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Revised CAP 722: Updates To The New UK Drone Laws

CAA issues updates to new drone laws starting in the UK at the end of 2020; For commercial operators, new Pre-Defined Risk Assessments (PDRAs) have been issued; Changes are being made to the drone registration test – with an increased number of questions; Fresh clarity on legislation for drones with ‘Follow Me’ mode, and guidance on commercial pilot currency; Read this blog for an in-depth look at the updates, plus an overview of the new UK drone laws. New guidance issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) highlights key updates... Read More

Do you need a drone license? 10/08/2020

FAA Drone License – Do I Need One?

Flying a drone in the USA? Then you might be wondering about a drone license and if you need one? This blog will explain when you are required to have a drone license and how to get one. It will also look at drone registerion with the FAA. You can use the summary below to select a specific drone license question. Do You Need A License To Fly A Drone In The USA? Whether you need a drone license depends on how you use your Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). If... Read More


Drone Surveying Course: Review™ partners with Drone Survey School to deliver new specialist drone surveying course; Learn from Pieter Franken – a drone survey expert with decades of experience in the field; Topics include photogrammetry, LiDAR, accuracies, and data-processing tips; Book your place now. A new specialist drone surveying course to help professionals conduct more accurate and consistent drone surveys takes place next month. Drone expert™ has partnered with drone survey training provider, Pieter Franken, of Drone Survey School, to host the Drone Survey Fundamentals training course. Surveying drones have become a... Read More


Drone Licence – Do You Need One?

If you are flying a drone in the UK, then you might be wondering about a drone licence and if you need one? This blog will explain how to get a UK drone licence, when you need a licence, and how much it may cost to obtain a drone licence. You can use the summary below to click through to a specific drone licence question you may have. What Is A Drone Licence? A drone licence allows drone operators to fly their drone for commercial purposes. In the UK, a... Read More


Discounts on SOARIZON drone software™ and SOARIZON by Thales enter into new partnership; Drone pilots trained by™ will be offered discounted access to SOARIZON’S drone operations management platform; SOARIZON’s digital drone planning software provides operators with advanced mission planning capabilities;™ is training drone pilots through Blackbox – an online drone training portal. Drone pilots trained by™ will be offered discounted access to SOARIZON by Thales’ operations management platform, thanks to a new partnership. SOARIZON’s digital drone planning software enables operators to plan, fly, analyse, and track their drone missions anywhere in... Read More


New UK Drone Laws Delayed

UPDATE (Friday, June 5, 2020): New European drone laws which were set to start in the UK have been delayed for a second time, the Civil Aviation Authority has announced this afternoon. The regulations are now scheduled to commence on Thursday, December 31, 2020. The laws were originally due to begin in July this year, but were postponed in April due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak and pushed back to a November 2020 start date. Today’s announcement has delayed them for a second time. As a result,... Read More


Heliguy Launches Online Drone Training GVC Course

Drone training specialist Heliguy launches GVC course; Sit the course online through Heliguy Blackbox, giving you access to content whenever and wherever you like; Heliguy Blackbox has already received positive reviews from candidates; Both the GVC course and the A2 CofC syllabus are available to book now by clicking here. UPDATE (June 8, 2020): The European drone regulations which were set to start in the UK in July, and then in November, have been delayed for a second time and will now start on December 31, 2020. Read more about it... Read More


Online Drone Training During Furlough Via Heliguy Blackbox

Furloughed staff can use the time to train to become a drone pilot through Heliguy Blackbox; Heliguy Blackbox is an online drone training platform offering on-demand content, enabling you to learn when and where you want; Training during furlough will help you hit the ground running and be in a strong position once the Coronavirus pandemic is over; Training online allows you to learn from the safety and comfort of your own home. UPDATE (June 8, 2020): The European drone regulations which were set to start in the UK in... Read More


Heliguy Becomes Recognised Assessment Entity For Drone Training

Heliguy, the UK’s largest drone provider, has been granted Recognised Assessment Entity status from the Civil Aviation Authority; The permission means that Heliguy will be able to deliver A2 CofC and GVC drone training courses, as part of new European rules coming to the UK; Heliguy will be delivering these courses through our new online drone training portal – Heliguy Blackbox – as well as at our traditional UK Ground School venues. Courses can be booked now; Heliguy is a renowned and experienced training provider, having helped pilots from the... Read More


Heliguy Blackbox – New Online Drone Training

Heliguy Blackbox is a new online drone training hub for PfCO, A2 CofC and GVC candidates; Speak to an expert Heliguy instructor through live interactive chat; Easily-accessible and on-demand content provides flexible and comprehensive learning – any time and any place; Blended learning solution, including pre-recorded videos, task sheets, and coursework; Access bonus material, such as extra courses, in-depth industry blogs, exclusive hardware discounts through Heliguy and our industry partners, and Operations Manual renewals; Heliguy Blackbox membership is free for former and current Heliguy candidates; Free transition to A2 CofC... Read More