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FlytNow by FlytBase
FlytNow by FlytBase

FlytNow by FlytBase

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FlytNow by FlytBase

Automated Drone Software for DJI Dock

FlytNow by FlytBase is a cutting-edge and comprehensive drone operations software that seamlessly integrates with the DJI Dock.

Empower automated drone flights, manage your drone operations, plan and execute missions, and monitor and analyse data from a centralised dashboard.

FlytNow benefits a range of industry applications, including asset inspection, site security, public safety, and construction and mining.

Key features include:

  • Automated Flights: Conduct repeatable drone operations - monitor drone flights, conduct pre-programmed missions for repeatable missions or deploy on demand, and view HD video feed in real time.
  • Safe and Reliable: Precision-landing algorithm ensures the drone lands on the drone charging pad with centimetre-accuracy. Control opening and closing of the Dock, trigger auto-charging, view telemetry, and leverage weather data.
  • Secure Deployment: Multiple deployment options, including from a private cloud - such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.Secure Options - or private local server.

Geofences for Safe and Controlled Flights

FlytNow allows you to create geofences to keep your drone flights within a predefined area: Send drones to specific GPS coordinates on-demand or set advanced geofences to demarcate no fly zones.

This feature ensures that your drone stays within safe limits and adheres to regulatory requirements.

Create custom geofences for specific missions, and FlytNow will automatically alert you if the drone deviates from the designated area.

UTM Integration for Safer and More Efficient Flights

FlytNow integrates with UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) systems to provide real-time information on other UAVs in the vicinity.

This feature helps you avoid collisions and enables safer and more efficient drone operations.

Parachute Integrations for Added Safety

FlytNow integrates with an autonomous parachute system, allowing it to open automatically and enable the drone to land safely.

This feature provides added safety for your drone operations, especially in high-risk environments.

FlytNow VMS for Seamless Video Streaming and Recording

FlytNow VMS (Video Management System) allows you to stream and record live video feeds from your drone on a centralised dashboard.

This feature enables you to monitor your drone operations in real-time and analyse video data for improved decision-making.

Stream HD video feeds at ultra-low latency. Obtain thermal data when deployed in conjunction with the DJI M30T (Dock version).

Record and archive captured video data and securely share live feeds with guest users and stakeholders.

Alarms and Notifications for Prompt Action

FlytNow offers customisable alarms and notifications that alert you to critical events during your drone missions

Set up alerts for low battery, flight path deviations, or other events, ensuring that you can take prompt action when needed.

Windy Weather API Integration for Improved Planning

FlytNow integrates with the Windy Weather API to provide accurate weather data and view live data relayed from the DJI Dock’s onboard weather station.

This feature helps you plan your missions more effectively, especially in adverse weather, and enables you to avoid deployments if conditions are too severe.

The DJI Dock is IP55 rated (core components IP67), can withstand temperatures from -35°C to 50°C, and has 40kA surge protection. The DJI M30 Series (Dock version) has a maximum wind resistance of 15 m/s.

Flight Logs and Downloadable Reports

FlytNow provides detailed flight logs and downloadable reports, allowing you to analyse your drone data and performance. This feature helps you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions for future drone operations.

Streamlined Mission Management

FlytNow mission management capabilities, allowing you to plan, execute, and monitor your drone missions from a centralised dashboard.

Plan and schedule automated and routine patrols, execute waypoint missions, and retrieve and view previous mission logs.

FlytNow’s streamlined mission management allows you to complete your missions efficiently and effectively.

Detect and Avoid

FlytNow offers detect and avoid capabilities for safer flights, allowing your drone to automatically avoid obstacles during its flight path. This feature enhances the safety of your drone operations, especially in urban or complex environments.

Fleet Management

FlytNow provides fleet management capabilities, allowing you to manage multiple drones from a centralised dashboard.

Control and manage a hybrid and distributed fleet of drones and docking stations – different makes and models located in different regions – all from a single cloud-connected dashboard

Optimise your operations, streamline your workflow, and reduce operational costs.

User Management

FlytNow offers user management capabilities, allowing you to control who can access your drone operations software and data.

You can create custom user roles with specific permissions and restrict access to sensitive information.

This feature ensures that only authorised personnel can access your drone data and operations.

Emergency Failsafes

FlytNow offers failsafe features that automatically trigger in emergency situations, ensuring the safety of your drone and its surroundings.

This feature provides added security and reduces the risk of accidents during your drone operations.

FlytNow's failsafe features are especially important for emergency situations, such as low battery, loss of communication, or other unforeseen events. These features ensure that your drone can safely return to base or perform other designated actions, reducing the risk of damage or injury.

Also utilise FlytNow’s control and telemetry features, such as triggering open/close functionality remotely, view charging status or perform battery swapping, and perform remote configuration.

Secure Deployment Options

FlytNow provides users with a range of safe deployment options. These are:

  • Multi Tenant: The default FlytNow option, completely managed by FlytBase.
  • Private Cloud: Deploy FlytNow on your private cloud instance, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.
  • On Premise: Deploy FlytNow on your private local server to enable secure drone operations.

FlytNow integrates seamlessly with DJI Dock, extending operating capabilities and automating workflows.

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