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From saving lives to fighting fires, drones are a valuable tool for the emergency services.

heliguy™ is a trusted partner of public safety UAS programmes, including more than 30 of the UK’s blue light organisations.

Benefit from end-to-end support, including dedicated drone supply, in-house repairs for reduced downtime and fault diagnosis, drone hire for dynamic scaling, rapid logistics, dedicated training for the emergency services, and drone defence solutions.

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Payloads, cameras and extras

Night vision, thermal imaging and search and rescue accessories.

Drone Detection

Drones for the emergency services

Find out how the emergency services are using drones to collect fast, safe and accurate data for a range of scenarios.

Police Drones

Drones are a force multiplier for the police, with many use cases.

Crash-scene Investigation: Rapidly assess a crash scene, reopen the road quicker, and use drone data to build 3D models to conduct cloud-based analysis and measurements.

Traffic Management: Monitor traffic from above to ease congestion and observe traffic behaviour. Integrate a drone with a tether to provide longer monitoring times.

Crowd Control And Surveillance: Scouting key areas or monitor suspects, and observe crowd behaviour and movement.

Search and Rescue: Use thermal and visual cameras to search for missing people. Drones are a more cost-effective solution than deploying a police helicopter and quicker than conducting ground patrols.

Evidence Gathering: Produce accurate and detailed 3D reconstructions of a crime scene, collect data from inaccessible or hard-to-reach places, and use thermal cameras to detect illegal activity such as drug cultivation.

Disaster Response: Deploy drones rapidly and cheaply, reaching inaccessible and dangerous areas quickly, and obtain vital information about an ongoing incident.

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Ambulance Service

Hazard Area Response Teams (HART) are increasingly utilising drones.

Crews can deploy an aerial camera drone to support the initial dynamic risk assessment within the first 15 minutes of arriving on scene. This allows the Team Leader to determine the best access and egress for the staff deploying into the areas of highest risk.

Drones also give teams a quick overview of a patient’s condition and location, allowing the Team Leader to direct paramedics towards them.

Fire Service

Drones provide an aerial perspective of a fire, helping to shape tactics in real-time to enhance incident response and improve crew safety.

Visual drone imagery offers a bird’s eye view of an incident, while thermal imagery can be used to detect hotspots and see through smoke.

Fire crews are increasingly using drones to collect mapping data: Ideal for conducting volume calculations following a building collapse or providing up-to-date maps to facilitate effective HazMat response.

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Search and Rescue

At least 750 people around the world have been rescued as a direct result of drone technology, according to official stats from DJI.

Drones are vital for search and rescue operations for the following reasons:

  • Efficient large area coverage
  • Easily reach difficult-to-access areas and scale tricky terrain
  • Quick and cost-effective to deploy
  • Can fly low to the ground
  • Thermal and zoom cameras aid searches
  • Integrate loudspeakers and spotlights for enhanced mission versatility
  • Drone data can be used to build 2D maps and 3D models for vital situational awareness

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HazMat Response

Drones enable HazMat teams to collect the information they need in a safe and effective way.

Integrate drones with specialist gas detection sensors to obtain real-time insights about hazardous substances, including concentration, type and direction of travel.

Drone data can be streamed back to a control room or operating base to improve communication, helping to shape tactics and reduce misinformation or misunderstandings.

A drone can collect data rapidly, removing the need for staff to spend prolonged periods of time in hot conditions.

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Drone Defence

heliguy™ is an industry-leading drone defence provider.

Drone defence enables emergency services personnel - especially police - to protect and monitor airspace from potentially rogue drones, determining threat levels in real-time to take the necessary action to counter an attack

Drone defence can be deployed at sporting events, concerts, demonstrations, conferences and important events such as Royal visits.

heliguy™ offers multiple drone defence technologies, including a layered defence solution with various solutions working together, as well as site visits, health checks, and lifetime support.

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Tactical Dog Camera

Expand the potential of canine operations with the heliguy™ Dog Cam.

Obtain real-time situational awareness for public safety, security/surveillance, military, and search and rescue operations.

A HD camera is mounted to a lightweight impact-resistant helmet worn by the dog. Footage is instantly transmitted to a screen worn by human officers/crews.

The Dog Cam allows the handler to work behind the dog from a position of safety to gain a picture of what is happening ahead in real time.

It is especially suited to house clearances, firearms operations, on-foot contrainments, and search and rescue.

The Dog Cam is designed and manufactured in the UK at the heliguy™ Lab, ensuring quick turnaround times and lifetime support.

The heliguy™ Dog Cam is a cost-effective canine camera and builds on heliguy™’s experience of drone supply, support and training to public safety, search and rescue and military organisations.

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Drone Response Vehicle

Custom Emergency Services Drone Response Vehicle.

heliguy™ has a dedicated drone support vehicle designed, developed and manufactured in partnership with Venari - Britain’s largest and most established manufacturer of ambulances and emergency services support vehicles.

The rugged 4x4 is specifically designed for enterprise drone operations, and was designed and built by Venari’s Specialist Vehicle Operations team, to facilitate streamlined and efficient drone deployment.

The vehicle features a ready-to-fly mechanism - enabling on-board aircraft to remain fully-assembled and ready for immediate deployment; a DJI AeroScope RF Drone Detection unit; temperature-controlled battery charging area; a real-time weather station; and a 43-inch QLED screen with integrated Command and Control Unit interface.

The Drone Support Vehicle is 4G/5G enabled, is capable of unlimited run times thanks to its onboard generator, features dark-mode interior and exterior lighting for night ops, and is adaptable and future-proof thanks to its modular design.

It can cater to an array of drone platforms and is D-RTK base station compatible.

Drone Training

Emergency Services specific training options.

heliguy™ has vast experience of training the emergency services, including the delivery of the dedicated Emergency Services Drone Operators Training course.

The progressive training model includes Continuing Professional Development, fixed-wing courses, and the Ofqual-recognised TQUK Level 5 UAS Operations Manager course.

The heliguy™ training team includes former Armed Forces personnel, with experience with rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

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