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Core Values

Sharing knowledge, transparency first & never settling.

Mission Statement

To honestly advise, support & provide additional services; enabling people & businesses to advance faster in the commercial drone industry.

+ 2021 addition: To help our clients make their business more streamlined, more efficient. Make work flow.

Est 2006

17 years of service

'Deep Roots', evolving into the drone sector from 'Toy Town UP'; rather than 'Military DOWN'.

heliguy™ is the online retail brand presence of the company Colena Ltd, which started life as an RC Helicopter specialist in Northumberland, UK.

At heliguy™, we have always been focused on specialisation with a higher level of support than the industry average. We were unknowingly a part of this sector all the way back in 2006 when we built large RC helicopters capable of computerised autonomous flight.

We evolved the business, expanding the technical and training teams to build more units and to train people in what we already knew, giving them a head start in the evolving services sector.

Est 2015

One of the first

In 2015, heliguy™ became the UK's fifth drone training NQE, being one of the first to move into a sector previously dominated by just one company.

Since then, we have established ourselves as a leading drone industry training provider, teaching more than 3,000 candidates and transforming our provision into an on-demand online e-learning hub.

Our experienced team has adapted to industry changes, running PfAW and PfCO courses before transitioning to an RAE in 2020 to teach the A2 CofC and GVC.

We deliver bespoke industry-specific closed courses to organisations such as Network Rail, as well as many of the UK's emergency services.

Expanding our provision further, heliguy™ offers dedicated training focusing on industry applications, such as aerial surveying and industrial inspection, as well as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

Est 2018


heliguy™ launched the Counter-UAS division in 2018, embracing the growing demand for drone-defence.

We provide solutions to major UK airports, including Gatwick, and Bristol; the emergency services and military, including the MET Police and MOD; sporting events, such as the British Grand Prix and the Royal Box at Royal Ascot; and have partnered with BT as part of its C-UAS programme.

Our C-UAS provision is centered on DJI AeroScope - endorsed by the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

We are the only DJI AeroScope partner with the permission to supply globally and offer fixed and portable solutions, and rental units to allow for surge capability.

Our AeroScope provision includes 24/7 support with a specialist team consisting of technicians and account managers.

We are partners with key players in airspace safety and protection to provide layered, tailored, and multi-sensor drone-defence solutions.

Global Logistics

Transborder capability

Global companies with global locations require partners that can deliver on both continents or countries simultaneously. We help you spot the opportunities to level up and standardise between locations ensuring the safest possible standards exist in your company regardless of location.

heliguy™'s logistics network facilitates these transborder operations. We also have export licences to facilitate deliveries outside of the UK on dual-use products to EU Member States, plus Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and an export control fast-track process for the Rest of the World.

A growing problem in the sector is ensuring safe and swift delivery around the globe. Managing the delivery is becoming more acute as lithium ion power restrictions limit the delivery options available. Combined with strict requirements, certifications and documentations for locations in the Middle East and Africa its important to partner with a company with experience and the knowledge to enable your delivery.

heliguy™ is IATA certified which allows us to globally ship high power drone batteries by air - enabling you to receive key equipment as quickly as possible.

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