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About Us

Our Mission

To honestly advise, support & provide additional services; enabling people & businesses to advance faster in the commercial drone industry.

History and Structure

Our Journey

Heliguy is the online retail brand presence of the company Colena Ltd, which started life as an RC Helicopter specialist in Northumberland. At Heliguy, we have always been focused on specialisation, with a higher level of support than the industry average. In 2013 a decision was made to relocate closer to Newcastle in an attempt to expand the business into the emerging 'Drone' market. We were unknowingly a part of this sector all the way back in 2009 when we built large RC helicopters capable of computerised autonomous flight.

We evolved the business, expanding the technical and training teams to build more units and to train people in what we already knew, giving them a head start in the evolving services sector. We reinforced this with CAA accreditation and other external processes such as ISO 9001. Heliguy offers a better retail experience and unmatched support.

Heliguy Timeline

Our People

The owner of Heliguy recognised the massive potential of drones from their very earliest stages of development. Wasting no time in building a team who are driven to remain at the forefront of the growing UAV market, his background and family history in retail helped balance this with a customer-first mentality. Since we first opened our doors, the importance of our loyal clients has never diminished. 

We also believe that there is value in our additional services which save customers time and effort when something goes wrong. We aim to have multiple phone lines open throughout the working week and emphasise that everyone in the Heliguy team can offer unbeatable support on products, repairs, builds or training. We accomplish this by drawing on the insider knowledge we accumulate on a daily basis, remaining an active part of the conversation in the drone sector.

Heliguy Organisational Chart

Clients and Industry Verticals

Heliguy Enterprise Drone Client Verticals

CAA Training and Consultancy

CAA - Heliguy NQE No. 1011/1447

We're a CAA Approved National Qualified Entity

As a CAA NQE, we are entitled to train drone pilots who want to become commercial operators. We provide ground school training, examinations and practical flight tests. Once trainees have completed these elements and prepared an Operations Manual, we are able to recommend them to the CAA for a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).

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Bespoke Training

Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ES-DOT)

Our Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ESDOT) course has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive yet succinct vocational training for such organisations as the Police, Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, Mountain Rescue, Coast Guard and is also suitable for control centre support staff involved in the deployment of UAS.

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Drones for Agriculture Training

Heliguy, in partnership with Drone AG, are offering a two-day training course on how to utilise your DJI drone as a tool for farming.

The course is made up of classroom-based presentations and resources, as well as hands-on practical sessions on a working farm. You will learn how to collect aerial data that can be translated into real-world results on your farm.

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Free Training

DJI and Heliguy have come together to provide ‘New Pilot Training’ sessions for both newcomers and more experienced drone users looking for a greater understanding of DJI’s models. Geared towards varied ability and knowledge levels, this specialised training ensures that all attendees leave with an in-depth understanding of how to get the most from DJI’s product range.

These sessions also outline potential routes into the more advanced aspects of the UAV industry and what important criteria you should consider when doing this.

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Video Training

This course is perfect for businesses who are looking to add professional aerial footage to their offering. It's a beginner's guide on how to capture and edit your drone videos into something commercially viable.

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We're committed to maintaining quality

Possession of ISO 9001 demonstrates a commitment to high standards in all areas of your business. To get certification Heliguy underwent a rigorous assessment of its quality management systems for sales, repairs, customer service, staff training, equipment and technical support.


We're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

This authorisation from the FCA permits Heliguy to provide regulated products and services, ensuring that our customers have peace of mind in every transaction.

Google Certified Shops

We get our feedback through Hively & Google Certified Shops

Heliguy cares deeply about our relationship with customers. Our dedication to providing unparalleled support for everything drone-related means that we appreciate feedback. We currently receive this via aggregated services from Hively and Google Certified Shops.

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Heliguy 0% Finance

Drone Financing with 0% Interest

Heliguy Offers Affordable UK DJI Drone Finance From Trusted Experts

Whether you're just starting out or looking to add another SUA to your fleet, we're able to offer a plan suited to your needs. As a one-stop-shop and licensed DJI retailer, we can help you apply for comprehensive UK drone finance at unbeatable rates. With 0% finance available for products over £500, we can make the whole purchase process manageable.

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Heliguy Drone Rental

Drone Rental

Heliguy's Drone Rental services will help you keep your business moving forward with short, medium or long term hire at competitive prices. This range of terms gives you the flexibility to use one rental for multiple jobs and ensure you'll still have the right equipment if the parameters of the job change.

Heliguy can offer a wide range of equipment for hire, with the range expanding with demand.

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Client Testimonials

Hadid Habibi - Technical Director at Speir Hunter

"Absolutely brilliant. Paddy and the team did everything positively and went above and beyond to help us with our enquiry. Keep up the great job. Looking forward to working with them closely."

Hadid Habibi - Technical Director at Speir Hunter

Tony Coldwell - Cinematographer

"I did the ground school course in Farnborough and the flight assessment in Newcastle. I am a professional cinematographer and have worked on Emmy, Bafta and RTS award-winning films. The Heliguy team brought a lot of new insight and training to the table. The main input for me was their absolute rigorous approach to writing the Operations Manual which is such an important part of achieving the PfCO. All of the safety and training team pull together for you on this and make sure you have a watertight manual to present to the CAA. Well done guys, and thanks again."

Tony Coldwell - Cinematographer

Maria Valasia Peppa - Newcastle University

"Heliguy helped our Geomatics Group to choose and purchase the SUAs that are suitable for the group’s current and forthcoming research projects. The Heliguy employees have shown high expertise and great willingness to design mounting solutions of different sensor payloads.

Heliguy have also provided a comprehensive full training course for CAA approved commercial pilot of an SUA. During the course, the Heliguy team unravelled the complex UK regulations in a simple and easy way to enhance our understanding.

The Heliguy head office is located at the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate, very close to Newcastle University which is very convenient for a continuous fruitful future collaboration."

Maria Valasia Peppa - Newcastle University

Lee Newman - Watch Manager at London Fire Brigade

"I couldn't think of a better team to work with as they pull out all the stops to make sure you have what you need and that every problem has been covered, I look forward to working with them over the coming months."

Lee Newman - Watch Manager at London Fire Brigade

A/INSP ED DELDERFIELD - Group Project Lead for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at Lincolnshire Police

"Having personally attended and passed the PfCO course from Heliguy I can pay tribute to the standard and quality of the content. The course was extremely well organised and structured to give me as a complete novice the knowledge that I needed. The support both before, during and after was key in ensuring that as a delegate I was reassured giving me the confidence to succeed. This was demonstrated by high mark passes in both theory and practical.

As the first of four officers and staff that have now been through the course, we have debriefed our experience and all conclude the same, that Heliguy’s approach is well suited to bringing novice pilots up to standard in a measured, manageable and safe way."

A/INSP ED DELDERFIELD - Group Project Lead for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at Lincolnshire Police

Natalie Iveson - Dales Surveying Ltd

"Heliguy's team have provided us with the necessary knowledge and aftercare in order to assist us with flying the drones. Whatever the problem, they are always just a phone call or visit away."

Natalie Iveson - Dales Surveying Ltd

Sean Rice - Property Maintenance Services (North West) Ltd

"Firstly, on behalf of the company Property Maintenance services (North West) LTD, may I thank yourselves at Heliguy for an excellent run course that was not only easy for us to book and manage, but also to understand the itinerary from our own perspective. Further, we also offer our thanks for the professional approach shown to our young operative (RP) Alex Williams. The young man has returned with a vigour for the extremely diverse application of his qualification that can be unrequited. He has nothing but praise for the tutors, the team and the setup within your company....Well done."

Sean Rice - Property Maintenance Services (North West) Ltd