end-to-end drone mapping software

Esri SiteScan

ESRI SiteScan for ArcGIS

cloud-based software for aec industry

A central hub to manage drone fleets, automate data collection and streamline analysis

Crucial Insights For Your Job Site

Esri Site Scan for ArcGIS is a comprehensive data acquisition and cloud processing platform, especially suited to the AEC industry.

This cloud-based software suite provides an end-to-end drone mapping workflow, comprising drone flight planning, fleet management, image processing, and data analysis capabilities.

Drones have become an important tool for mapping and surveying across a range of industries, helping to collect accurate data quicker and safer than traditional methods.

Esri Site Scan facilitates this process by providing a complete solution to maximise drone data collection and analysis, and to improve site management.

Site Scan for ArcGIS can also be used in conjunction with other software platforms in the Esri ecosystem. For instance, publish drone maps to ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, and Autodesk BIM 360.

Key features include:

  • Repeat flight plans to collect accurate data and keep up to date with progress on your job site.
  • Process imagery in the cloud (EU-based) to build detailed and accurate 2D maps and 3D reconstructions.
  • Utilise a range of analysis and measurement tools to collect meaningful insights to help shape informed decision-making.
  • Share your data and analysis with staff and stakeholders - quickly and easily - to streamline communication, improve joint-up decision-making, and eradicate miscommunication.  
  • Manage your drone fleet to ensure the smooth and safe running of your UAS operations.  

Complete drone mapping software

Comprehensive oversights - all in one place.

Acquire And Process Drone Imagery

Esri Site Scan streamlines the process of deploying drones and digitising your job site.

An all-in-one software solution, Site Scan provides a central hub for project management, drone missions, data collection, and analysis.

This provides a complete platform for acquiring and processing drone imagery, working with resulting data products and managing drone assets.

Automate Drone Missions

Drones enable AEC professionals to digitise their job sites.

Increase efficiency by building and sharing 3D flight plans with your drone team. 

To increase flight safety and quality data capture, overlay 2D and 3D data from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise.

Manage data in the field and upload to cloud.

Process Data In The Cloud

Site Scan for ArcGIS is a scalable cloud environment.

Process unlimited amounts of drone flight data into 2D and 3D outputs.

Automatic ground control point detection ensures high accuracy.

Maps and models enable easy analysis and measurements through a web browser.

Streamline Communication

Data is crucial for decision-making and progress reports. 

This information can be quickly shared with stakeholders and viewed remotely.

Use ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise to share reports, maps, and 3D models

Or collect and process files within Autodesk BIM 360.

Drone Fleet Management

Keep tabs on all aspects of your drone programme - in one place.

Drone fleet management allows managers to track flights, hardware, and pilot flight logs.

Create preflight checklists for your drone teams and keep responses in the cloud.

Drone fleet management helps operations run safely and efficiently.

end-to-end drone mapping workflow

Start and scale survey operations.

Esri UK And HELIGUY.com™ Partner To Fill Capability Gap

Esri UK has partnered with Heliguy to deliver a complete end-to-end UAS solution designed for the AEC industry. 
The partnership will provide customers with drone hardware, pilot training and flying services from HELIGUY.com™, complemented by  Esri’s existing flight planning, data capture, data processing and GIS software.
This combination offers a comprehensive solution to large AEC organisations looking for integrated and scalable drone programmes; streamlining drone supply and management, data collection and analysis, sharing outputs, and integrating BIM and CAD workflows.
1: Hardware Supply And Training

HELIGUY.com™ provides a multi-faceted approach to the industry to enable AEC drone programmes to grow and scale.
Access drone and payload supply and support through HELIGUY.com™'s global partnership network.
To standardise your pilots' flight training, sign up to our CAA-approved e-learning platform, the heliguy™ Learning Management System, or attend a specialist and tailored closed course for your organisation. 
Problems with your drone? Access in-house repairs, or utilise the R&D lab for custom projects and solutions.
2: In The Field
You have your drone and your pilots are trained. Now it is time to deploy on-site. Use Esri Site Scan to plan flight paths, create preflight checklists, and execute an autonomous drone flight to collect accurate data faster and safer than before.
3: Upload Drone Data And Obtain Meaningful Results
After conducting the flight, upload the drone data for cloud processing. Mark ground control points manually or automatically using computer vision.
Create 2D and 3D outputs online and use these detailed maps and models to discover key insights about your project, such as progress monitoring, spotting mistakes, checking against design using CAD overlays, measuring volumes, and conducting inspections. These views help keep projects ahead of time and on budget.
4: Share Results
Export your data in the file formats you need to quickly and easily share with staff and stakeholders to improve communication and allow remote analysis. Publish to your ArcGIS organisation or export to Autodesk BIM 360.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Esri Site Scan

Is Site Scan for ArcGIS an app, an ArcGIS Desktop extension, or something else?

Site Scan for ArcGIS consists of two applications:

• Site Scan Flight Planning is a flight planning and control application for drone operators that runs on iOS (iPad). The app is integrated with the ArcGIS platform and allows users to plan automated flights in 2D or 3D, and allows the user to control the drone in flight. 

• Site Scan Manager is a web-based application for processing, managing, and performing analysis on drone imagery. The app also includes an administrative dashboard for managing users and project permissions, available to users with administrator privileges. 

How do Site Scan for ArcGIS licenses work?

There are currently three license types:

Viewer license: See project data in Site Scan Manager and use the measurement tools. No edits or changes can be made.

Access license: Access full functionality of Site Scan Manager in assigned projects, including creating and persisting measurements, processing existing data and downloading processed outputs. Create a drone flight plan in Site Scan Manager. However, you are not able to fly a drone with Site Scan Flight Planning. Administrator functions, such as User Management and Fleet Management, require this license type.

Operator license: In addition to the capabilities of an Access license, these users are able to fly a drone using Site Scan Flight Planning and upload images for processing.

What types of imagery can I process with Site Scan Manager?

Images must be geotagged JPEG files. You can process thermal data, but multispectral imagery is not supported (yet!). Video is also not supported.

How accurate are the data outputs?

Using ground control points (GCPs), accuracy of 1 cm/ 0.2 inches or better can be achieved vertically and horizontally. Accuracy can be validated using the “Checkpoint” Site Scan feature.

How can I access and share the resulting imagery products?

The output data products from a drone flight (the orthomosaic, DTM, DSM, point cloud, and textured mesh) are stored in the cloud, and can be viewed in Site Scan Manager. They can also be published to ArcGIS Online and shared within your organisation or with the public.

How much data can I process and store? Will ArcGIS credits be consumed?

Site Scan for ArcGIS includes unlimited processing and unlimited drone data storage. ArcGIS credits are only consumed when data is published to ArcGIS Online.

How long does it take to process data?

This can vary, but generally, it takes about one hour per 150–200 images processed to received processed outputs.

Do I need ArcGIS Image Server to run Site Scan for ArcGIS?
No. Site Scan is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS)—Esri provides all storage and computing resources for you. Users of the Site Scan Manager web app can visualise and work with drone imagery and products without any other software.
However, there are cases where you may benefit from having additional ArcGIS products. Site Scan Manager can publish imagery directly to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal or ArcGIS Online organisation. ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Image Server can be helpful for managing large data collections and sharing them as dynamic image services—benefits include consolidating many dates into one single image service layer, or adding raster functions for on-the-fly processing.
Do I need Site Scan for ArcGIS if I already have ArcGIS Drone2Map?

No. Like Site Scan Manager, Drone2Map allows you to create 2D and 3D image products from drone imagery.

What does Site Scan for ArcGIS have to do with ArcGIS Drone Collections?

Site Scan can be purchased and deployed independently of other Esri products, but many organisations use other GIS capabilities from Esri, so it makes sense to purchase Site Scan as part of a bundle. ArcGIS Drone Collections includes four different bundles of drone-related software products from Esri that address the needs of different organisations—small or large, processing data locally or in the cloud.