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Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ES-DOT)
Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ES-DOT)
Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ES-DOT)
Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ES-DOT)
Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ES-DOT)

Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ES-DOT)

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Full Description

heliguy™ ES-DOT

Emergency Services Drone Operator Training for Police, Search and Rescue, Fire & Ambulance Services

Our Emergency Services Drone Operators Training (ESDOT) course has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive yet succinct vocational training for such organisations as the Police, Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, Mountain Rescue, Coast Guard and is also suitable for control centre support staff involved in the deployment of UAS.

Any Remote Pilot operating an Unmanned Aircraft System for any of these organisations must operate under an Operational Authorisation issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Who Trains with heliguy™

Some of the emergency services organisations trained by heliguy™.

About the ES-DOT Training Course

Find about more about our Drone Training for Emergency Services  

Our course can be adapted to suit the requirements of the organisation, from a condensed theoretical course to a more comprehensive course with practical flight training. Candidates will benefit from one-to-one flight training with our experienced instructors to build competence and confidence with the procedures for their aircraft.

An additional air law module is offered to ensure our candidates are fully prepared to use the CAA Exemption for Emergency Services (E4506) and its practical application. 

Our candidates will gain valuable exposure to the considerations and procedures that must be used to ensure safety when operating their aircraft in a manner that is outside the normal operating limits.

Operate commercially immediately

Can pilots operate immediately after completing the ES-DOT course?

At the conclusion of the course, candidates can attain the Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency in both theoretical knowledge and practical ability resulting in their immediate ability to commercially operate their aircraft under an existing permission.

Emergency Services Drone Scenario Training

Does this course include scenario training for emergency services?

If required, a final confirmation exercise based on a real-world scenario can be included. This is designed to assess the practical deployment of the aircraft; this can prove beneficial for evaluating the possible implementation of such aircraft and assure the chain-of-command in deploying such assets.

Nationwide Training Locations

Where can this training be delivered?

We have the ability to deliver our course at any suitable location of your choice or at any one of our test facilities, therefore, lessening the inconvenience and effect on a work schedule.

Unrivalled Training Expertise

Training delivered by UAS experts with Police and Military backgrounds.

Our instructors have extensive of experience not only in the UAS Industry but also have backgrounds within the Military Police and extensive instructional experience all of which bring years of real-world experience to the delivery of our course. 

Candidates will also benefit from the premium service support from all of the team at heliguy™. This includes our Sales Team for assistance with the purchase of and equipment and general queries, the Training Team for continued support with areas such as your Operations Manual, as well as our DJI authorised Technical Team for equipment repairs, technical queries and custom builds.

Ben Shirley

Former Royal Military Police Staff Sergeant
heliguy™ Head of Training

“Having served over 13 years in the Military Police, I’m able to bring both my practical experience of ground policing and Incident Command and Control to the Emergency Service Drone Operator Training (ESDOT). This, coupled with my experience as a professional drone operator means that I can combine the two and inject real-world experience into the specific emergency services application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.”

Emergency Services Drone Training FAQs

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.


I have been tasked with establishing my organisations Drone Unit but I don’t plan on piloting the aircraft myself, should I attend the course?

Although it is advisable for any person who has command and control over pilots to attend the course, it is not a mandatory requirement. It is, however, beneficial to gain a knowledge of the regulations applicable to the use of such aircraft, as well as a familiarity of the planning process and aircraft capability. This is important when placed in charge of the assets and making decisions as to their deployment.

How many people do I need to necessitate a bespoke course?

Each course will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and we will provide a quotation upon request. This will enable you to make an informed decision on whether a bespoke course is right for you.

What sort of facilities do you require if we want you to deliver a course at our location?

Ideally, we would require a room which can comfortably seat the number of students. We provide all course materials and our own presentation equipment. For practical sessions, we would require an area to operate the aircraft in and we will fully assess this for suitability during our course planning.

We have yet to acquire any aircraft, can we still attend the course?

We teach the course in a manner which caters for both beginners through to intermediate operators, therefore, you are not required to hold any aircraft. However, it is beneficial so that our instructors can ensure that our lessons are delivered with specific references to your chosen aircraft. We are also able to supply a number of aircraft for practical sessions upon request.

Are there any pre-course requirements?

None whatsoever, we deliver all of the information required on the course which candidates require.

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