single gimbal. The options given by the different gimbal and camera combinations open the M210 up for use in for more applications than any other drone. In addition to the cameras you can mount on the aircraft, a FPV camera is also featured on the front of the M210. This is to be used when controlling the aircraft.

What’s in the Box

Let’s start by looking at what’s included in the box.
  • The M210 comes with a new hard case for easy transport. The design of the case has gone back to that of the Inspire 1, making it more rugged and durable than cases such as the Inspire 2. The shape of the case is longer and slimmer making it easier to transport. The case also has plenty of room for everything that comes with the drone which stops you having to transport equipment separately
  • The aircraft comes in the case with the legs folded allowing it to fit in its compact case
  • Two easy to fit legs are included that can quickly be mounted on the aircraft
  • Eight props, two full sets are included. The props are robust and durable and can quickly be put on the aircraft. Prop mounting plates are also included for the aircraft
  • The new DJI Cendence remote controller and compatible 7.85-inch CrystalSky monitor are also included. The Cendence offers modular and customisable control with supported 1080i50 and 720p60 broadcasting. The CrystalSky monitor offers a maximum brightness of 2000 cd/m², which is four times brighter than the standard mobile phone and can be used in direct sunshine. Dual SD card recording is also available as well as real-time decoding latency for minimal latency. Batteries and a charging hub are also included
  • Two TB50 batteries are included with the aircraft along with a battery charger. The M210 is flown with paired batteries in order to give the aircraft reliability with its flights. The choice of batteries gives you the option of length of flight time
  • Single downward, dual downward and upward gimbal mounts and their compatible brackets are included. A GPS enhancer is also given for use with the upward gimbal as the built-in sensor is covered
  • A 16GB SD card is included in the aircraft
  • There are outlet covers for all outlets on the aircraft. This is a new feature that’s likely to be seen on other DJI models in the future
  • D-RTK Ground System Kit, Datalink Pro Air System Kit, USB cable, gimbal damper, screw package, calibration plate and user manuals are also included in the box
heliguy™ Training Team Testing the M210

Other Features

The Matrice 210 is full of features that improve its performance and make it a standout aircraft.
  • Firstly, the M210 has quick onsite setup and can be ready to go in a matter of minutes
  • Built in obstacle avoidance helps keep the aircraft safe with front vision sensors, downward vision and ultrasonic sensors and upward infrared sensors. They also help the aircraft hover with precision
  • DJI’s Intelligent Flight Modes are accessible with the M210 including TapFly, ActiveTrack, Tripod Mode, Spotlight Mode and more
  • The new DJI AirSense is included which is a build in ADS-B receiver which is transmitted real-time information from nearby manned aircraft including their location, flight path, speed and altitude. Potential risks will then be assessed and any appropriate warning messages sent to the app you’re using. AirSense shows DJI’s commitment to keeping their drones, as well as manned aircraft safe
  • An onboard SDK is included within the M210 which provides a system dedicated to communicating with the DJI Flight Controller over a direct serial connection. This allows full control over the M210’s flight, camera, missions and subsystems
  • A mobile SDK is also available in order to custom make an app to control your drone’s flight, camera, missions and subsystems
  • Dual control over the aircraft and gimbal is possible through master and slave controllers
These features demonstrate the superb technology within the M210 and how it can be used. Matrice 210, RC & Batteries

Compatible Cameras

Four payloads are currently compatible with the M210, each suited to different applications. Keep reading for the details of the compatible cameras. Zenmuse Z30 ZoomThe Z30 is DJI’s most powerful aerial zoom lens. The camera has up to a 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom resulting in a total magnification up to 180x. The zoom means you can keep your aircraft at a safe distance while getting the footage you need. Footage is captured at 1080p at 30 fps. Zenmuse X5S – The X5S is capable of 20.8MP stills, 4K videos at 60FPS and 5.2K at 30FPS. There are 12.8 stops of dynamic range that allow creative flexibility. Zenmuse X4S -  The X4S is a 20MP camera with a 1-inch lens and a max ISO of 12,800. It’s capable of shooting in 4K at 60FPS. Zenmuse XTThe XT, created by DJI and FLIR, is a thermal imaging camera capable of capturing thermal data quickly over large areas, with pinpoint accuracy. Thermal imaging can be captured at a sensitivity of 50mK at 640/30 fps or 336/30 fps, dependent on the model selected. Accurate real-time temperature readings can be given along with images and video capturing for later analysis. heliguy™ Training Team at the Flying Field  

Apps and Equipment

Along with the above compatible cameras, a number of apps and equipment are available to be used with the M210.


DJI GO 4 – Offers full control over the aircraft when using a remote controller DJI Pilot – Designed for enterprise users and is said to optimise pilots experience and flight performance DJI FlightHub – This feature, being released by DJI in the near future, allows users to share real-time data to offsite parties via the internet. Users can also plan flights for multiple drones, track their location and control gimbal and camera. Waypoints and dynamic geofencing can also be set DJI GS Pro – Available for the iPad, lets pilots set waypoints, plan missions, create 3D maps and control where the aircraft is able to fly DJI XT Pro – For use with the Zenmuse XT, capture thermal imagery, visualise thermal data across 12 colour pallets, obtain temperature estimates and set isotherm control


DJI Goggles – DJI’s Goggles are compatible to offer an immersive experience with 1080p bird's eye view Matrice 210 - Dual Downward Gimbal

M210 RTK

Further to the Matrice 210, the Matrice 210 RTK aircraft is also available. The RTK (Real Time Kinematic) gives GPS with up to centimetre accuracy for the aircraft giving amazing control for close contact. The RTK also protects the aircraft from strong RF/EMF interference from both power lines and radio towers, as well as others. The RTK data is also linked to some payloads and is available for the M210 RTK allowing geotagging of imagery. Matrice 210 - Upward Gimbal


Due to the amazing features we have discussed, the M210 can be used in a huge spectrum of applications. We’ve looked into the most common and why the M210 is suited to each. We have also detailed where the RTK would be more appropriate.
  • Search and rescue
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Bridge inspection
  • Precision agriculture
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Firefighting assist
  • Telecom inspections – RTK system recommended
  • Construction site mapping – RTK system recommended
  • Offshore rig inspection – RTK system recommended
  • Powerline inspection – RTK system recommended

heliguy™ Opinion

Duncan - heliguy™ Training Team


The Matrice 210 and 210 RTK are some of the best enterprise drones available on the market. Their durability and adaptability allow pilots to take the aircraft wherever they need to be. The 210 can be used in a vast number of industries and applications due to the compatible gimbals and the overall rugged build of the aircraft. If you’re interested in speaking to one of our team about the Matrice series or any other DJI or Freefly drones, give us a call on 0191 296 1024 or email us at Matrice 210 - Taking Off
Additional Insider posts are also available featuring the M200 series including Comparing the DJI Matrice 200 Series and DJI Matrice 200 VS Inspire 2. Keep checking back to Heliguy’s Insider Blog for more announcements, insights into drones and, of course, the latest news from the drone industry.

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